Monday, November 19, 2012

{Addison Turns 8}

Turning 8 is a huge milestone around here!!  Most importantly, it means she is old enough to be baptized...and that is a major celebration all of it's own coming up in December!!
{Baptism picture sneak peak!}
But her actual birthday was a big deal too!  She's been talking for years about getting her ears pierced once she turns 8.  Waiting until she was 8 was just a small way to make sure she isn't growing up too fast...pacing out all the 'grown-up' girly stuff.  And turns out, it makes it really fun too!  She was really ready.
On her birthday she had her one and only rainy soccer game.  We were huddled on the sidelines under umbrellas cheering on her undeafted team.  She shared cupcakes with the team, and then we were off on a special mother/daughter date. 
She wasn't scared one bit.  I had to hold her back from running in the mall to the store.  Here she is waiting for her turn. 
I made them redraw the 'dot' on one ear.  It was slightly uneven.  We got it just right.  I held her hands and it was over in just a second.  No tears. No fear.  They were red for about 10 minutes and they haven't bothered her since (except when she has to put athletic tape over them during soccer games because she can't take them out for the game!). 
Out to lunch with mom and a quick stop for donuts at Krispy Kreme too.  She passed out donuts to her school class on Friday too. 
A little shopping. 
And then to dinner with mom, dad, and Carson.  Little boys at home with a babysitter made things much easier and ensured the attention wasn't diverted from the birthday girl (which usually happens with an 18 month in tow). She was in heaven with her steak from Outback.  She is a meat and mashed potatoes girl!
She's not a huge fan of cake, so I didn't bother with it this year.  I was making one for her party the next week anyway.  So we put her candles in a donut.  She loved it!
She really appreciated all the gifts, cards, and phone calls from cousins, grandma's, aunts and uncles.  She sure felt treated and remembered by so many!! 
We love our little Addy, who seems to be looking more and more grown up every day!
What I love about Addison at age 8:
  • Her toothless smile.
  • Her infectious giggle.
  • Her natural highlights.
  • Her love for baby Miles.
  • What a good reader she has become.
  • How hard she works in school. She absolutely loves her teacher. 
  • Her friends. She has a great group of girls who support and care for eachother.
  • Her love to 'organize' (sometimes when forced).  She recently showed me the most organized 'toothbrush drawer' I have ever seen. Each floss pick was evenly spaced and sorted by color.  Ah love it!
  • Her talent in dance.  She is becoming a beautiful ballerina and demonstrates regularly at home where she forces Rylan to participate, and he loves it.
  • Her girly nature.  She still loves princesses (not much longer??), dress-up, painting nails, curly hair, new shoes, sparkles, jewelry.  She actually over-compensates for all the boys in the house.
  • Her help in the kitchen.  She loves to decorate the table on Sundays. And is always wanting to help cook or bake. 
  • Her love for her cousins and family (especially bff, Paige!).  She is always counting down the days until Grandma or cousins are coming to town.  And she is excited for a big group of them coming in December. 
  • Her talent in soccer, piano, and running club.  Yes, she's a busy girl...but she does well at it all. 
  • How excited she was to start Activity Days (a girls group at church that begins at age 8). And I am thrilled to be one of her Activity Day leaders. It is a dream calling, and I'm so happy to serve this group at the same time that Addy is in the program.  A blessing. 
  • Her love for her dad. She still lights up when he gets home and loves the weekends when he is home for 2 days straight!  Trevor does a great job of stealing her for daddy/daughter time too.  She eats it up.
  • Her decision to be baptized! She just had her bishop's interview. She was perfectly charming and confident.
  • Her sweet and caring personality.  She is really just sweet natured. She'll ooh and awe at anything from commericals to baby Miles.  I love her spunk, optimism, and all-around happiness. 
She's a sweet girl that we just can't imagine our family without!  Her 'Sweet Shoppe' birthday party coming up next and her baptism in December. Can't wait!


Reese 9:04 PM  

What a beautiful grown-up girl you have on your hands. Ears pierced...wahoo! She will pave a nice path for her younger girl cousins. Sounds like it was a grand celebration. That last pic makes her look seriously grown-up, and I really see her aunt Mindy in her...who is also beautiful! 8 is GREAT! Can't wait for the baptism!!

Kris and Cath 8:08 AM  

Such a blast! I love this girl!:) Such a little diva. Happy belated birthday Addison!

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