Wednesday, March 19, 2014

{Feb/March instagram}

I had a record low of 4 pictures on my nice camera for the month of March. But we had a ton going on that was (of course) documented all on instagram....

A few of the highlights:

Trevor and Carson went on the Klondike campout.  Mom panics when I figure out he left his SLEEPING BAG in his room (!!).  And relieved when Trevor text me to say one of the leaders had an extra.  

Rylan's "Mom and Me" program was sweet as can me.  

We were spoiled by some warm spring days in early March...the tulips were coming along nicely!

More fun at preschool...come dressed as your favorite character from a book... that's an easy one (and because we already had a Harry Potter Costume). Isn't he darling?!
 I attempted Potty School and was mildly successful.  Miles can go on command...however we never mastered #2.  He just refuses to do it. After weighing my options, I decided to give myself a break from changing poppy underwear and try again in a couple months.  He still goes every morning and night, it's just getting him to instigate it on his own, which he isn't interest in doing just yet!  

Our sweet new nephew, Isaac, was born! Can't wait to snuggle this little one!  

My friends spoiled me on my birthday.  A whole crew met up at Outback and my friend, Carissa, made the best red velvet cupcakes!  

 And then half of us went ice skating. Such a fun time and felt super treated and loved!  
 These boys were so happy to celebrate with me too!  

Trevor was gone at the WCC Basketball Tournament but arranged some birthday fun for me with the kids and they pulled off a fun surprise for me when I got home from a meeting one night.  Adorbs. 
Meanwhile at the WCC  tournament, Trevor and Josh and my Dad soaked in some major basketball.  
 And even made it to PV again for church and some visiting with my parents.

 And Trevor even stopped by to see my Grandpa...looking good Grandpa Snow!  

My kids are outside on bikes any chance they can get. With the warmer weather, neighbors and friends are coming out of hibernation and the neighborhood is buzzing with kiddos and fun!

Trevor's first cousin, Ely, is currently serving a mission IN OUR MISSION. He was just down the road one day and got permission from the Mission President (whom Trevor works with as part of his job on the high council) to have dinner with us! Such a fun treat!

Ry's first year of t-ball was quickly approaching so we pulled out all our old gear from Carson's T-ball years and had a game in the front yard.  

Had a little fun on St. Patrick's Day.

And made our traditional rainbow pancakes!

Rylan did not disappoint on Wacky Wednesday at preschool!  

Addy helped me deliver some sunshine to a few friends one Saturday.  

The 'Dad and Me' Preschool program was hit with these two!

Addy and I attend the first General Women's meeting that now includes girls ages 8 and up! Such a treat to have Addison with me! We made a night of it with dinner out to Olive Garden with friends.  

These two are up to no-good in their 'rocket ships'.  

Phew! Months are cram packed around here.  Wouldn't have it any other way!

Saturday, March 01, 2014

{Phoenix in February}

My parents spoiled us with an adults-only trip to Phoenix in February.  As we looked over our calendars at Christmas time, February was the ONLY month that would work for all of us.  Busy lives between my parents and 5 siblings for sure.  But Phoenix in February is glorious! Such a nice escape from the rain and gloom in Seattle.  We were in heaven all weekend knowing our kiddos were being taken care of by a good friend who recently graduated from college.  She stayed at our house and the kids loved a full-time babysitter for a few days. 

Here's the whole crew!

The girls soaked up the sun as much as we possibly could. 
And to have a CafĂ© Rio literally right next to the hotel was like paradise. 
We spent a good 3 hours in the Nordstrom Rack that was also next door to the hotel.

 And a nail salon managed to get our whole group in for manicures and pedicures.
Meanwhile the guys took in some great golf games. 

And then we would join up with them for dinner in the evening including an awesome meal at Ruths Chris....Man, we are good at eating good food!

On Sunday we went to church at my Uncle Scott and Aunt Amie's ward in Gilbert, and then they drove us out to the new Gilbert temple. We missed the open house by only a few days! It's beautiful.
And then the guys indulged us in a slew of photo-ops!
We spent the afternoon with Scott and Amie and the kids at their beautiful house and sat poolside for a yummy BBQ (no pics?!) 
After that we hit up mini golf and go cart racing!
On the final day we headed out on a decently challenging hike at Camelback our flip flops.  Beautiful views of the desert which was surprisingly green!

We were welcomed home to these sweet faces! 

Thanks to my mom and dad for providing such an awesome trip full of memories for all.  We are so appreciative of their sacrifice to make these events happen and to keep our family close. It's not an easy task with our large group now, but we all love being together, so I wouldn't say it's too much of a chore to spend 4 days in Phoenix with them!  Thank you! Thank you! 

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