Monday, July 01, 2013

{Addison: Dance Recital 2013}

The week after school got out was Addison's dance recital.  She took a lyrical ballet class this year (it was our compromise for her wanting to do hip hop and my wanting her to stick with ballet).  It was the perfect choice...still a lot of classical ballet training with touches of whimsy and fun (and no grungy hip hop music or costumes).  

A beautiful blue costume for the 4th year in row!  It looks great on stage! She danced to the song 'Reflection' from Mulan.  It was so sweet and made me teary.  She did great and smiled the entire performance.  

3 of her best friends were in the class.  Her BFF from school, Sophie.  Her long-time dance friend, Chanel. And her friend from church, Katie. Pretty lucky to have so many dance friends! These girls are the sweetest!!

 Flowers from Dad.

Supportive little brother.  (Carson was away at Scout camp).  

We love our little dancer!  


Tyler 7:05 AM  

So cute! Although I don't like seeing her with makeup on! Makes her seem so old!

Kris and Cath 7:36 AM  

She looks like a beautiful dancer! Don't let her quit!! I have been going to adult classical ballet classes and love it. Wish I would have stuck with it all those years ago.

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