Wednesday, November 28, 2012

{Miles 18 months}

Oh he is growing up so fast!  I can't believe how much he has changed since his birthday in May.  He is bursting now with personality and attitude (good and bad).  And the biggest change...his vocabulary.  He is jabbering, babbling, singing, and talking every minute of the day.  Trevor and I lost count at 100+ words.  He is just a sponge absorbing new words each day.  He can call all the kids by name: "Car-Car", "Addy", and "Ry-Ry".  And will often say "Where's the kids?"  It's just so funny hearing it from such a small little guy.  He's also mastered the word "no" and knows when and how to use it.  Lovely.
He's our tough one for sure. I often tell people the power of the house has shifted from Rylan to Miles.  He's tough to take anywhere.  It's definitely not fair when I take the 3 bigger kids on errands and Trevor takes Miles. That's a way harder deal.  And Trevor always does that.  Bless him. 
18 month stats fall right in line with our Pettingill mold:
Height: 33 inches (70%)
Weight: 24 pounds, 1.5 ounces (25%)
Head:  18.5 inches (25%)
Other things to note:
1.  At 18 months you get to attend the nursery at church.  No more roaming the halls with a restless baby.  Except, he hates it.  Screams, cries, acts like he is being tortured.  Sigh.  He doesn't want anything to do with me most of the time, but in nursery he wants to be sitting right on my lap.  It'll get better someday.
2.  He loves to dance. He bops and trots and stomps to the music.  Hilarious.  The kid has rhythm. 
3.  He's still a screamer.  He's got zero patience, so anything not going his way evokes a scream.  We are working on it.  Mostly unsuccessfully.
4.  He can fold his arm for prayers and mumbles (incoherent) words.  So sweet.
5.  He gives big hugs and kisses. He'll run up and grab my leg and say "Ooooh, Mom".  Again, sweetness.
6.  As with any 18 month old...he's into everything.  Especially my pantry, which I try to keep locked.  But he'll go inside and pull the door shut (which turns off the light).  And then in the dark, he'll pull down cereal boxes and crackers and eat in peace.  He's a snacker like my Ry Ry.  But, he's a good eater overall. Not too picky. 
7.  He really loves bedtime stories.  He keeps saying "Books! Books!" when things are winding down. We'll read to him for awhile (sometimes the same book over and over).  And he never tires of it.  He cries every night when story time is over.  Every night. 
8. He loves showers. The bathroom that we use for him and Ry only has a shower, and they both love it. Miles will stand directly under the shower and let it pour right over his head and down his face.  He doesn't have any panic attacks from water in his eyes (like Rylan).
9.  Favorite toys are:  trains, books, cars, Mickey Mouse (which he calls "Moucatoo"...weird...don't know why?), and basketball. 
10.  "Backetball" gets it's own item because the kid says that word about 100 times a day.  "Backetball, backetball, backetball".  Any time he sees a ball (soccer, football, softball, or an actual basketball), or anything round, or a hoop...he's saying and pointing at it over and over.  The kid LOVES them. 
11.  Other favorites: Binkie and Blankie.  Must have at all times.  Total crutch, I know.  All my other kids were done with the binkie by 18 months.  It's going to be a tough weening process.
12.  Loves, loves, loves animals. Especially dogs. He has no fear. Wants to ride them, snuggle them, and torture them.  Luckily Grandma and a few friends have some he can love on, because that isn't happening anytime soon in our house.
13. Still takes 2 naps and sleeps like a champ at night.  It's my only time to get anything done. 
I love my time at home with him!  Ry has preschool for a couple hours 3 days a week so it's just Miles and I.  I love that.  I love having a baby in the house...the kisses, the talking.  And watching him learn and grow is such a blessing.  I can't imagine our family without him!  He is so dear and sweet. 


Kris and Cath 1:13 PM  

He is growing up! And he is adorable:) I love any chance I get to see your fam!

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