Thursday, September 12, 2013

{Rylan: 5th Birthday}

This boy is 5 years old! 

5 years old seems so much OLDER than 4 years old.  Kind of the beginning of being a big kid (tear).  

Ry is such a unique kid. He's making me pull my hair out one minute, but then melting my heart in the next.  We are so happy he is in our family!

Here's the run down:

  1. He gives the best hugs!  At least 3 times a day he'll come up to me and ask if he can give me a hug.  He wants loves and kisses and 'tickle back'.  
  2. His prayers are so sweet (and funny). He loves giving the family prayer, and always wants it to be his turn.  His are the longest and you can see his mind working as he is speaking.  My favorites right now are:  'Bless the whole world to be awesome'.  Yes, that's the truth.  'Bless me to go on a mission when I get big and get married in the temple.'  'Bless our family to love each other'. 'Bless the whole world to keep the commandments.' 'Bless Carson to be nice to Addy'.  'Bless Dad to take me to Pancake House'.  Etc, etc. etc. I really need to get it on video. He's sincere and reverent about it too.  
  3. Loves playing outside. His favorite is still his scooter but he did ride his bike (with training wheels) on a few family bike rides.  Loves parks and playgrounds. He never wants to come inside.
  4. We call the family iPad, "Rylan's iPad" because he always has it.  As much as I try to limit his time, he sneaks it to play games and to watch Disney channel. 
  5. Generally happy about almost anything. He's had this trait for several years...but having pancakes in the morning is just as exciting as going to Disneyland.  If I'm excited about something we are doing, I can always count on Ry to be excited with me and to get the family pumped.  
  6. He loves music.  He's playing it constantly on the iPad. He has awesome dances and can lip sync like no other.  He never sings along (?!) but loves blasting his music.  
  7. He loved his first year of soccer, but wasn't a huge contributer. He mostly runs behind the other kids chasing the ball.  With a smile on his face the whole time.
  8.  He's had a problem with pouting lately. The lip, head down, arms folded pout.  Trying not to let him get anywhere with that....
  9. He still will throw a pretty decent fit when he's not happy about something. Aren't they supposed to grow out of that?  But he goes from happy to melting on the floor crying if someone takes his toy.  He's very good when he's not provoked (by siblings or friends), but cross him or do wrong...he's usually crying about it.
  10. I love teaching his primary class at church (CTR 4).  He's definitely in the middle of the pack as far as behavior goes. I wonder if he would do better NOT having me in there.  But, man, he won't stay in his chair!
  11. He absolutely loves preschool and his teacher, Ms. Cindy.  She does such an awesome job and always has unique subjects that Ry just eats up (like a whole unit on house flies and monsters).  
  12. He still won't go to bed at night.  Night owl like his mom.  And I have to drag him out of bed in the morning to be ready for preschool at 9am. Never ending battle.
  13.  He is our one kid that has always ended up in our room in the night.  He pulls the comforter off his bed, drags his pillow and toy Woody, and sets it up right next to our bed.  Sometimes we don't even know he's come in. I don't mind it at all.  I love that he wants to be with us.

Since we celebrated his birthday the day before....we didn't do much on his actual birthday.  However, I did get him some balloons.  

Dad took him to Pancake House during lunch.

And he opened his family presents. Man, was he spoiled!  So grateful for family and friends who remember this little guy on his birthday. He's so loved!

Ry just makes me smile most of the time.  He is such a sweet, happy 5 year old. I want to bottle up his energy and use it when I'm feeling exhausted.  We love, love, love him!!


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