Wednesday, November 07, 2012

{St. George Marathon 2012}

In the spring of 2012, a bunch of the Dalley/Snow crew decided to compete in the St. George marathon in the fall of 2012. 
Trevor hasn't run this marathon since he won it in 2003.  Yes, he won the darn thing way back then when he was training and qualified for the Marathon Olympic Trials. 
Here's a quick trip down memory lane since this was way before I ever started blogging...
Trevor in 2003
 2003 winner!
We had one kid back then.  Fast forward 9 years, 3 more kids, 2 houses, 3 jobs, and a self employment venture and life just seems to get in the way and hasn't allowed him to train for a marathon since 2006.  Even though the training window of 5-6 months was too short compared to the 12-18 months he would have liked, he was (gladly) in.
He had a setback of about 6 weeks in July which really threw a wrench in his training plans, and he almost backed out...but he pulled it out and was able to run! Even though I know zilch about running, I kept telling's like riding a bike! Your body was built for it...trained or not.  He didn't agree, but I was glad he stuck it out.  Running has always been his passion, and he just enjoys everything more when he feels fit and in shape. 
We flew the whole family down for the big event. It is a real perk to have your parents live right at the start line!  Unfortunately, only two, in addition to Trevor, of the originally committed family members were able to race: my cousin, Bret and my brother in law, Bryce.  Not to be confused with my brother, Bryce who was having major probs with his IT band and couldn't run.  They had already booked tickets though, so it was fun to have them with us even if Bryce couldn't run!
Since they close down the road, any spectators wanting to see the finish have to leave before the start of the race at 6:45 AM.  We staked out a good spot in Veyo, about 7 miles into the run.  And then headed to the finish line on the back roads. 
Here is some of the crew in was freezing that early in the morning! But we knew we were headed down to the heat of St. George soon, which is why the kids are in shorts!
The picture above, doesn't show how dark it really was when Trevor came by!  It was still very early! 
Too many spectators and I missed the shot, but here he is right after he passed us giving the kids high fives. 
We waited in Veyo until we saw my BIL, Bryce and Trevor's friend, Curtis run by. And then it was down to the finish gloriously sunny St. George!
Coming into the finish!
He finished in a time of 2 hrs 49 min (6:27/mile pace).  He was a tad disappointed...hoping for closer to 2:40.  It's definitely hard for him not to compare it to his winning 2003 time of 2 hrs 20 min (5:20/mile pace).  I was really proud of was a huge commitment to tackle the training...injuries and crazy schedule and all.
Trevor and Curtis.  Lifelong running friends. Curtis won the St. George marathon in 2001. They trained together when we lived in Salt Lake City and they both qualified for the Marathon Olympic Trials in 2004.  They both still "have it" despite becoming the stellar family men that they are now.
Trevor with Miles. 
Which is so much alike this picture from 2003 of Trevor and Carson:
We were pumped to cheer on Bryce Warning too!  He did great...his first marathon!  It was fun to have a huge cheering squad for these guys!
I know it must be extremely rewarding to run and finish a marathon, but the rest of us really enjoyed seeing these guys finish!  It was a blast! 
We stayed a week at my parent's house during the marathon and crammed in major fun while we were there (pictures coming).


Reese 11:35 PM  

You're up late too! The pics are great. That pic of Trev/Miles compared to Trev/Carson totally made me tear up. Wow does time fly. What a great dad and great athlete thru the years. He totally puts us to shame!

Kris and Cath 7:57 AM  

That is an AMAZING pace. I cannot even imagine. I am training for a 1/2 right now and will be around 8:45 min/miles and that is good for me! What an awesome accomplishment!

Camille 2:21 PM  

Trev is such a stud! Still blows my mind that he won it. It's such an intense race. Just watching from the webcam made me tired. Thanks for being so supportive of Bryce while he was there. You guys rock. I'm glad there was a crowd to cheer him up. I'm with Reece, that pic of Trev/Carson just shows how fast time goes!! How does this happen?

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