Monday, December 10, 2012

{Addison's Baptism - Part 2}

After months of planning and prep...the day was finally here.  December 8th!  I love that her baptism was during the Christmas season.  We had postponed it from November due to multiple scheduling conflicts, but it ended up working out perfectly.  The fall was a crazy time for us, and moving the baptism to December actually gave me more time and made everything run much more smoothly.  And, I really think it is something she'll always remember...that her big baptism day was during Christmas time.  (Incidentally, mine was on Easter weekend, and I've always remembered that). 

She started not feeling well the night before...head cold and runny nose and fever.  I was so worried about her ...knowing we were pressing forward unless she was in the hospital...and really wanting her feeling well! We got her all medicated and tucked in bed.  She woke up feeling a little better but was still lugging the tissues around.  Thankfully she started feeling better with each hour that went by.  A tender mercy. 

 All ready to go!  (We left her curlers in until the very last minute in the car)

The church lighting inside is awful, so I'm glad we arrived with plenty of time to do a couple of picture 'shifts' before hurrying her back inside to get warm.  I can tell from the pictures she isn't feeling well, but she put on a big smile for us.  

This is a classic Addy face (below)...must be feeling a little better!

So very, very grateful that both sides of grandparents could come! 

And of course, BFF cousin, Paige was there too (she's up next in the baptism line up!!)  

And the whole crew of cousins....Thank you so much to the Apkens and Dalleys for making the trip that early on a Saturday!

Here she is with cousin, Ty, who was baptized in June.  The two 8 year olds from the Dalley side.  So cute!

And then she changed into the white baptism jumpsuit, which she thought was way too big..unfortunately they don't come in skinnies.  She looked darling. 
She was baptized by her dad.  Both looking so sharp!

We had some time to check out the water and the font before the service.  She was pretty excited! There were some logistical things with the stake that made me a little flustered the day of, but I don't think Addy picked up on it.  The service was wonderful.  Very nice talks by the stake with a couple songs.  And then she was first up in the font.  Once she was in the water, she didn't even look out into the room.  She was so focused on her dad and putting her arms in the right spot.  She was ready, not nervous.  She was down and up with no problems.  Her witnesses were Grandpa Dalley and Uncle Bryce Dalley.  She gave her dad a squeeze, and we got her changed back into her dress.  She was so happy!! And we were all teary. So, so proud of her.  
Prior to her confirmation, her Grandpa Dalley gave a wonderful talk on the Holy Ghost where he put his suit coat around her and told her that the Holy Ghost makes you feel warm and happy, like a coat. I think she will really remember that.  Her dad confirmed her with a group of amazing priesthood holders made up of good friends and family.  It was a beautiful blessing.  Addy and her cousins sang Addy's favorite primary song, 'I Love to See the Temple' (her favorite primary song since she was 3). And then bishopric and primary remarks and she was officially the newest member of the church!  It was a lovely service in a very crowded primary room...she was so blessed to have so many friends attend.

 Including this group of girls!  Oh how I love her friends! She has so many dear, dear friends, and it's one thing we just love about our new area.  These girls will need each other.  I feel that yearning as a parent more and more as my kids get older....praying that they will have good friends in the gospel to help guide them in their journey here on earth.  Oh, this picture just warms my heart.  What amazing girls and such a huge support to Addy on her special day.  

And a little missionary in the making...she invited her school teacher to attend and she came.  I just love her teacher! It was so nice of her to come!

And the big family shot including our very good family friends, the Goodwins.  What a group of support!  She's a blessed little 8 year old.  

But now it was time to celebrate and party.... 


Kris and Cath 7:40 AM  

This looks like it was such a special day. Look at all of the people who love Addy and love your sweet family! I love seeing her cute smile!

Marissa 6:43 PM  

How fun and exciting! She's on beautiful girl! And way to go ADDY on her missionary work!! She learned from the best...her mom and dad!

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