Tuesday, January 08, 2013

{Welcome 2013!}

 After Christmas we got to enjoy Uncle Tyler for a week!  The kids had so much fun with him.  We ventured out ice skating one day (the kids have been begging for months). It was a good thing we had an extra adult because I forgot how tough ice skating is for kids.  Addy picked it up the quickest and was cruising around in no time. Carson followed her lead eventually (not to be shown up by his sister!).  And the little boys stayed with one of us the entire time. It's exhausting and a killer on your back, but super fun for an hour or so.  

Uncle Tyler taught Carson and Addy to play Settlers of Catan.  Carson loved it!  And even when Tyler was trying to help them win...luck (or skill) just seems to always be on his side. I don't think I've ever seen him lose a game before.  

We attended a few movies and rented a few more.  We caught up on a big list of shows to watch...I love when we have time for that.  Les Mis was definitely on the top of the list and did not disappoint.  Loved, loved, loved it.  

We were sad to see Tyler go...but as soon as we dropped him off at the airport we drove straight to my sister's house for a New Year's Eve celebration.  The guys both had to work so Reese and I had fun with the kiddos during the day before they joined us that evening. We haven't seen the Apken crew much during the holidays and the kids couldn't wait to have fun with their cousins.  

Fin wasn't feeling good, but still adorable as always.  Miles was loving the ranch dip a little too much.  
 Reese had the kids pop a balloon every hour that contained an activity to do.  A major hit.  The marshmallow snowball fight was a favorite for sure.  

And these two helped make a yummy treat.  

We face-timed with Grandma and played some games and ate dinner (take out Cheesecake Factory for adults...delish).  

We did the kid 'countdown' at about 10pm.  You can't tell just how noisy these kids were from the picture below.  They were wild!  
 We had a few poppers and streamers.
 And a few toasts to share.  

The adults fizzled out on any major activity after wrestling the kids to sleep. I was falling asleep watching Ryan Seacrest. But we rallied enough to kiss when the clock struck 12.  Happy New Year 2013!!

The next day we headed just a few minutes away to a fun sledding hill. My sister lives IN the mountains, so we have to take advantage of her being so close to fun outdoor adventures.  Other than a few hills in the neighborhoods, we haven't taken the kids on an official 'sledding' trip. They had a blast.  My sister stayed home with Finley (still not feeling good) and Miles.  We'll save his first sledding experience when he as a touch more tolerance for cold (i.e. not anytime soon).

The SnoPark was packed, but we eventually made it up the hill after parking a mile away.  The guys just pulled the kiddos in the sleds...worked out great!  

 Addy was really brave at first, but then had a bad fall and wasn't into it much after that.  
 Trev and Carson got some serious speed going to together.

Carson and Paige were giggling the whole way down.
 Even after they slid into the ditch.  

Lots of trips back up the hill and you start to peel off layers. The weather was perfect. Sheltered from the wind and dry.  

Brynnie looking as cute as can be. 

We had such an awesome start to 2013! Thank you Apkens for hosting our crew. We had such a fun time!!


Reese 8:45 AM  

Wow. You are really plugging along! Nice work. Love the pics of ice skating. Miles' shoes are just so dang cute! I'm gonna steal some of those sledding pics. You took some great ones. We loved hanging out! Such a blast!

Unknown 1:48 PM  

Shelly! I finally caught up on your blog. I haven't been into the blogosphere lately-- but so fun to be back. What a beautiful family you have. It is so fun to see all of these growing kids. Reece's fam is so sweet. Glad you had such wonderful holidays full of good connection with family! Hope you are well!!

Unknown 1:48 PM  

Ooops- above comment was Carmen!!

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