Tuesday, April 30, 2013

{Leavenworth Trip}

For Valentine's Day, Trevor and his good friend, Josh, planned and plotted and reserved an April weekend getaway for their spouses.  Trevor remembers me saying from a year or more ago that I wanted to go to Leavenworth, WA (pretty awesome that he remembered that, huh?!).  It's a quiet and quaint little German town just over the mountain pass...away from the big city and any box stores. We've always heard good things, and we've never been, so it was a perfect weekend getaway and with great company too!

Thankfully our friends, Josh & Jen, had been several times before so they knew all the good places to visit and eat at.  Oh man, the food! We ate in foodie heaven....crepes, gelato, ice cream, cupcakes, caramel apples, yummmm.  It was so hard to decide where to eat. Too many awesome choices.  

It didn't matter where we were though...it was nice to get away for a weekend sans kiddos.  You know, eat when you want, no carting around diapers and wet wipes, going to impromptu movies, ahhh...just heaven for a few days. Grateful to Trevor's mom for watching the kids so we could get away!! The kids were in grandma heaven!

  We did a lot of window shopping.  

And took a carriage ride one evening.  

We had too much fun in the hat shop.

We drove along the river and found a scenic place to stop and take some pictures. It was so green and beautiful!!

Trevor and Josh were laughing the entire trip....not sure what was so funny right here...probably quoting movie lines or YouTube videos.

 We found a bridge that was the start of a trail.  A few people coming out said there was a cool cave up about a mile, so we decided to hike...flips flops and white pants and all.  We definitely were not fitting in with the locals in their high-top hiking boots and walking sticks, but we managed a scenic 3 mile hike in style. Even though we never found the cool cave.  

We hit mini golf in the sun and a late night run to Wenatchee to catch a movie, which ended up being quite a trek due to Siri leading us up mountain to no where.  Seriously.  We were laughing so hard I could hardly catch my breath.  

It was a wonderful, rejuvenating weekend away...much needed for both of us. The crazy fast paced life at home with 4 kids doesn't allow for much R&R...you have to carve out time for that.  So glad for a little Valentine's Day surprise!  Greatest gift, thanks babe!

Friday, April 19, 2013

{Addison: Activity Days Pinewood Derby}

About 6 months ago I got my dream calling in our church...Activity Days leader. I love, love being with Addison in this age 8-11 year old group.  It is such a good group of girls!  We are so blessed to have such a big group too...which means friends all around for everyone.  I love that.  

The girls sometimes feel a little slighted when compared to Cub Scouts. The Cubs get camp, pinewood derby, more outdoor activities (BB guns, archery), pack meetings with families each month, etc. So...it has been my mission as a leader to remedy that by placing activities the girls want on the Activity Days schedule. And what did they want?  And all-girls Pinewood Derby.  Ok, we were off and running with it. 

We piggybacked days with the cub scout pinewood derby so we didn't have to set up the track. Prepped decorations, distributed pinewood derby car kits and the girls/parents got to work over a 4 week period.  

Trevor thought he was off the hook for a few years because Carson is no longer in Cub Scouts and Rylan has a few years to go.  But, not so this year. He had to work his magic for the 4th straight year.  He's got it pretty well down and knows a few tricks (and it doesn't hurt that we have an awesome neighbor with a 1000 sq ft wood shop with every tool imaginable).  But it still takes a lot of time.  A lot.  Addy hung in there with him for about 15 seconds.  But he worked for a couple long nights getting it ready for her to bling and paint.  

Of course pink, glitter, and sparkle were in her design plan.  

Finished product and exactly 5 ounces.  

Here she is anxiously awaiting the first race.

She was pretty darn excited to see her car cross first in the first heat. And dad sighs a huge sigh of relief that at least she's done well enough on one heat.   

But as the bracket went on and girls were eliminated it came down to Addy's car and her good friend, Olivia's car.  They had raced eachother multiple times with sometimes Addy coming in first and other times Olivia coming in first. It came down to lane assignments, I think.  But on the final race....

She was pretty thrilled!!  

All the girls! All good sports and all had a great time.  It was so fun to watch these girls....can I just say it was SO different from Cub Scouts with all the squealing, cheer leading  jumping, and hugging.  Really so sweet. They absolutely loved it.  And it might become an annual tradition.

And major props to the hubster who really made it a day she'll remember. He rocked it out.

WooHoo! Congrats Addison!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

{Easter Sunday 2013}

For several years the Easter Bunny leaves yarn trails from your bed to your Easter basket.  He really stepped up his game this year and made it a pretty good maze for the big kids.  

 Aww... the joy in a chocolate bunny, some books, a movie and new mechanical toothbrushes all around.  

Miles was only interested in the little plastic eggs scattered about and wasted no time getting access to as many as possible.  

Having 11:30 church made the morning relaxing and enjoyable.  I was able to prep most of dinner and even read the paper in the sun on the deck.  Yes, we had amazing weather on Easter Sunday...the best! The heavens shining down on us for sure.

I warned the kids ahead of time that Easter was a picture day...they were all good sports about it.  All the time coordinating Easter outfits and the primping and dressing up the morning of...you can't let it go by without some photos to capture these sweet faces.  
The group shot...always the toughest...and manged a keeper out of the 50 or so that I took!

 Aww...she's pretty in pink!  Picked this dress out all on her own.  

 Sweetest little 4 year old who will pose and smile for the camera now.  Such amazing progress!  
 My handsome 11 year old.  Seriously, he is so grown up and still adorable.

And the one that never sits still.  But looking freaking adorable in his hat and bow tie. Love him.  

The girls.
 And the boys!  

And the parentals!  

I always love Easter Sunday at church... the music, the talks about the Savior, the spirit touching your heart.  I am so grateful for a day that we can reflect on the life and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.  We spent some time doing some Easter lessons with the kids and watching a couple awesome videos produced by the church...which my kids were glued to.  I love watching their tiny hearts swell with joy and love for their Savior...especially on Easter Sunday.

I made a coconut cake for dessert and it turned out so pretty that I couldn't pass up a photo.  Seriously, the cake was divine!  

 And dinner on the deck is required when it is over 70 degrees in March! Seriously one of the best weather days ever.  We had a delish meal including honey baked ham.  I took a short nap in the sun and then we ended the day on a family walk.  Absolutely loved, loved this day!  

Saturday, April 13, 2013

{Easter Weekend}

We dyed our Easter eggs about 5 days in advance of Easter...a big deal since we are always trying to sneak it in on the Saturday before Easter.  Annual pictures documenting the same tradition each year, but it's fun to see how the kids grow and change.  The kids can pretty much run the show now, so they help one another, and I took pictures and tried to avoid any huge spills. They did really well!  We managed about 3 dozen and ended up eating roughly half of them...pretty good!  

The big Easter egg hunt we usually attend was not being sponsored this year :(  ... but even better, we were invited to my niece's birthday party with all the cousins,  and we tacked on an Easter egg hunt in my sister's perfect back yard.  We had unusually warm weather, and we soaked in every second of it.  It's always a blast getting the Dalley cousin's together (we really missed Graham and Claire!).  These kids are great friends and as our schedules get crazier, we have to try just a little harder to get together, and we are sure glad when we do!

 Miles really enjoyed it this year!

 These always-on-the-go babies just sat and mowed through their candy.  They hardly left this spot for a good 20 minutes.  That's the darling birthday girl in the middle!  

Ry unloaded his entire basket and ate his way into a sugar coma.  He was asleep in his booster seat in the car before we backed down the driveway! 

Thanks for the invite Charise & Chris!  We had a blast with everyone!  

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