Thursday, May 02, 2013

{Miles Turns 2!}

Oh my heart.  This little one is two!  All the newborn and baby is gone in favor of this lovable, active toddler.  He does circles around me daily, but usually with this sweet smile on his face!

He's so fast, pictures are nearly impossible.  He is all over the place and won't look at the camera for one second willingly, but we managed a few golden 2 year old shots. 

I love this sweet face!

We love this little guy to pieces and the whole family was so excited to celebrate his birthday! It's a big deal when the baby in the family turns two!  

A few things about our little Miles on your 2nd birthday:

  1. You are so active! And by active I mean, crashing into walls, jumping on tables, climbing on the counter, rolling around on the floor, tackling Rylan, doing acrobats in your crib, wrestling with dad, and on and on.  I have to say you are the most BOY of the three boys.
  2. Your favorite toys:  Cars & Trains, Mickey Mouse (stuffed one and figurines), and Basketball.  You are still our backetball, backetball, backetball (yes pronounced that way)...loving baby.  You love shooting in your play hoop and also in the big hoop outside with dad's help.  You'll yell out "Nice shot!" every time you make a basket.  You absolutely loves it.  And you can spot a hoop from a mile a way.  Anytime we pass a hoop or a ball or anything resembling a go berserk   "Mom! Backetball!, Mom! Backetball!"...repeated 20 times.  
  3. As tough as you are, you are my sweet cuddler too.  You'll give loves, slobbery kisses and endless hugs. You'll find me and wrap your little arms around my leg and say "Oh, mom!". You love to be squeezed and tickled and loved on.  
  4. You got weened from the binkie a couple weeks after your birthday.  It was tough!  We did it cold turkey. And it was hard on mom too.  It's the only way to quiet you down sometimes.  You'll melt right into your blankie when the binkie goes in, and it's been a tough adjustment. But when you sneak it out of your bed and start talking with it's time for it to go.  You survived. I survived.  And anytime we ask you "Where'd the binkie go?" ... you'll say "Daddy take." in the saddest voice. Haha, glad Dad got the bad wrap on that one! Thankfully you still have your blankie to comfort you, but you drag that thing around like Linus!
  5. You love nursery at church.  It was a tough battle for about 3 months, but now you go running, full tilt for toys and snacks galore.  You are a handful in there because you've learned to fight for your territory and toys at home with Rylan. So, sharing...not the easiest thing for you.
  6. In fact, as life goes with 2 year olds, you manage some great fits.  I mean, drop to your back and kick and scream type fits. And that's just when you don't get the fishy crackers you want.  I'm trying not to cave at times like this...hoping they won't last forever!
  7. Your favorite foods...cereal!  You love it. You call it "Siri".  And you have 2 bowls at least in the mornings.  You also love pancakes, fruit, string cheese, applesauce, ice cream (you get your own cup at Menchies now), french fries, juice, milk, ....and you know, basically anything sweet: candy, cake, donuts, etc.
  8. You are tall and skinny!  35 inches (74%) and 28 pounds (52%).  I can't keep pants fitting you because you are growing so fast.  Luckily I can almost pass straight down from Rylan to you.  And you love wearing Ry-Ry's clothes and always notice.  You were so proud to get your very first pair of Crocs too...and you don't want to take them off. 
  9. You are a daddy's boy.  Every time the garage door opens, you run, full tilt, screaming "Daddy Home!".  You are his little shadow and always want to "go too" where ever he is headed.  
  10. You love being outside...swing set, basketball, bike name it. You prefer any day to be outside vs. inside.  
  11. You amaze me with your vocabulary! You are non-stop talking all day long. Babbling has turned into full sentences and thoughts, hundreds and hundreds of words.  You'll give the sweetest prayers now too.  I love your sweet voice, but you are just so LOUD too.  It's a good thing to be so energetic, but we are trying to tame the loud-ness a bit for the whole family's sanity.  

Oh we love having this baby boy in our house!  You are a joy, and I can't imagine our family without you!  You are definitely in a tough behavior stage, but I know it's short lived.  You'll reason with me someday.  For now, we just try to adapt and make it through those tough times while enjoying all the toddler fun you provide...and those yummy kisses that melt my heart.  

We love you Miles! Happy 2nd Birthday!!


Becca, Bryce, T, C, and J 10:09 PM  

Man that kid is so cute! I can't believe how much he talks! Maybe he can teach Jett some words!

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