Tuesday, March 19, 2013

{Valentine's Day & Daddy Daughter Dance}

After getting home from Tucson, we only had a couple days before Valentine's Day.  All the cards and valentines to put together couldn't be done in a day, so thankfully, we got a bunch done very early in the month including these cute cards featuring my four little Valentines!!

I was feeling like the house was so bare after taking Christmas down so I went ahead and put up the Valentine's decor in mid January!  That was after I realized I didn't have any Valentine's decor. So I made a few things this year and combined some stuff from around the house to create a fun mantel.  

And then I dressed up these mailboxes that I got last year with candlesticks and ribbon.  The kids had a blast all month leaving notes for one another. I would leave little goodies or surprises in there too.  And there was a lot of 'coupon' giving happening.  Does it count as a "gift" when your son gives you a "lunch date" with himself? Hmmm. I see what's going on... Cute, none the less!

We got busy making cards and goodies for classmates, friends, and family.  It is quite the long list with 3 kids each with their own class and friend list.  Plus I made them for my Primary class at church. And then Addy had a church valentine exchange this year too.  Luckily, they can't wait to sit down and do it each year, so I just needed the supply ready to go.  I only had to help Rylan a bit.  But he wrote all the names (to and from) all by himself.  It took forever but he was so proud!  

Addy's Activity day project.  
A Valentine countdown "service" calender.  

And, of course, several dozen Valentine's Day sugar cookies were made during the month.  Some of which were wrapped and shipped to the awesome grandparents! By far my favorite Valentine Day treat. 

Valentine's day morning we had yogurt parfaits and juice.  My kids aren't big breakfast eaters, but this hit the spot.  Addy insisted on dressing up for the day.  Looking darling!  Add a few heart doilies from the dollar store and ta-da!  Valentine's day table! I love surprising my kids with a fun breakfast (believe me, they are shocked, since it's cold cereal almost every day).
 And round two an hour later.  (Notice Ry opted for conversation hearts?)

Trevor always outdoes me on Valentines Day.  He left cards and gifts for each of the kids by their beds in the morning, plus beautiful flowers and a few other faves for me.  He does good. Every year.  And I can only manage to get a card and make a nice dinner!  

We set up a pretty table that night for our traditional 'fancy' Valentine's Day dinner.  
 Ry helped me make chocolate covered strawberries and raspberries for dessert.  Yum!!  

It was breakfast for dinner! Crepes!  They were so good and I forgot how easy they are.  The kids devoured them. What's not to like, it's practically dessert!

Later that week, Addison and Trevor had the Stake Daddy Daughter Dance.  She's been looking forward to this for months!  This is the first year they have put this on, and it was a huge success!  

We started getting ready that afternoon with nails and hair.  And I picked up the corsage that Trevor wanted for her. 

We did a fancy up 'do  with her hair, and I pulled out some old hair clips from one of my high school Proms.  She picked out one of her favorite dresses and looked so adorable.  She absolutely could not wait!  

Here's the Addy we know!  Full of personality! Workin it.

Matching tie for Trevor pulled out from the back of the closet way back from my sister's wedding! Worked perfectly! 
It just melts my heart that her first dance corsage is from her daddy.  Carefully being dried and preserved for her memory box. These two have a special relationship.  She absolutely adores him (and I hope she always does!)  And he is her big cheerleader and protector.  

She even got her own bouquet of flowers before the big date.  It sure was a special night.  I wish I could have been a fly on the wall.  They danced it up (and Trevor's mad dancing skills even got called out at the Stake Priesthood meeting the next night...ha!) and had a blast! 

Then they headed to Red Robin with her favorite friends and their awesome Dads.  Quite the group of darling daughters and Dads!  

She can't wait for next year!  


Kris and Cath 8:27 AM  

This is so sweet! WOW on all of your Valentine's decorations:) I remember going to a daddy daughter dance when I was young, I will always remember!

SuburbiaMom 12:37 PM  

Precious pictures!

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