Tuesday, December 25, 2012

{Christmas Day 2012}

Christmas morning arrived in a flash. All the excitement and build-up!!  The kids didn't wake up until almost 8am (yay!).  They waited for us to set up downstairs before racing down the stairs so quickly I barely got one picture!  
 Santa had come!  Everything glowed...the bright tree, warm fire, ribbons and bows.  It's a happy day for a kid and for everyone!  We were so blessed.

Rylan was thrilled about his new big boy bike!  He rode around on the tile off an on the whole morning.  And Carson got a new bike too...upgrading to a 26 inch!  

 And this basketball-loving baby got his very own hoop!  Writing this a month after Christmas, I can safely say this gift is probably the most used of all the gifts received that day.  This boy loves his own hoop and never tires of taking shots each and every day with his wide variety of basketballs (aka...anything round).  As he squealed in delight it just filled my heart with joy.  It is the best feeling watching your kids open something they just adore.  

Carson was surprised to get his very own Red Rider BB gun this year (every boy MUST have one at some point, right?)

And also got his 'top pick' from his Grandma...a radio/dock for his iPod.  

Addy couldn't get the wrapping paper off fast enough to discover the pink camera she wrote to Santa about.  

And her very own American Girl doll that she cherishes and loves on all the time.  

We had so many TOYS to play with this year (I guess that's what happens with 4 kids that are all in the 'toy phase'...I'll be sad when they want clothes and $$, that's just no fun.)  It was really so nice taking our time to open presents one at a time and then taking items out of packages and assembling.  I love going at a slower pace and letting the kids enjoy their gifts as well as taking some time to be grateful to the sender. We sent a lot of text pictures that day to cousins, aunts & uncles, and grandmas and grandpas expressing thanks for such generosity and kindness.  

This year the kids drew names for each other and they had to use their own money to buy something.  Carson picked out the cutest Mickey Mouse car for Miles (He loves cars and Mickey Mouse...perfect combo).  It was so sweet to see Carson so excited for Miles to open his gift...and I'm glad he is beginning to understand that feeling of giving can be pretty darn great!  

The only thing Rylan asked for his year was a "big dinosaur, like Rex" (from Toy Story).  I don't know where he got that idea. He's loved Toy Story for years, but all the sudden, it was all about Rex. Santa somehow located such a thing.  And he loves it.  It talks and roars too!

Other faves were binoculars...that really work!

And this fun wooden mailbox.  

Grandma Dalley made these fun pillow cases for the kiddos!

And my favorite expression caught on camera that day...when the kids opened an iPad that we've been saying Santa won't be bringing this year.  Surprise!!  Priceless. (And maybe this is the gift that gets used the most.  It's hard to keep them off of it.)

The aftermath, below.  It was so much fun having Uncle Tyler, Grandma Judy and Grandpa Chuck here with us.  Having more adults than kids really helps out when you have a 'major-assembly-required' day.  They were so helpful with the kiddos.  And I was able to play with my new camera lens and am now realizing I didn't get a single shot of me the entire day.  Trevor was busy with the kids all day (and trying to recover from the late night), but loved his new running gear, phone, and watch.  The kids spoiled me with some fun jewelry and homemade gifts too...my favorite!

Our parents were amazingly generous too.  My mom makes me feel like a kid again every year with her thoughtful and fun gifts ideas that she comes up with.  And the grandmas and grandpas showered their grand kids with all kinds of goodies.

The boys got out to ride their new bikes!

And play with the new family gift from Santa (the one the elves were working on really late on Christmas Eve!).  I've got 3 boys...it was time for a legitimate basketball hoop!!

Christmas dinner wasn't too difficult with so many helping hands.  Yummy ham...and all the fixings. Delish!

It was a beautiful day that always goes by too quickly.  We left the bulk of the toys and presents in the family room and opened and played with different games & toys for the next week...trying to hold on to Christmas as long as we could.  It's always tough taking the trees down and marking the end of the season.  But what a wonderful one it was!! We enjoyed it so much!  


Kris and Cath 8:01 AM  

Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas day! Man, your kids are so happy and beautiful!

Becca, Bryce, T, C, and J 12:54 PM  

Christmas 2012 looked way fun! I'm pretty sure I put the dinosaur thing in Rylan's head! I remember asking him what he wanted for Christmas while we were there at Thanksgiving. I was saying, dinosaurs, cars . . .? haha We have the same Toy Story dinosaur, too!

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