Sunday, December 09, 2012

{Addison's Baptism - Part 1}

We'd been prepping for Addy's big day all year.  In our church, when you turn 8, you can choose to be baptized and become an official member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  The choice comes with immense blessings and promises.  More about LDS baptism here.

We've been having regular Family Home Evenings on baptism, she was working on a baptism journal, and continued to get more and more excited and anxious as the months went along.  We started looking for a white dress during the spring and summer.  I searched through endless sites online and couldn't find anything that was just right (i.e. had a sleeve and didn't look like a wedding dress).  She's 8 after all,  and I wanted it to be age appropriate.  I think some of the 'communion' type dresses and can easily go over the top (with tiaras?!).  I had an idea of a simple pattern, but just couldn't find it anywhere.  

So I enlist my mom to make it.  Addy's other grandma made her baby blessing dress, so I thought it would be very meaningful to have her baptism dress made by mom.  Two treasured keepsakes, one from each grandmother. She's a blessed little girl!

Addy helped pick out the pattern which we tweaked and modified to make it just right and add a touch of 'bling' that Addy really wanted.  My mom sewed away and had it ready when we visited them at the beginning of October.
{Pattern is McCall's M5795}

It. was. perfect!  My mom is an amazing seamstress, and it fit Addy just perfectly.  It turned out exactly how I envisioned...and fully lined and beautifully made down to every last detail.  Oh how I wish I could sew like my mom.  I can't thank her enough.  Addy just beamed when she put it on!

We did a couple of different short photo shoots...trying to get her hair just right (it would not hold curl in the cold!).  We snapped as many as we could before she was freezing.  It was October after all!  She was a trooper and I am so glad we got so many great pictures.  They are real treasures!

Here are my favorites (and this is very narrowed down!).

She seriously takes my breath away.  She looks so grown up!  I love her little pierced ears.  Her soft wavy hair (with a headband...her favorite way to wear her hair each day).  Her dimples. Her sweet smile.  Her missing teeth.  I just want to freeze her in time right at this moment.  

I love the red shoes she picked out!  We couldn't find any white or cream shoes in the winter, and I thought the red was perfect for the Christmas season and a nice change from the traditional white flat.  So cute!

Oh she is so dear!  With the dress finished, invitations out, and pictures done...she was ready for the big day!!


Kris and Cath 7:48 AM  

What a beautiful day. She looks absolutely gorgeous and I LOVE THAT DRESS! Sharon is amazing. :) I am so glad that my family was able to attend and wish Kris and I could have been there!

Anonymous 10:06 AM  

My daughter is getting baptized soon and saw this dress on pinterest. She absolutely loves it, and I'm wondering if you have the name/number of the pattern you used?
Thank you!!

Antonia 6:03 PM  

I am having the same conundrum looking for something just right. Our Daughter will be baptized the end of this year. She is in love with your daughter's dress, and so am I. If you would share the pattern number and name I would appreciate it. Thank you.

Rochelle 7:47 PM  

Pattern is: McCall's M5795 but modified with much less gathering on skirt, smaller cap sleeve, and wider bow.

Hope this helps!!

Anonymous 3:15 PM  

Hi Rochelle, do you happen to remember what type of fabric you used for the dress? It looks so elegant without being over the top. Thank you!

Janean 10:39 PM  

Where did you get her invitation done at? Did you make it yourself? My daughter is getting baptized and I absolutely love this invitation!

Anonymous 7:36 PM  

Would you specify the fabric? Its just a gorgeous dress!

Tania 9:52 PM  

I was having the same issue looking for a dress for my daughter and came to the reluctant conclusion that I need to make it to get what I want and happened to buy that very pattern a couple of days ago! Can you tell me which fabric your Mom used? I am having a hard time finding something that will not look too much like a wedding dress but will still hold up in water! I have to start making this ASAP, so any help will be great!

Anonymous 11:02 AM  

Please post type and color of fabric....or where purchased...thanks

Zoey Willam 11:08 PM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Zoey Willam 11:09 PM  

Such a very pretty and special dress! LOVE the lace and the embroidery!

Baptism Clothes

Cristina 7:30 AM  

anyone have any luck with what kind of fabric this is?

Cristina 7:32 AM  

anyone have any luck with what kind of fabric this is?

The Braga Family 6:50 PM  

I am not seeing what type of fabric this is. I am tempted to do it.

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