Thursday, March 21, 2013

{St. Patrick's Day}

St. Patrick's Day totally caught me off guard...I was thinking I had one more day when we were out with some friends on Saturday night. When we both realized it was the very next day, we ended our date night together at the grocery store buying up chocolate gold coins and anything green we could find. It was a really fun challenge actually! We had to hit two stores to find the rainbow twizzlers...a must!

I usually don't make a big deal out of St. Patrick's Day.  Trevor usually makes green pancakes, you put on a green shirt and call it good.  Carson's kindergarten teacher used to make a big deal of a leprechaun making a mess out of the classroom during the night.  So we've done some of that at home.  Tipping over chairs, turning picture frames upside down. Oh man, the kids eat that up....that naughty leprechaun!

Sometimes the leprechaun has a little scavenger hunt for the kids, other years not.  Depends on how much time I have.  Luckily, I found one here that you just print off! Easy peasy! And then my friend sent me a link to some free printables, found here.  Instant St. Patty's party!   

Here's the stash of goodies!

The kids loved the little scavenger hunt.
 And it didn't take them too long to find the treasure! 
 Miles was popping rolos with the wrappers still on them.  

After church we opted for rainbow pancakes. So fun! You have to use a ton of food coloring (I have the Wilton gel food coloring), but it actually was pretty easy (other than making for a lot of dishes!).  And let's just say Miles' diaper was, uh...very colorful the next day!

I was surprised how much green garb I had....almost all from Miles' Hungry Caterpillar Party last doing double duty for St. Patrick's Day!  

Ry was running a temperature that day so we tag teamed for church. Ry helped me set up the 'green' table.  The kids just lit up when they got home :))

It seems like a lot, but it's just stuff I had in closets and drawers. Might as well use all that party garb!  It was nice to have it on a weekend and be able to have fun with it.  Love celebrating holidays with my kiddos!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

{March 2013 Happenings}

If you follow my instagram feed, most of these are duplicates! I'm using my iPhone more and more for daily snapshots and it's just so easy to post straight to instagram right after taking the photos.  I'm trying to find a way to merge this little blog with all those pictures.  The problem is, the blog is the family journal, so I can't make the switch completely.  And I do love pulling out my Canon for important pictures...and those must go in the blog documentation.  But, I'm feeling like blogs are fleeting, no? Some of my friends and family who were once devoted blog posters, have left in favor of facebook and instagram.  Sad because I miss their written words (but thankfully still enjoy their pictures!).  I have very few left in my Google Reader that post regularly (and Google Reader is going away too...sheesh! What am I going to do?!).  I can't keep up with all the technology changes.  
One thing I do know is I'm crazy about documenting our chaotic and busy life with pictures.  And for now, the easiest way is for me to include all the pictures here. Even if that means duplicates over on instagram.  Anyone else have other ideas?

These sweet boys jump into my bed in the mornings.  The light was pouring in the windows one day, and I got these cute pictures. I'm going to miss it when no one wants to jump in my bed anymore.  

My 30-something birthday was in March. Hooray, another birthday??!  Trevor and Carson were out of town (more on that later!) so Trevor arranged  for these sweet friends to come take me to dinner. The hubster arranged the babysitter and everything!  We had the best time shopping and eating out for hours and talking talking talking. A little girlfriend fun is so good for the soul.    

The next day, this crew joined me shopping at some of my favorite home stores (Home Goods! and IKEA).  They treated me to a yummy lunch and we had a blast all afternoon.  Again, feeling so blessed with sweet friends in my life right now! I love these ladies!

And then on Sunday (my actual birthday), this cake showed up from a dear friend (again arranged all by Trevor) early in the morning.  The kids had wrapped gifts and presents ready and waiting for me. They were so sweet!  I celebrated all weekend and felt treated by so many, not the least of which, my sweet husband who pulled out all kinds of surprises to make sure it was a fun weekend despite being out of town.  He's a keeper.

Carson went on his first overnight scout camp-out. Once you turn 11, you can go on over-nighters.  Of course Trevor joined in with him for some dad-son camping fun.  So grateful to have a husband that doesn't want to miss a minute of these milestones with his boy (even if it means sleeping on a foam pad in the drizzly, cold weather). They went 3 miles away to the Stake Center meadow (big time campers! ha!).  They had a blast and it didn't rain on them (miracle).  The boys were up until 1:30 am and up again at 5am.  Carson has an awesome scout leader and they passed off a bunch of scouting requirements before they headed home on Saturday completely exhausted.
The little kids were feeling slighted, so we set up our own tents in the bonus room.  They watched movies and slept in here and thought it was the best thing ever.

Ry had a preschool field trip to a 'Bill's Fishing Hole' in Orting.  It was a charming little farm and fish hatchery.  Ry was over the moon about catching his own fish (which takes less than 15 seconds to hook)!

Don't let this sweet face fool you. I was chasing Miles around everywhere. But he loved the field trip too!

 We love Ms. Cindy! We cooked up that fish that night...even if only 3 of us will eat it (Trevor, Carson, and I).

Rylan took his preschool scissors to his hair.  You know those scissors that barely even cut paper? Yah, well he managed to cut a huge chunk right off the top and front.  I took the clippers down to a 4 on top before I just conceded.  You can still tell, but I'm waiting for it to grow out before evening it out.  I love my boys with longer-ish hair. Buzz cuts look so military and less little boy to me. I'm not a fan.  But, I have to admit it is growing on me some. That's after I bought out Children's Place of all their hats. 

I still have a post on St. Patrick's Day and Easter coming up (man, March was crammed full of stuff!) and also all the pictures from Trevor and Carson's trip to Las Vegas.  But checking these 'daily-life' pictures off the list!

{Trevor & Carson: Las Vegas: West Coast Conference Basketball Tournament}

The big trip was finally here!  Remember, back here, when we surprised Carson with a special trip with his dad for his birthday?  Oh man, these guys had the best time! 
I love when we do things all together as a family.  But there is something just so sweet being one on one with your kids.  The dozens of picture texts I got from these two just warmed my heart.  I am so, so glad they got this bonding time.  These two are really close.  Trevor has really crafted a sweet relationship with Carson.  It's a lot of late night chatting, playing basketball or running a couple miles, a lot of listening.  These years are the best for dad/son.  And to step out of real life for a week and go on vacation together was just awesome for both of them!

The arrived late on Wednesday night.  They were joined by one of Carson's good friends and his dad.  As well as another dad/son combo from our ward.  Such a good group!  It totally made the trip to have a friend along too.  

The main event was the West Coast Conference basketball tournament.  Trevor & Carson were in heaven being able to watch both BYU and Gonzaga play!  There were a few games everyday...that's a lot of basketball!!

My dad met them in Vegas too! How awesome to get Grandpa all to yourself??!  

Sadly, they only got to see one BYU game.  They lost at the buzzer!!  The boys really got into the games and the action.  

During the day they played around in Vegas. Checking out a different buffet each night and hitting all the 'kid' entertainment (a little difficult in Vegas!).  And did a lot of eating (I think they hit Cafe Rio at least 3 times).

 Since there were no games on Sunday, they decided to take the group to Pine Valley on Saturday night for a day and a half.  They got in super early on Sunday morning, but the whole crew managed church in the am!
Thank you to my mom for hosting the group! Everyone just loved it!!

The boys loved hanging out in the big house on their own with the adults.  They ate my mom's entire candy stash.  Played in the hot tub.  Played video games, watched movies. I told my mom they are never going to want to come home!

The went sledding over by my grandparent's home.   And had a big father/son snowball fight!

Hiding out in the loft with the movie seats and all the treats!

My mom helped them ride the ATVs around while the dads went golfing.  

Monday came quickly and they headed back to Vegas for the championship game, but not before stopping in St. George to say hello to my grandparents! Grandpa Snow looking so much better!

Gonzaga won the conference (no surprise there...too bad they didn't get too far in the NCAA tournament!).  As they were wrapping up their last night at the Luxor buffet....the entire Gonzaga team walked by!  They had won the championship just hours before...  
The team was so awesome to stop and take pictures.  Look how tall Kelly Olynyk is?? (Trevor is 6'1").  

The boys were on cloud nine seeing all those players!  

Oh such a fun trip! I hope Carson remembers it forever! Although he now thinks this will be an annual getaway with his dad!! And even though planning/scheduling is always tough, I'm so glad we were able to make this happen.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

{Valentine's Day & Daddy Daughter Dance}

After getting home from Tucson, we only had a couple days before Valentine's Day.  All the cards and valentines to put together couldn't be done in a day, so thankfully, we got a bunch done very early in the month including these cute cards featuring my four little Valentines!!

I was feeling like the house was so bare after taking Christmas down so I went ahead and put up the Valentine's decor in mid January!  That was after I realized I didn't have any Valentine's decor. So I made a few things this year and combined some stuff from around the house to create a fun mantel.  

And then I dressed up these mailboxes that I got last year with candlesticks and ribbon.  The kids had a blast all month leaving notes for one another. I would leave little goodies or surprises in there too.  And there was a lot of 'coupon' giving happening.  Does it count as a "gift" when your son gives you a "lunch date" with himself? Hmmm. I see what's going on... Cute, none the less!

We got busy making cards and goodies for classmates, friends, and family.  It is quite the long list with 3 kids each with their own class and friend list.  Plus I made them for my Primary class at church. And then Addy had a church valentine exchange this year too.  Luckily, they can't wait to sit down and do it each year, so I just needed the supply ready to go.  I only had to help Rylan a bit.  But he wrote all the names (to and from) all by himself.  It took forever but he was so proud!  

Addy's Activity day project.  
A Valentine countdown "service" calender.  

And, of course, several dozen Valentine's Day sugar cookies were made during the month.  Some of which were wrapped and shipped to the awesome grandparents! By far my favorite Valentine Day treat. 

Valentine's day morning we had yogurt parfaits and juice.  My kids aren't big breakfast eaters, but this hit the spot.  Addy insisted on dressing up for the day.  Looking darling!  Add a few heart doilies from the dollar store and ta-da!  Valentine's day table! I love surprising my kids with a fun breakfast (believe me, they are shocked, since it's cold cereal almost every day).
 And round two an hour later.  (Notice Ry opted for conversation hearts?)

Trevor always outdoes me on Valentines Day.  He left cards and gifts for each of the kids by their beds in the morning, plus beautiful flowers and a few other faves for me.  He does good. Every year.  And I can only manage to get a card and make a nice dinner!  

We set up a pretty table that night for our traditional 'fancy' Valentine's Day dinner.  
 Ry helped me make chocolate covered strawberries and raspberries for dessert.  Yum!!  

It was breakfast for dinner! Crepes!  They were so good and I forgot how easy they are.  The kids devoured them. What's not to like, it's practically dessert!

Later that week, Addison and Trevor had the Stake Daddy Daughter Dance.  She's been looking forward to this for months!  This is the first year they have put this on, and it was a huge success!  

We started getting ready that afternoon with nails and hair.  And I picked up the corsage that Trevor wanted for her. 

We did a fancy up 'do  with her hair, and I pulled out some old hair clips from one of my high school Proms.  She picked out one of her favorite dresses and looked so adorable.  She absolutely could not wait!  

Here's the Addy we know!  Full of personality! Workin it.

Matching tie for Trevor pulled out from the back of the closet way back from my sister's wedding! Worked perfectly! 
It just melts my heart that her first dance corsage is from her daddy.  Carefully being dried and preserved for her memory box. These two have a special relationship.  She absolutely adores him (and I hope she always does!)  And he is her big cheerleader and protector.  

She even got her own bouquet of flowers before the big date.  It sure was a special night.  I wish I could have been a fly on the wall.  They danced it up (and Trevor's mad dancing skills even got called out at the Stake Priesthood meeting the next night...ha!) and had a blast! 

Then they headed to Red Robin with her favorite friends and their awesome Dads.  Quite the group of darling daughters and Dads!  

She can't wait for next year!  

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