Sunday, July 28, 2013

{Road Trip Home}

Even though it adds an hour or more to the drive to go through SLC vs. the middle of no where, Nevada...we opted to head up the SLC way to hit temple square on a pit stop. We only had about two hours but were able to hit all the major sites and the visitor's center.  

Nothing beats this. Completely magnificent.  

More about this temple here.  

Next stop was Burley, Idaho for a small visit with Trevor's grandparents, Grandma and Grandpa Pettingill.  Grandma has been dealing with severe health challenges for years, but seemed in good spirits.  This is a tough transitional year for them as they decide on some higher level care for Grandma. It was wonderful to visit with them in their own home of 40 years. It's always a treat for my kids to spend time with their great grandparents. This couple has made some amazing sacrifices in their lives of which we directly benefit.  So grateful.  

Trevor does such an amazing job keeping in touch with his grandparents. He especially loves Grandpa Pettingill and calls him about once a week. They have grown really close over the years.  

While I was there I pulled all kinds of pictures from around the house to shoot with my nice camera.  As a granddaughter in law, there is no way I will end up with original prints of anything, and this worked better than I thought.  I am in love with old pictures. They tell such a story.

Trevor's grandma at age 2.

Trevor's grandpa at age 13.

Trevor's grandma and grandpa during their engagement in 1949. She told me all about this beautiful suit dress that was in her favorite soft green color.  Even though her short term memory is fleeting, she remembers this moment with her sweetheart like it was yesterday.

We stopped in Twin Falls again for the night and Addy loves getting a shot on Addison Ave every year.  

 And then up to Boise the next day for a visit with Great grandparents set #3, Grandma and Grandpa Hill.  Grandpa's health has been up and down over the years as well, but he manages to always have a smile on his face when we visit.  His memory still sharp as ever and will indulge Trevor with endless stories.  

Extra girl here is Trevor's sweet cousin's daughter.  A cutie and so thankful they stopped by!

We adore our heritage. We feel so incredibly blessed!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

{Fam Reunion: The Snows!}

 We don't just love visiting Pine Valley because my parents live there now, or because we have grown up having summer vacations here...we love it because my mom's entire family gathers here every year!  As the family gets bigger, time with my cousins and aunts and uncles doesn't come around as much, so we savor the time together. Big time.

One afternoon we all gathered in the valley for a picnic lunch and some fun in the sun.  Major bouncy house/water slide was a huge hit!


Of course we managed a few crafts. Dalley girls were in charge of the kids crafts.  We made sponge splash bombs on this day.  

 But my super crafty Aunt, Amie, always brings the good stuff...including all the stuff to make all-the-rage stamped jewelry.  Everyone loved it.  

This was our only sunny day of the 3 day 'official' reunion. We soaked it in.  
This little guy would not nap.  

My grandparents are going through decades of stuff they have accumulated in the garage.  Grandma marked every box that was up for grabs with a red 'x'.  Oh man did we have fun searching through the 'Red x' boxes that my kids are still talking about. Everyone got some treasures to take home.  

The other days we were rained out ... so it was my parents garage to the rescue! The Snow girls planned an awesome game of Family Feud and Minute to Win It. Total blast!  

The two responsible for this entire group.  Loved spending time with them. So grateful to them for the examples they have been to be in my life.  

And on the final day we took a big group picture!  We planned a loose color scheme which actually turned out quite well...especially considering this huge group. What an awesome posterity!!  

 My grandparents with their 5 kids and spouses.  So awesome that they were all there.  

The Dalley crew!

Another shot of the sweet grandkids.  

Love spending time with my mom and sisters! Love these women SO much!!

And couldn't skip over this darling picture of Ry and Graham. They become great friends each and every summer.  

Oh it was an amazing time! Two weeks just flew by.  It's something my kids have grown to love...and it warms my heart to see them adore this time with their cousins and extended family.  These family moments are priceless. So worth all the effort in schedules, time, and money to make it happen each year. 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

{Fam Reunion: Pool time!}

We got to hit our favorite pool in Veyo three times.  Love the greasy food, 90 degree weather, and all-day to swim.  My kids become fish during the summer thanks to this pool. 

And I love when my paths cross with my sister-in-law visiting her family close by. We were able to steal them for an afternoon at the pool.  Miss these kiddos!!
We got some diving practice in. 

Love this picture my brother in law got.  Those kids were in the pool the entire day. 
Leaving my littles exhausted.  Rylan here. 
And Miles. (Man these two look a lot alike!)

{July 24: Fun & Games at the Church}

Ah traditions! I'm so sentimental about them...and more so each year!  Love Utah's Pioneer Day and the chance to reflect on my great heritage and enjoy my sweet family! 

All patriotic on the church steps!
 All the cousins (missing the Dalley sad!)
Breakfast in the sun...can't beat a pancake breakfast. 
 Especially when my own parentals were in charge.  It turned out great. They fed hundreds of people!
I guess Rylan wanted his picture taken a lot that morning because I have these sweet gems of our 4 year old. 
The traditional foot races. 
Classic moment from this year was Addy giving Ry a push start.  Yah, didn't end well.  He was devastated. 
So he ran the next race with the 5 year olds. No worries.
 And, go figure, Miles was terrified of the whole thing and not having it. At. All. 
Cracker jacks all around. 

Sweet Claire finally warming up to me.  Cutest.

 The kids participated in almost everything....
And even the sisters battled it out in the balloon toss. I think we took second. 

Always an awesome day each and every year! 

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