Saturday, November 30, 2013

{Grandma Helen Anderson}

Trevor's maternal grandmother, Helen Anderson, passed away in November.  We were not close to her and she has been estranged from the family for decades.  She's lived a very hard life, making choices that brought upon tough consequences. Trevor's mom was the oldest of 4 children, and Helen left the family when she was a young girl and didn't have much contact at all with her until after high school. And even throughout her adult years, contact was difficult and draining.  But she came around at the end of her life.  She was reactivated into the gospel and attended the temple regularly. Trevor's mom was her only child that maintained a relationship with her, so she was a saint in taking care of her those last few months.  

I only saw her 3 times and she was kind and graceful and beautiful. I wish we could have known her better. She always made a point to call when I sent valentines, birthday cards, or Christmas cards. I don't think she received much of anything from her grand children. Trevor also tried to talk to her 2-3 times a year for which she was very grateful.  

Trevor was able, thankfully, to rearrange some things at work to drive down to the funeral in Salt Lake City.  I was glad he could be there for his mom and be able to go through some of his Grandmother's keepsakes.  Trevor's two sisters attended, as well as one other cousin, Shane.  The ward did a wonderful job with the service. Trevor ended up offering the family prayer as the other family member wasn't able to come. He also spoke and sang in the musical number with his mom and sisters.  

The only family in attendance: 
Cousin Shane, Darin & Melinda, Chuck & Judy, Anne, Trevor

 The sweetest thing I will remember about her is these letters that she sent Carson with a short note and a $5 dollar bill to contribute towards his mission.   It was money she didn't have to send, but did so anyway.  In the year before she died, she sent a letter each month.  It was a tender and sweet gesture.  I have them all tied up in Carson's memory box.  I don't have the heart to deposit that money.  I've just left it in the envelopes for now.

{Thanksgiving 2013}

We love hosting Thanksgiving in our home! We were thrilled to have Trevor's Dad and his family join us this year.  They haven't been up to our home in 5 years, and it was great to spend sometime with them.  They arrived late the night before Thanksgiving...which worked out great because Wednesday is our major cooking day. Most of the prep happens on Wednesday so Thanksgiving can be a touch more relaxing (er..that's the plan anyway).

Ry and Addy making their pies....a requirement for all of my kids each year to make a pie from start to finish.  Plus it makes for a LOT of pie. Always a good thing.

Addy helped me set the table. 

And she was a great helper in the kitchen on Thanksgiving Day as well.  That turkey was amazing!!

Here's the group (missing Trevor and I and Miles)....and it's blurry and that's all I got. Oh well.  Our friends Pat & Morad also joined us. Trevor baptized Pat this fall and they have become great friends. We were so happy they were able to join us!  
 Miles was the only kid at the 'kid table'. And he didn't seem to mind one bit!
 The pies were glorious! (Yes one Costco pumpkin pie included).  

That weekend Trevor was ordained a high priest because he was called to our Stake High Council.  It worked out perfectly for his dad to be her to perform the ordination.  His friend Josh and President Shakespeare also joined in.  It was a great night!

I'm sad I don't have more pictures, but we really did have a fun time with these guys and appreciate the effort it took to travel here during the holidays. (And yes, I was decorated for Christmas prior to was just too short of a season this year and I wanted to stretch it out as long as possible).  

Friday, November 29, 2013

{November 2013 Recap}

I hardly pulled out my camera at all during November.  Probably because the fall seems to be the busiest time of year for all of us!  Here's some quick memories captured with my iPhone:

Our sweet niece, Paige, was baptized! She was completely adorable and so excited. She had a huge group of family from both sides attending.  Such a special and spiritual day for all of us. We were so happy to spend the day with the Apkens.  

Addy attended a cheer camp with her BFFs and then had a performance the next weekend at the local high school football game. I haven't been to a high school football I was in high school. It was a blast under the friday night lights!  

We finished soccer season!  Love it every year and love, love when it is over!  We are opting out of having 3 kids in soccer next year (Rylan will take a year off and do tball instead ).  

Since our school district doesn't go a full week, hardly ever, on one day I took all 4 kids by myself to Red Robin and the jump zone.  It's one of those days that went really well and makes me think we just might be turning a corner and have moved up from complete disaster wherever we go to just mild disaster.  Progress!

Rylan had a fun preschool field trip to the fire station. Little boy heaven!

Trevor and I attended a murder mystery dinner with a huge group of friends for a birthday.  It was a western theme and we had a blast!  We made the weekend of it and stayed overnight in downtown.  Our friends, Josh and Jen joined us....yay for a little getaway! And thanks to Trevor's mom for watching the kids for us!

As if the fall isn't crazy enough, it was also the week we moved our Spanaway clinic up the road about half a mile.  Our lease was up at the old location and we haven't been to happy with the area. The complex was dying and there was very little business traffic.  So we moved up the road to more of a medical complex (next to a dentist), which MUCH more visibility from the road.  After building two clinics partially on his own, Trevor was grateful to turn this one over to the contractors.  We've learned a thing or two along the way and this one has much better flow and more space.  And I love our new storefront sign! 

New clinic...just a week before we opened. I need new pictures with the artwork and everything hung up...I really love it!
 But leaving the old clinic was so bittersweet.  It's been our baby the last 5 years. We've had joys and failures and ups and downs and learned a lot in this place.  Plus Trevor and his friend build this entire place with their own two hands. Gah. I know I'm sentimental.  But it was time to move on. We are grateful for the success that has afforded us choices.  
For memory are a couple pictures of the old clinic.  


{Family Pictures 2013}

Andrea took our pictures again this fall, and I could be happier. Coordinating the outfits and clothes is a nightmare, but the end result is so worth it!  


Monday, November 11, 2013

{Addison's Girly Movie Party}

Addison was determined to have a movie party for her 9th birthday.  I was thrilled because it is one of my favorite party themes! I've done it twice for Carson so it was easy to pull together, but we had to make it really girly for our girly girl. So we added a lot of pink and red to make it the perfect PJ movie birthday party.  
Most of the inspiration came from this awesome party on HWTM, found here. The Costco poster print made for the perfect backdrop along with spray painted stars from Party City.  Easy!

 I made all my own printables in photoshop and printed on glossy paper.  
 So much fun for each girl to have their own set of tickets to purchase all their favorite movie snacks! Those simple tickets are a big hit at any age and make it so much fun.  

The girls loved their VIP passes.  

And their personalized movie trays (boxes from the grocery store that hold 12 cans of canned food, spray painted white).  It's the perfect size to stash all your your movie treats and goodies.  

 Once the birthday guests are fed, the party is so simple...they watch a movie. She picked 'The Croods'.  No party games or crafts to pull together.  The movie is the entertainment and they loved it (coming down multiple times, of course!,  for refills on popcorn, candy, and drink).  

 All her friends were so generous and sweet with thoughtful birthday presents.  She's got such great friends! I am so grateful for that!

I loved putting this party together for our sweet 9 year old! Happy Happy Birthday Addison!! 

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