Thursday, October 31, 2013

{Halloween 2013}

Halloween pictures are some of my favorites!  Thankfully all the costumes were worked out the month prior so we could have them in Disneyland. It made Halloween 'season' a piece of cake. I think Addy wore her costume 4 times.  2 different parties, the ward trunk or treat, and Halloween night. 

We did our pumpkins 2 nights before....always pushing it until the last minute! They all love it, and it never gets old!

We took pictures on the night of the Trunk or Treat in order to keep Halloween stress-free.  Highly recommend it. The kids know if they just cooperate, it's over quickly.  Happy mom, great picture memories. Win win!

Trevor and I attended an adults only costume party too...Had a blast! And won Best Couple Costume!  BooYa!

The Trunk or Treat for the 3 wards that meet in our building is always fun.  You can work your way through the whole parking lot in a half hour!  Fun for the kids to join in with their friends.  

On Halloween night I decorated our table for our traditional chili and cornbread dinner.  The crows and those spider felt place mats were from the dollar store!  I also took a shot at black candy apples.  I loved how they turned out!  Unfortunately, I'm the only one who really liked them!  (think jolly rancher coated apple).  Too many other sweet candy options that night, I guess!  

It was another successful Halloween! I love that time of year!!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

{Pumpkin Patch x3}

I visited the pumpkin patch three times in October.  We went to our two local favorites + an additional trip with Ry's preschool.  We've been going to these places for years and the kids would declare mutiny if didn't fit it in each year.  
First up was Maris Farms.  We always go mid-week to avoid the crowds. There is SO much for the kids to do!  

 Miles loved feeding the goats!

And the picturesque spot close to home: Spooner Farms.  They also have the best pumpkin selection!

I braved the corn maze with these 4 by myself. Major miracle right there. We got about 3/4 through and finally went out the entrance.  It was a Monster's inc theme with various punch card station. Rylan just ate that up and all the "doorways" throughout the maze.  

And then with Rylan's preschool class we went back to Maris Farms.  
 Love when I get one on one time with this kiddo!

Very successful pumpkin patch season!  We feel so blessed to live near these fantastic local spots!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

{SoCal Beach Fun!}

We planned in a couple extra days to meet up with Trevor's brother and family who recently moved to Southern California.  We drove about and hour and half south to Oceanside beach to play for the day.  Ahhh the joy of SoCal beach living in October!  

We grabbed yummy fish tacos at a local shop and headed down to have some fun with these cute cousins!

Sand, sand just embrace it!

We borrowed all of their sand toys and beach gear (thanks for hauling it all out for us Onjali!).  The kids had a blast on the boogie board....too cold for me though!

Since we are at the beach we figured it was a perfect spot for a photo-op for the school reflections contest.  

This shot that Carson snapped and edited made it to the district finals!

So fun seeing Todd...we haven't seen him for a few years actually!  Just like old times!

And I always love hanging with Onjali.  See her cute baby bump? (yah, no.).  We can't wait for baby boy to arrive in March!  

 We stayed all the way until sunset and then headed down to their cute house for dinner.  So glad we were able to connect with them! We miss them!

We had a half of a day before we needed to head to LAX for our flight, so we stopped at Manhattan Beach on our way for a Cafe Rio lunch and to walk around a bit.  What a gorgeous beach...REALLY makes you want to live there.  We even met up with some life long fiends the Goodwins who just happened to be at the beach that day too.  Small world!

It's always tough going back home to the chaos that ensues from being gone for a week. But, family vacations don't happen by accident, sometimes you have to force the plans together. And you never regret it.  One for the books! Such a fun week!

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