Monday, September 10, 2012

{Pettingill Reunion 2012: Farewell Bend, OR}

 After 10 days at home, including a week for Carson at Scout Camp, we headed back through Oregon to meet up with the Pettingill family for our annual reunion.  We were trying out a new spot: Farewell Bend State Park, a little over an hour north of Boise. We had a great group, but really missed Mindy and Todd and their families this year!!

 The park was a little barren and desert-ty, but also had some pretty are the kids along the Snake River.  So fun to spend time with cousins Beckett and Elle!!  They have grown so much and are so darling!
Our spot!
 Ry and Beckett were pretty inseparable riding around on scooters and bikes.
 Uncle Dallan was a big help with the little kiddos.
Carson brought the volcano he made at scout camp, so we brought the supplies for it to "erupt". Perfect outdoor, camping activity! 
 Miles not to happy that he was contained and not free to roam the campground on his own.
A few games are always a must.
 And a big afternoon water balloon fight.  Can you tell which sibling lives in Florida? 
And which one lives in Seattle?! Ha!!
Ry rocked the glow stick figures one night.  It was so funny!
The sunsets are so pretty, so I tortured the kids a bit to get some photos in the pretty light. 
Found a spot to hang up the hammock this year! Which was a miracle because there were very few trees!
And I haven't mentioned yet that it was scorching hot! Oh my goodness, we have never camped in weather like that. The lows at night were in the 70s.  And the highs were over 100 during the day.  With very little shade in any of the campsites, we had the A/C in the trailer going full blast almost all day and night (and I was feeling so terribly bad for the tent campers).  We took shifts during the day inside the trailer to keep cool.  And a day trip into "town" to get a McDonald's diet coke.  Sadly, we only did a campfire one night because it was just too hot.  It was a different way to camp for sure. 
So...we had to find water.  We drove an hour into Boise to Roaring Springs water park.  We spent all day and had a blast!  It's so fun playing in the water in 100 degree weather!  I thought the kids would be a little wimpy on the water slides, but they were so brave. Even Rylan loved the tube slides with the dark tunnels, the 5 person raft ride, and of course they all loved the wave pool and the splash area.  It was too hard to lug the camera around the water park, but I did manage a few shots.
 Trevor and Tyler going over the cliff.  It's quite a drop!! 
We couldn't stop in Boise without meeting up with Trevor's grandparents, Gma & Gpa Hill, as well as Aunt Linda and Kyle and their girls/husbands/kids.  It was so fun to meet up at the park and visit until it got dark.
Gpa Hill and Miles chillin. 
Bocci Ball!
Another pretty sunset too.
And the group back at the campground.  Despite the heat, we had a fun time with this crew!  As the family gets bigger, it does get harder and harder to get together, and we are so appreciative of the continued commitment to hold a reunion each year. Looking forward to next year already!!
And had to stick in this photo of my hair as we stopped to fill up with gas in Ellensburg on the way home.  Oh my windy!!  Didn't help with the gas mileage either. Pulling the trailer we are lucky to get 8 mpg.  Yah, it's awful!


Kris and Cath 10:05 AM  

This looks like such a great reunion! Fun for the kids & the adults! You look great Chelle:)

Tyler 10:27 AM  

Amazing post Rochelle! I have been checking every couple days because I knew this would be coming soon! Thanks so much for documenting it! It was so great to see everyone there! It is my favorite week of the year!

Our family 10:36 AM  

I've always thought your kids were a good mix of you two, but seeing what their cousins on that side look like, I have to say, they definitely look like Trev's side of the family. Looks like you had a crazy, busy, fun summer!

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