Thursday, March 14, 2013

{Rylan's Instagram Feed}

So it's no secret that I love Instagram, but sometimes the real picture gems don't make it onto the blog because they aren't pictures from an event or holiday documented with big camera.  But I've been collecting some real great ones of Rylan over the last 6 months.  

The kid is just genuinely happy.  He loves everyone.  And everything is his  "favorite thing in the whole world".  Case in point.  These texts from his preschool teacher (in gray; my comment in blue):

Or better yet, when I got a text from his teacher saying:
"Rylan just did an impromptu dance while singing "oh sexy lady, gangnam style" for the class...Soooo wish I could've got it on video! LOL"  

Yah.  That's Rylan.  

He still is my toughest sleeper.  He just hates going to bed in fear he is missing out on something/anything going on.  So he fights it.  But all that energy he dispenses being so happy just can't last forever. He's notorious for a 6pm 'nap'.  

And so we have the adventures of Rylan's napping:

In the car, anytime after 2pm.  Even when we pick up Grandma from the airport.  

On the stairs in timeout.

On top of the bar stools. Just too far to get to the couch after eating a snack.  

Hiding in the living room on the far side of the couch...and then falling asleep causing a frantic search for him everywhere (inside and outside) until I finally found him here. Didn't even budge when I was yelling his name.

Always got side kick, Woody, tucked in with him.  

During a haircut.

And my personal favorite.  Right here on the potty.  Totally asleep. Drool running down his legs.  

He is just relentless about sleep and then just can't keep it up a second longer and totally crashes.  And of course, in all scenarios, these 'naps' mean he is wide awake until 11pm.  But it is pretty much impossible to keep him up all day so he will actually fall asleep at a decent hour.  Carson napped until 1st Grade, but he still went to bed at night.  I just don't know what to do with Ry!

He totally makes up for it by being such a joy right now. 
I find dozens of pictures like this one my phone.  Sometimes 200 in one setting that I have to delete, but I save a few of the goodies. I think it's his way at saying 'hi' to me when I'm on my phone.  

And one last one from a couple weeks ago.
In my high heel boots playing 'cowboy' with Miles (apparently pants aren't required).  

I just love his personality and age right now.  
As Miles gets harder and harder, I remember myself saying the same things about Ry:  "He's just such a hard baby", "He's an impossible toddler", "I can't reason with him at all", "I can't take him anywhere".  And then all the sudden he becomes a little boy.  And it gets easier.  But with the same slobbery kisses, hugs, 'i love you' signs, and kisses blown across the room.  
Such a fun age.   

Love you RyRy.  Stay my little boy forever.  
Even if you won't ever go to sleep at night.  


Our family 6:17 AM  

oh man, those last two sleeping pictures had me laughing out loud. He's such a cutie!

Becca, Bryce, T, C, and J 8:23 AM  

He is hilarious!! You're right - such a great age!!

Reese 8:57 AM  

Love that boy!!! Cracks me up all the time. Great documentation and that toilet picture is just amazing.

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