Wednesday, January 29, 2014

{Carson Turns 12}

Holy moly, how did this kid get to be 12?!  I really don't feel old enough to have a 12 year old. 

The boy that made me a mom has a special place in my heart.  It just doesn't feel that long ago that I was holding him in my arms.  

And now, he's a few inches shy of being taller than me and has huge feet! 

He's grown in so many ways this last year.  
He's now our #1, official, babysitter.  I won't say it's all been's been an adjustment.  There have been many disagreements at home while we are away that we get the play by play via text message from Addison and Carson.  But, they are getting better (now that we have the rule: Addison is in charge of herself".  That solved a lot of problems.)  But I can say, it is so AMAZING to be able to leave the kids to run to the store or do other errands or even go out last minute on date.  He never complains and does a good job taking care of those little boys (even when he destroys the kitchen making everyone orange julius). It's a huge, I mean HUGE, help to our family.

He's still so involved: Student Council, soccer, track, running club, basketball, church basketball, scouts, orchestra,'s A LOT.  And he manages good grades, excellent behavior, and a slew of friends.   

When you turn 12 you graduate from the church primary organization and enter the Young Men's organization. The last year in primary is a little torturous...they just roll their eyes when the choristor plays dress-up or the hot/cold game with music, but he hung in there.  He's pumped to be attending Young Men's now.

He's not a video game addict...BUT this year he has totally jumped on the Minecraft bandwagon.  On the computer or the XBox and XBox live.  It's all he and his friends want to do.  Sometimes I have to shove them outside to play basketball!  

He's rockin' it in Boy Scouts. He earned his First Class rank a couple months before he turned 12.  Now we are deep into merit badges (kill me now).

He's still an awesome reader and pours through books so quickly with great reading comprehension (he takes AR test (Reading comprehension) tests after each book and always scores 90-100%). If books are made into movies, family rules require you to read the book first. That's motivation for Hunger Games, Divergent, the Hobbit, etc.

I love how he's still "young" enough to run through the sprinklers or play "school" with his siblings.  He still enjoys the park and isn't a bit embarrassed to be seen with me.  

His room is a disaster most of the time. Candy wrappers, papers, trinkets...everywhere.  And for some reason it's just too hard to put the dirty clothes in the basket.  So, he's now doing his own laundry!  Yay for me!  I'm picking my battles, and a messy room (that he has to cleaned once a week) is ok with me considering he's just a great kid in so many ways and gives me very little grief. I can handle a messy room. And maybe (hopefully) he will grow out of that?

I'm so happy that HE is the oldest in our family. He's a great example to his younger siblings, and we are so blessed by that!  He's kindhearted and tender and respectful, but he also can be tough and push through hard things.  

I seriously get anxiety thinking about the 6 short years left I have with him under my roof. The time flies by so quickly.  Which is why I'm trying to do more teaching, less nagging, and do MORE with him while I can.  

Love this kid!

I didn't feel badly one bit about not having an official "party" for him this year (probably the first  A bunch of things colided so we simplified.  

I took a bunch of his friends up to the laser tag place for major video/arcade games and 3 rounds of laser tag.  Throw in a cake from Costco (his velvet) and the party was done in 5 hours while I sat and visited with my friend.  No stress! Happy birthday boy!

 So, so grateful he has this GREAT group of friends.  Seriously greatest blessing ever!

Happy 12th Birthday Carson!


Kris and Cath 2:09 PM  

Wow, this is crazy!!! He was an adorable baby and has grown into a handsome young man!

Our family 8:43 PM  

I feel like I could copy this whole post and paste it in my blog about my boy. These boys are sure fun! A friend told us a secret to sibling babysitting. The younger ones are told they're in charge of themselves, but if they're naughty and require the oldest to manage them, they have to pay him with their own money for babysitting them. Works like a charm!

Kricket 9:59 AM  

You inspired me with this post even more than your others. You seemed so real and I love that. I loved the "picking your battles" and "more teaching and less nagging." These are things that I am trying to learn at my house with my kiddos. Thanks, I consider you a friend and think it is crazy that we can learn others through their blog.

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