Friday, March 08, 2013

{Girls Weekend in Tucson!}

At the beginning of February my mom pulled off a major vacation planned for her daughters and daughter-in-law.  She played travel agent and managed to find a weekend where we were all available and booked flights from 5 different airports to have us arrive within an hour of each other in sunny Tucson, Arizona!  

This was our first girls trip without any babies or kids and we had such a good time!  Thankfully my own kids were in safe hands with Trevor's mom coming over to help with the kids during the day.  They loved, loved their time with grandma, and I was able to relax and enjoy a long weekend with my most favorite people!!  

Meeting up at the airport in Tucson!  

We share an amazing mom who raised kids that love to be together.  We are always competing for time with mom and still bicker and argue over who gets more 'mom' time.  So staying in joined hotel rooms with all 6 of us was the perfect set-up.  What did we do?  Well, talk, talk, talk....stay up late (really late!), sleep in, eat, shop, eat, talk, talk, talk. You'd think with 6 different people that we wouldn't agree on what to do or when to do it...but that's never an issue.  We just seem to enjoy the same things, go with the flow, and just love being together...which is the purpose of the trip, right?!  

We live all across the country, and we just want to BE together.  I love that everyone is able to make the sacrifices with personal schedules to make that happen...and it's not easy with the combined 12 kids between us!! You have to want it to happen.  And having a super supportive husband that also wants me to have some time away from the home chaos makes leaving my sweet kids just a little easier.  

We got our pedicures or manicures first thing (something we never have time for at home!).  Too bad the weather was unseasonably cold, and we couldn't wear any cute sandals the rest of the trip!  But weather doesn't trump any happiness with this crew.  

We ate at mostly local cuisine the entire trip.  First night was a super fancy Mexican place that usually takes reservations a week in advance...but we walked in and they had a cancel at the same time.  The chef picks your meal and each one was different and so yummy!

We ate at a really fun local creperie one morning (okay at 1pm).  

And wandered around downtown.  Truthfully, Tucson could use a facelift. And some tourism help.  There just wasn't much to do or see, and we were surprised that there really wasn't a tourist crowd at all. In fact, downtown seemed practically deserted. 

We did visit these shops featuring locals goods and merchandise and went to the Presidio, which we never could really figure out what that was....  We had some good laughs about the town and it was a fun adventure.

Nothing touristy to do? That's ok. We headed to the local mall which had some great stores.  We managed to spend all afternoon/evening there trying on clothes and shopping...We could barely get it all in the trunk of the SUV!

We went to church on Sunday morning to the cutest little ward and then had to check out the "Gem Show".  I guess one weekend a year Tucson has this huge fair where people come in from all over the world to sell gems, stones, rocks, diamonds, jewelry  It was massive and spread across town in all sorts of places. The high-end area was actually set up right in the Marriott where we were staying and took up an entire wing of the hotel.  

We wandered through this market a few miles from the hotel and got some goodies to take home to the kids.  

After 3 days we still didn't have a picturesque shot of us in front of a Saguaro cactus.  Tucson is famous for them and they are scattered across all the hillsides.  So we went on a little hike (I say that loosely because we were in ballet flats and flip flops) and we found the perfect spot for a group shot of all 6 of us!

 We did plenty of FaceTime with the kids back home and enjoyed movies late into the night and even room service one night when we were too comfy to head back to town.  
 We pulled the couch over to watch movies at night.

Man, just writing about this trip makes me want to go again right now.  I love these ladies and it's so rejuvenating to spend time with them and remember you are a sister and a daughter too!  Thanks mom for making the trip happen!  Time seems to fly by, and I'm so grateful that we can make these opportunities happen.  Creating memories, strengthening friendships, enjoying family. (Sappy much?) Yay for Dalley Girls Weekend!


Tim and Lisa 2:33 PM  

I have been waiting for a week to hear about your trip. So jealous!

Becca, Bryce, T, C, and J 3:11 PM  

It was so much fun! You reminded me that we haven't busted open our candy apples, yet! Gotta get on that!

Unknown 12:32 PM  

So wonderful!! Glad you had such a fabulous trip!!!!

Unknown 12:33 PM  

Ummm... "Unknown" was your friend Car

Kris and Cath 8:33 AM  

The Dalley girls are the CUTEST, best girls around. LOVE YOU all

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