Saturday, December 22, 2012

{Christmas Festivus}

 After Addy's Baptism we really crammed things in before Christmas.  We had to fit in our usual traditions and some new things too.  Needless to say, we had an awesome couple weeks leading up to Christmas.  It's Trevor's favorite time of the year...and we were so blessed to have him around much more this year.  Christmases come and go so quickly, and we are hanging on to our young kids with all our might.  Christmas is still so magical for all our little ones.

Rylan's Preschool Program:

This definitely is a contender for my favorite Christmas activity the entire season.  I love preschool so much, love Rylan's teacher, and love Rylan's excitement for it all the most.  Watching littles perform Christmas songs brings out the Christmas spirit in everyone!  

His favorite song to preform?  Michael Jackson's, Thriller.  Yes, really.  Not Christmas-y so much (it was part of their October unit on werewolves...yah, his preschool teacher is THAT awesome). He had the dance and lyrics memorized and it was the cutest thing you have ever seen.  

Of course Santa was the 'surprise guest'!  Such a fun night!

Snow Day
And we were spoiled to have SNOW in December too.  We woke up to a Winter Wonderland (and a 2 hour late start to school).  It had mostly melted by the afternoon, but they had a blast in the morning.  It's been our only significant snow this year.  

DIY Snow Globes

We made our very own Snow Globes this year.  Kids LOVED it.  They are boxed and put away now, but I'm crossing my fingers we will find them in good shape next year!  It was a really fun project.  

 Gingerbread Houses
This year we broke into teams.  Carson & Ry, Addy & Dad, Mom & Rylan.  I used the left over candy from last Christmas and the remains of the Halloween candy still lingering.  Can't have Christmas without gingerbread houses! And they looked so cute on my side counter!

 This little guy wasn't much help decorating. Eating?....he's a champ.

Painting Ornaments
We missed this last year so we had to fit it in this year.  Some of my favorite ornaments are the handmade ones from the kids.  They added these cute painted ones to our collection along with ones from school and piano too!  

Snowflake Lane
At the recommendation of my sister, we headed to Bellevue one weekend to see the fun on Snowflake Lane. It was packed and crowded, but we had insider tips from my sis and we staked out a great spot to see the costumes, drummers, and jingle bell dancers.  It's a short show jam packed with awesome entertainment including snow falling from the sky!  And did I mention it's free??  Definitely on our list next year too!

Fantasy Lights
Can't miss our local display of lights on the golf course.  It's a 30 minute drive through the park with hundreds of light displays.  Kids love it every year.

We couldn't get the dates to work with my sister this year, so I took Addy and her friend, Sophia on my own.  We still had a blast at this local production!  

Neighbor Gifts:
We delivered 20 neighbor gifts of homemade salsa.  

Teacher Gifts
Loved this teacher gift idea from Pinterest.  And we all thoroughly enjoyed the sleeping in and break from regular homework and schedules!  

I did 75% of my shopping this year on-line.  I fell in love with Amazon Prime.  And it was a huge life savor since, due to the baptism planning, I had only bought a couple things as of December 8th!  


We had our annual work Christmas party. It was a blast this year.  All but one could attend. Here is the group with spouses.  These guys are all amazing, and we are so grateful for such a good group of employees!

 I had my primary class from church over for a Christmas party.  Unfortunately we missed about half the kids, but still had a great time!  

 I also hosted my Activity Day girls over for a movie and hot cocoa and popcorn (left over supplies from the baptism!).  No pictures, darn.  And we squeezed in our Ward Christmas party too!  

And last, but not least...we saw the big man himself!  We've been going to this Santa for 5 years in a row.  The kids almost revolted when I made them get up at 7am the first day of Christmas break...but it was the only way to avoid the massive line that close to Christmas!  Never mind that Miles woke up with a swollen eye.  I always consider it a miracle if they are all looking!  So success!

And that brings us to Christmas Eve ('s February in 2 days. Where does the time go?)


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