Friday, August 31, 2012

{Pine Valley 2012- Part 1}

I am seeing my blog get further and further behind as we are packing in the last minute summer fun.  I had hoped to do picture collages and more editing, but it's not happening this time.  We had such a blast in Pine Valley, and I don't want it to go undocumented. So here goes. 
After driving through the night (Trev was a champ), we arrived on Saturday morning. We sure had an awesome time at my parent's house (now their full-time residence!...when they aren't visiting grandkids!
What an awesome porch to view summer thunder and lightning storms.
(And I have no idea why my mom is holding a Dr. Pepper, btw. She hates that stuff)
 Breakfast at Grandma and Grandpa Snow's house. Love their porch swing!
 Smores on the deck!
 A beautiful double rainbow. One of two double rainbows we saw during our stay. It's so bright and vivid!

 Plenty of time in the sun with cousins!
The new hot tub was such a hit!
 The kids spent a ton of time at Grandma and Grandpa's playground.
 My mom bought this cute little set for the babies. 
 Squirt gun fight!
 Manicures for the girlies.
 Watching movies and staying up late.

 Addy loved baby Claire. We have to soak her up because we don't see them near enough!
These two were buds all week! From morning until they crashed together at night. 
My dad took the kids down to the stream and said he turned around and Graham and Ry had stripped completely down.  Camille ran over to take pictures. We were dying of laughter it was so funny!
Everyone stayed up way too late. How sweet are these two?
 The new piano/player piano was amazing! 
These 3 babies know what they like...drinking from their mom's soda!
Carson picked me some fresh cactus!
Snuggling up with sleepy Grandpa. 
We were only in Pine Valley two days when my Grandpa had a stroke.  We had spent the previous two days with him and then out of no where he had the stroke and was life-flighted to Las Vegas where he has been ever since.  He was in a coma for about 3 weeks and we had the chance to visit him once and take down cards the kids made. 
It's been heart wrenching. Miraculously he woke up on day 19!  But progress is slow. He has some movement in his right hand and arm, but he's still on the breathing machine so he is unable to talk.  Cognitively he seems to be aware of what is going on and is able to communicate yes/no.  The family has really rallied around him and Grandma.  The 5 kids have rotated through, flying and driving in from all over the country to pitch in, take shifts, help Grandma, and be there with Grandpa.  Most of the grandkids have been by to see him too.  It's been a wonderful outpouring of love and support and sacrifice.  All done so willingly with no hesitations. We are praying for his recovery and for peace in the family throughout this trial.  He faces a long, long road.  And we miss his vibrancy already. 
Here he is just last year with Miles (who shares my Grandpa's middle name, Eric) at his baby blessing. 
And we were all a little teary as we saw his empty chair in the Pioneer Day band that he plays in each year. 
But we have faith that our Heavenly Father is aware of his trials.  My grandpa's sweet spirit and body are strong and if it is the Lord's will, he will be able to recover and regain quality of life enough to enjoy relationships and care for those he so dearly loves.  We love you Grandpa Snow!

Thursday, August 09, 2012

{We heart summer!}

I have logged about 3500 miles on the road in the last month.  It's been a crazy time and so much fun too!  We don't have too many 'lazy days of summer' because we are so scheduled with family reunion activities.  It's a scheduling science trying to cram so much vacation into 4 weeks to make sure we see both sides of the family and also try to do some special things with our little family too. Trevor makes major sacrifices to make it happen for our family, and we are so grateful!  It's no small feat to arrange time off when you are self employed.  And he spoils us by letting us have extended vacation time while he goes back to man the fort. 
I now I have about 500 photos to go through from the last few weeks, but before I sort through those, we did manage a few things before the family reunion fun.

I loved the lemonade stand supplies Target had this summer.  The kids begged and begged, and we finally found a sunny, warm day to set it all up.  Our neighborhood is pretty quiet, but the UPS man did pay a whole dollar for a cup and they were pretty ecstatic! 

The 3 big kids did a round of swimming lessons.  I opted for private lessons this year mainly because Rylan still isn't old enough to do the class lessons (must be 4) and I couldn't really do the parent/child class with Miles in the I signed Ry up for private lessons and then decided to move all 3 of them to private to avoid being at the pool for 2+hours waiting for the class lessons to start. We had only 4 lessons, but the one on one help made it way worth it!

See? the whole pool to themselves!  It was so nice!!

Rylan was distracted most of the time.  Addison made big progress and Carson did too.  I still want him to be a stronger swimmer before he is a boy scout, so he'll need to do one more round next year. 

Carson did a week long soccer camp put on by the Seattle Sounders. He absolutely loved it!  It was all day for 5 days, and man, was he tired when he got home!  He attended the camp with one of his good friends from church and had the best time.

Trevor got his anniversary present out of the box from 2 years ago when I bought him the jeep top hoist to lift the top off the jeep.  The kids were thrilled!

I tackled one big project.  Since I can't make any decisions on the inside decor and colors of my house...why not work on the garage?  So for Father's Day I rearranged Trevor's work out space in the garage.  And took it from this (wo, this is embarrassing...even for the garage!)

To this:

I started by filling all the holes and painting the entire wall a blueish gray (including the fuse boxes) and getting rid of the shelving units that were housing mostly junk and household items that never made it into the house after the move.  I had Trevor relocate the ladders so I could have some empty wall space. We added some wall hooks to manage the bicycle chaos, and then I mounted an inexpensive TV to the wall and had a cable box hooked up.  Trevor is in heaven being able to watch the track and field Olympics while working out.  I painted an old shelf and dusted off some of his running plaques and awards to display. And then covered the phone/cable line unit with a vanity mirror that I painted with chalkboard paint.  This is his version of a man cave.  It makes me so happy I might actually start working out!

In between family reunions we had a week back at home so Carson could attend cub scout camp.  His final year as a cub scout (sniff, sniff).  Can't believe he is one of the big kids at camp.  Again, another fun week for my 10 year old. 

We snuck in time to play at the park, do yard work, and play in the sun!  And then we were off for some family reunions!

Friday, August 03, 2012

{Track Meet Season}

The summer track meets were a blast this year.  We attend 4 of the 6 (out of town for the final 2 meets).  Addy really had a great time being on her running club team this year.  In the past we have just entered individually, and she love, loved, loved being surround by her friends.

We lucked out with amazing (even hot!) weather for each meet.  But man, they are LONG!  The 100m heats take over an hour alone.  All the kids competed in 4 events each week.  They could pick and choose which races to run, but for the most part did the 100m, 200m or 400m, long jump, and softball throw. 

One of about 20 ribbons I have on my refrigerator. 

Rylan was so excited for track this year...his first official time as a participant.  He loved his running shoes and was convinced they made him run faster, faster, faster. He was sure fun to watch as he is running in his lane, waving to the crowd, crossing lanes, and smiling the entire way.  Trev and I would split up and put one at the start and one at the finish...he needed the nudge at each end (to start and then to stop!) 

They all did really well and were sure troopers. I couldn't do this without Trevor, and he sure does love helping his kidlets with track.  Getting 3 kids to their various events all around the field at different times, while pushing the baby in the stroller, and trying to get some pictures. It was exhausting.  I usually left Trevor there with the big kids for the last few events and took the little boys home.  They weren't pulling in until after 10pm!  They all really enjoyed it, and it was a fun (and cheap!) activity for summer.  Addy starts cross country season in September.  She's excited to run in her first road race! 

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