Monday, May 07, 2012

{Pinewood Derby 2012}

Carson's last year for pinewood derby.  Really?  3 short years in cub scouts is coming to an end extremely fast. 
Trev and Carson rocked it out.  Our neighbor has an incredible wood shop in his basement, and he was so sweet to let them borrow and use whatever they needed.  Trevor spent some long hours perfecting the car (with a a little help from a mostly uninterested Carson).  I was in charge of helping him paint.  But after a total spray paint debacle,  we sanded it down and started again at 10pm the night before. I sent Carson to bed and pulled out whatever scrapbooking stuff I could still find (I haven't 'scrapbooked' in years) and managed a decent looking car by the wee hours of the morning.  #10 for being 10 years old! 

The boys made these stands the month prior and got to keep them to display their cars in their room. 

Carson spying me with the camera from across the room.

Here are a few of the sisters supporting their brothers. I think they secretly like it more than the cub scouts. 

Line 'em up!

And then, in traditional fashion, we have the worst luck during the Pinewood Derby.  Remember last year how he got mistakenly was left out of the finals bracket?  Well, this year, there was major problems with the track.  I think rain and a wet track had something to do with it, but the seams in the track were not flush causing cars to bounce off of the track. 
Most of the time they would let the boys re-run the race if a car flipped out of the lane.  They did this on several occasions, giving the boys at least 2 chances to have a successful run down the track. Carson won his first heat with no problems on the track, but on the second heat when he was in the 'bad' lane, it bounced out of the lane and finished last.  But on this race they didn't re-run it! He was devastated. My heart just sank, because I knew he had a fast car.  He finished first in the 3rd and final heat, but it wasn't enough with the loss in the second heat to put him in the finals.  And they were not timed races, so nothing could be done. 
He put on his best good sportsmanship face. We all did.  And cheered on the cars as they raced in the finals and crowned a winner.  And then after it was over, they let the boys race their cars for fun.  At this point they ran Carson's car against the winner and second and third place winners. He beat both 2nd and 3rd place and lost by a hair to the winner.  It was a bummer for sure because in the end, he had a second place car, but it was too late. 

Of course we weren't going to make a fuss about how it ended up.  Sometimes things just don't go your way. That's life. But as a mom, I just felt so badly because the same thing happened last year.  And Carson and Trev had worked extra hard this year making a great car.  Trevor and I had the hope that it would boost his sometimes struggling self-esteem.  But it wasn't meant to be, and it was okay. 

There were some tears when we got home, and it just breaks your heart.  But I'm hopeful he'll come out of it stronger and realize there are bigger things to 'win' in life than a Pinewood Derby.  And maybe those kids who won really needed it right now.  We are blessed in many ways and we counted our blessings that night during prayers. 

And then I left this out for him the next morning and got a big smile in return.  I think he is going to be ok. 
And we're all kind of glad we have a break from Pinewood Derby for 5 years until Rylan is a cub scout.  It's definitely something so fun for dads to do with their sons.  They love it, they talk about it, and they always remember it.  I love watching that, but it is a tad stressful too. 


Tim and Lisa 8:09 PM  

You are a great mom! Autumn was just looking at this with me and was sad for him. Way to go in making him happy.

SuburbiaMom 11:24 AM  

Good for you! Pinewood Derby is so heated and emotional. We had some very immature behavior from fathers' of some of the cub scouts at ours, unfortunately!

Kris and Cath 1:22 PM  

I attended a lot of these as a kid... so much fun! I love that you had an award for him, makes a kid feel special and loved:)

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