Tuesday, November 20, 2012

{Addison's Sweet Shoppe Candy Birthday Party}

It was big birthday #8! So we wanted to make it extra special for our sweet girl! And what better way to celebrate a sweet girl than with a Sweet Shoppe candy birthday party? 

Truth be told, I have increasingly loved putting on a big birthday party for my kiddos in lieu of presents.  In a big family, you don't get a ton of special attention (and really, the little ones in the family command the most attention), so I really want to make birthdays a big deal.  I hope the memories that are created last longer than a gift would anyway. 
And, I like throwing a party!  Sure, it gets chaotic and crazy busy the last few days, but I really do like planning it.  It's my gift to them.  It's not something I can commit to for each birthday, but for now I really do enjoy that my kids' birthdays are spread out enough to give me time to plan something fun. 
She was pretty excited to wake up to this display.  I reused those pennant banners and chalk board I used for my friend's shower back here.  I hung up lights I got from Target's summer clearance section, bought that cute pink polka dot fabric, and pulled out the lace table cloth and collection of cake plates. 
The fun purchase were these apothecary jars.  I have been looking for some for quite awhile...they are pretty versatile for decorating, parties, etc.  I found these at Ross for $12!  Total score!
And the main decor was just the candy itself! We had so much fun hunting for candy at the dollar, grocery, and party stores.  Everyone except Trevor has a major sweet tooth in this family.  I am the queen of the candy stash.  So this was a delight! Addy is like me and would prefer sour patch kids any day over chocolate.  We love our 'sticky candy' (as my mom calls it and rolls her eyes).
We had to have some baked good too.  Cupcakes are always a hit (and that's store bought frosting in those tall skinny cans that have 4 icing tips to choose from...genius). 
And I made my mom's 'pink popcorn'.  The girls loved this, and I loved these mini popcorn boxes!
Sparkling pink lemonade.
And, of course the cake!  I saw this 'sprinkle' cake on pinterest and loved it!  I bought the sprinkles in the bulk section of our grocery store (cheap!).  It's just a box cake (3 layers), coated with butter cream. I used my hands to press the sprinkles into the frosting on the sides.  I'm still finding sprinkles on my kitchen floor. 
I set up the dining room for the craft and game.
The little gumball machines were perfect and served as party favors too.
Ready for her guests to arrive!
She's the cutest little 8 year old cupcake!
She has quite the group of friends!  A good mix of school, dance, and church friends.  They are all just darling.  So well behaved.  I feel so blessed that she has so many dear friends that are good examples and just good kids that come from great families!
We started with the gumball necklace craft.
I pre-drilled holes (yes with my power drill...it was easy and went quickly) in the gumballs. The girls selected colors and strung them on ribbon with a knot in between each one.  They turned out so cute!
 The girlies sporting their new jewelry!
 Silly faces.  They were dying to do it. 
We did a 'candy walk' to her favorite Adele music.  The winners got to dish up from the sweet bar. 
I didn't want them to feel like they had to eat until they entered a sugar coma, so I gave each girl a jar to fill and take home.  These sugar dispensers were from the dollar store and had each girl's name on them. 
Cheers to sweet candy and treats!
We played candy bingo (found free printable cards on-line) with jelly beans as place markers.
And were racing to do presents and cake!

The girls packaged up their goodies in these little baskets (2 for $1 at the dollar store). I added the toothpaste in to save face with the moms. 
Addy was in heaven the entire 1.5 hours (I should have stretched it to 2 hours).  She told me thank you a zillion times.  It was a joy to see her so happy, and I hope she remembers that party for a long, long time!
I still can hardly believe this sweet baby girl is 8 years old! 
Happy Birthday sweetheart! 


rick and cheryl 6:18 AM  

Love it! That is the cake Lexie was wanting for her next party. We may just have to do it. Looks like it turned out awesomely! Good job! It's a great way to do birthdays to make them so special b/c it can be so hard on the everyday, huh? Nice work.

rick and cheryl 6:20 AM  

Oh, & the toothpaste is genius.

Kris and Cath 4:10 PM  

YOU ARE SUPER MOM! Seriously.. how do you get these ideas

Becca, Bryce, T, C, and J 9:04 PM  

So fun Rochelle! What a great 8th birthday! She will remember it forever!

Carmen Goetschius 2:26 PM  

Sooooooooo sweet! I love the idea of celebrating each kiddo with a big party (rather than a gift)!!! Good work, Shell!

SuburbiaMom 12:43 PM  

That's one SWEET party--for reals! So adorable and wonderful ideas!

stevenjared0853 12:22 AM  

Wow!! Such a wonderful decoration on this birthday party. The idea of decorating venue with lights is unique. Lace table cloth is also looking awesome. I am going to decorate San Francisco venues like this only. Its birthday of my daughter and I will use pink color for decoration.

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