Wednesday, October 10, 2012

{Rylan's Hot Dog Birthday Party}

We came up with the theme for Rylan's birthday party a few months prior to the big day.  The boy loves hot dogs, so we planned a party around it!  A hot dog party!! It was a fun and easy theme for a 4 year old. 
 Is he not the sweetest?  He absolutely could not wait for his friends to arrive!
 The decor was so fun to put together.  I hit the jackpot when my party-loving friend let me "shop" from her stash.  She let me borrow the hot-dog machine, food baskets, serving trays, and miscellaneous red decor.  Thank you Vivian! 
I reused the pennant banners from Carson's party and then created the poster for the backdrop and printed it at Costco for $6! I glued it to a poster board so it had some weight to it...I loved the way it turned out!
Once the friends arrived, we started our (easy!) craft.  They decorated their vendor hats with makers, crayons, and hot dog stickers (I printed graphics onto 'sticker paper' to create my own stickers because I couldn't find what I needed anywhere).
 What a cute bunch!
Next up...eating! With all this food sitting around, it was hard to hold them off any longer.  They were ready to eat!
 Food was fairly simple (can't get much easier than hot dogs).  We also served bags of chips, watermelon on a stick, veggies, corn on the cob on a stick, and bottled soda. 
I made these hot dog cookies the night before and they turned out perfectly.  It's a butter cookie recipe, so they aren't too sweet, but they hold their shape while baked.  The kids mostly licked off the frosting, but I actually really liked them!

We played a few games in the front yard. It was a gorgeous day! 'Red light Green light' was a big hit along with a water balloon toss. 
And then it was time for cake.  I baked him a cake the week prior, and we threw out 3/4 of it.  We just don't eat that much cake around here.  So, I wasn't going to make another one.  Instead we opted for candles in a hot dog.  Seemed appropriate, and his favorite part is blowing out the candles anyway!
Instead of serving cake/cupcakes, we roasted marshmallows and had smores! 
I love this idea I found on Pinterest for table top smores. We prepared the charcoal in our charcoal chimney and then when the briquettes were hot, we transferred them to small terracotta pots lined with foil.  It worked perfectly! The coals stayed nice and hot for almost 2 hours!  It was much easier than a fire pit, but with the same, yummy result. 
He opened presents from his wonderfully generous friends and then the party was over.  I didn't get a picture of the cute favors which included a box of "Pop-its", a hot dog eraser (major score from the Wal-mart dollar section), and a package of glow sticks.
He was so happy the entire time. Happy 4th birthday Rylan!
He really is getting so big, and I just can't believe he is 4 years old.  The shift is beginning from rough, impossible toddler to sweet little boy. (Although you couldn't tell today when he insisted on scaling the bookshelves during parent teacher conferences at school). 
 But, we are constantly surprised and delighted by his sweet personality.  He is just a positive kid. He still loves everything from pebbles in the yard to giving kisses.  And he'll tell you just how much in his LOUD voice.  The kid does not know how to whisper. He is a loud talker.  But most of the time he is saying sweet enough things to get a pass for being disruptive.  I love his personality.  And to think he was such a colicky baby...the flip side has been so rewarding.
*Photo by Andrea Pasion
He is our major snacker. We simply can't keep him out of the pantry, locks and all.  I try to have enough healthy choices in the pantry and fridge so he isn't downing a pack of Oreos when no one is looking.  Because he would and he has.
He still loves his scooter but will finally ride the two wheeler bike (with training wheels). He is always calling for me to watch him as he goes 'so fast' because he is 'so big'. 
In addition to being a night owl, he rarely sleeps in his bed for the entire night.  He starts out there, but usually comes running (yes, heavy footed, running full-tilt) into our room around 2 or 3 am.  He says he has scary dreams.  In our new house, Trevor's bed is closer to the door, so Trevor pulls him in on his side and then transfers him to the floor with a pillow and blanket once he falls asleep.  So he isn't technically sleeping "with" us...but he does tell people his bed is next to our bed.  I don't even want to crack down on it. I don't really care one bit because it is something he'll grow out of .  And I like the extra snuggles. 
He loves crafting and cutting (thankfully no 'scissor' disasters yet), puzzles, movies, and play dates with his best buds.  He is loving preschool, and I am so grateful he has an 'activity' all his own.  There isn't anything sweeter than preschool. He eats it all up from the "mystery bag", pledge of allegiance, recess, painting, singing, and more. 
He still has his raspy voice.  He had a test done awhile back that determined he had vocal cord nodules.  They aren't a problem and never become a problem, but they can be removed (via surgery) if it is impeding his speech, which it isn't.  So his little raspy voice remains. 
All is not perfect in the life of a 4 year old though.  He still has potty accidents, temper tantrums, and an often hyper-crazy attitude which includes major disobedience, running and jumping on things, and being distruct-o.  But we take it all in stride and mostly remember those sweet moments where he insists on bringing me dandelions and wants to sit right on top of me on the couch. 
We love you Rylan! We can't imagine our family without you! Happy 4th Birthday!!!
{sharing the love at Lil' Luna}


Kris and Cath 8:15 AM  

I don't know how you do it! This is adorable! Every little detail. I am telling you chelle. YOU NEED TO BE A PARTY PLANNER. People will pay you big bucks for this stuff!

Tyler 12:22 PM  

Such an amazing kid! Looks like the party was a blast! Such a clever idea Rochelle!

Sally 5:31 AM  

This is just precious! Love everything. Found you via Lil' Luna and shared on our Facebook wall today. Fabulous party and love all your details! -Sally @ Polka Dot Market

Anonymous 9:36 AM  

Cute party idea. Love how your cookies came out. Kathy

Immeasurably More Mama 5:29 AM  

Fantastic party! Where did you find the vendor hats? :)

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