Tuesday, December 11, 2012

{Addison's Baptism - Part 3: It's Great to Be 8!}

After Addy's baptism and confirmation at the church, we headed back to our house to have a big celebration!   Combined with family and friends we had over 50 people!  She was so treated to have so many lovely friends and family attend!  I had planned on 75, so we had tons of food and treats for all.  We set up all kinds of tables inside (too cold to use the deck) and borrowed chairs and tables from all over.  We even set up tables in the garage, which worked great for the kiddos and actually warmed up pretty nicely when we left the house door open (and helped minimize the mess too!).  

Menu was hot soup and hot cocoa.  I had awesome friends and family bring 4 different soups, and then with the help of my mom and mother-in-law, we prepared four at home.  So we had an amazing, gourmet selection of 8 soups.  Add in small oranges and Costco rolls and it was a perfect lunch for a chilly December Saturday.  

I've wanted to do a hot cocoa bar for awhile and figured this was the perfect time!  I love how it turned out!  The 'It's Great to Be 8' banner was a printable one that I put together from this link. So easy.

Kids and adults had a blast putting together the perfect cup of hot cocoa! I had 4 different cocoa powders (all Stephens hot cocoa... the best!), marshmallows, a ton of mix-ins, and of course fresh whipped cream.  All the paper products were from Cash & Carry (the lids were a must!) and I added the washi tape and sticker label (using sticker paper...I love that stuff!).  We got good use of the "It's Great to Be 8" lingo!  

Part of my awesome kitchen helpers who kept things running while we visited with friends.  Thank you so much!!

We had dozens of fresh cookies for dessert!

And I made these favors for our guests to take as they were leaving.  Is it a stretch that the two doughnuts form an 8??  Get it??  These are Addy's favorite treat too, so she loved it.

After our friends left it was time to relax with the family.  The cousins had fun playing together and Addy opened her gifts.  
 She's been looking forward to her very own set of scriptures for awhile. She was pretty excited!  

And maybe even more excited about the cute pink scripture case that Grandma got her.  

We ended the night with the extended family at Olive Garden.  We are so glad everyone hung around the entire day.  We felt so blessed to have such an outpouring of support for our girl on her big day!

In between all the planning and hosting and prepping, I was praying the day would go smoothly for Addy.  I wanted it to be a day she would remember.  I got a chance to leave some special notes for her (from Trev and I) both in the morning and the evening.  She also took some time to write in her new journal (from our Primary Presidency) about her day. It's sweet and sincere, and I know her tender heart felt Heavenly Father's love for her as she made an important step in returning to live with him someday.

We are so, so proud of her.  It's exciting and hard to watch my kids grow older.  And even scary at times knowing they are learning to be accountable for their own actions and choices and knowing my influence only goes so far.  It's heart warming to see them really understand and know of a Heavenly Father who loves them and a Savior who gave His life for them.  Their tiny testimonies and experiences feeling the spirit are such a great foundation for them to grow in the knowledge of the gospel. I pray with all my might they continue on the same path, as I know it's whereby they will achieve the most happiness in this life and the next.


Kris and Cath 7:50 AM  

Great party! What a fun way to end the special day!

SuburbiaMom 12:41 PM  

Looks fabulous!!! I think the donuts were adorable as 8's!

Tanya Conrad 6:26 PM  

Any chance I could get the printables from your party? I love the little wraps around the cups and the menu items.
Tanya Conrad
Lehi, Utah

Bridgette Nielsen 7:54 PM  

Where did you get your printables? They are so Cute and JUST what I am looking for!

Amy 2:16 PM  

Hello. Oh I loved everything! You are amazing. Any chance to get the printables or where did you get them? At least the donut printable. Thanks so much!

Ninna Payne 10:48 PM  

I also love the templates you used. I would love to know where you got the ones you used for the cups. Thank you!

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