Monday, October 07, 2013

{Disneyland Family Vacay}

No time for lengthy blog posts...  But this family vacation was one of our best ever! We don't get away on "big" trips with just our little fam very often. It was wonderful to go at our own pace and be on our own schedule.  We picked the first week of October because it's typically a low attendance time period...and it was!  We've been a couple times before and the crowds can be maddening.  Now, DL is ALWAYS busy, but it was nice to see roped off lines for rides completely empty!

I've said it before...but Disneyland is the BEST with kids under 5.  These two boys had a blast.  The magic of Disney, the lights, the characters, the fireworks, music and's just heaven on earth and brings tears to your eyes...they love it THAT much!

The characters were a major hit.  Miles was a little bit shy the first day, but by the end would jump to get out his autograph book and wanted to give them each a 'high five'.    

We loved the spot in DL called the Big Thunder Ranch. We saw so many characters in a short time period with very minimal crowds.  

There was a  petting zoo, coloring area, and game station (all free!) . Miles sat and colored right next to Goofy for 5 minutes. He loved it!  

Probably the longest 'character' line we waited in (30 min) see Rapunzel from Tangled.  

Love how Disneyland does rides too...the whole fam goes!  Family favorites:

Rylan: Teacups & Matterhorn
Carson: California Screamin & Splash Mountain
Addison: Soarin' over California
Miles: Monster, Inc.

We planned our trip so we could attend  'Mickey's Trick or Treat Night'.  SUCH a blast! They close the park to non-TrickorTreat ticket holders at 4pm.  Then they blast music and provide dozens of candy stations around the park. Oh my goodness we had so much candy! It was fun to see everyone in costume and run into other kids as "Buzz" or "Woody".  Plus all the rides are open.  And with the even further reduced crowds we hit some favorites multiple times.  

Our Mary Poppins and Bert costume was a hit!  Carson was Jack Sparrow, Addy: Tinkerbell, Ry: Buzz Lightyear and Miles: Woody.  A family of Disney characters. LOVE!!

 The candy haul!

 Addison and I snuck away from the boys to go to the Disney Princess lunch.  She's almost grown out of this stage (tear), so I'm really glad she still wanted to do it!  
 Mouse ears all around, of course.  

Rylan got selected for the Jedi Training. We haven't ever done this before and I was shocked when a full Darth Vader comes up out of the ground.  It was so fun!  And then we had a major parenting fail:  My kids don't even know WHO Darth Vader is and called him the "black guy".  We are since on the bandwagon with all 6 Star Wars movies.  

 World of Color...didn't get a good spot, but still had fun,

 The new Radiator Springs ride was fantastic!

 As a true MJ fan, we couldn't pass up Captain EO...especially since it's being pulled from Disneyland in 2014. Sad!

We loved the Storybook Theater too. Disney has a way of making your experience feel intimate even though there are thousands of people around.  

We partied hard, never returning to the hotel for naps. We pressed on and crammed in as much as possible in 3.5 straight days.  The kids were troopers and only a couple meltdowns from Miles.  We tired them out for sure!

Just typing this makes me want to plan our return trip.  Disney does family vacations so well.  Definitely one we will remember for a long, long time.  

And just so I remember, we absolutely loved staying at the Marriott Fairfield Inn. It was less than a block to shuttles required.  Rooms were great (clean!) and the kids had fun in the pool too. We loved the 70-80 degree weather in October!


Our family 4:48 AM  

Looks like a fabulous trip! Your baby is getting so big! And "the black guy" thing made me laugh out loud!

Tyler 11:54 AM  

Rylan vs. Darth Vader= AMAZING!!! great pictures Rochelle! Always impressive! I don't know how you do it!

Haylee 5:16 PM  

I just randomly found your blog, and I might have done a little (non-creepy) stalking. We are going to Disneyland the 1st week of October, and I LOVED reading about your trip. Your family is darling! (Hope this comment isn't too weird, I am 'relatively' normal).

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