Monday, June 30, 2014

{Mossyrock Camping}

A couple weeks after school got out, we were so glad to get away for our first weekend camping for the summer!   We booked a site in Mossyrock, WA a few weeks prior and manged to align schedules with my sisters, Camille & Charise + families.  So glad the timing worked out for all of us!

We have lucked out camping in June for 7 years.... until this year.  The week prior to our trip was gorgeous in the PNW.  But as the weekend approached, the rain clouds rolled in and it pretty much rained for 3 days straight.  There were a few times the sun peaked through the clouds in between downpours, but it wasn't much. We were huddled around the fire and under the canopies for most of the weekend.  We even set up two additional tents just so the kids had a place to play without getting wet.  It was an adventure for sure!

Always so fun with all the cousins together!

Making donuts in the dutch oven!  Hot donuts on cold morning = perfection!

Miles loves the Warnings dog, Basil.  

We had such a scenic camping spot! Too bad we couldn't really use that grassy area to play because it was pouring, but beautiful none the less!

Play-dough under the canopy and goofing off in the 'kids play tent'.  

We had a lot of fun snuggling baby Gwen!

Carson is a little bit of a baby hog...He sure loves her!

The guys did some fishing (in the rain).  

And the kids were pretty pumped to catch a few!  

 They came home soaked and with one 'keeper'.  We cooked it up and the kids actually all really liked it and wished there was more.  
 Our awesome set-up!

Happy campers!

There was this great hill right at the top of our campsite that went down the path next to us. The kids had so much fun racing down that path on their bikes.  

Miles really became an expert on his balance bike that weekend.  I was so worried he was going to wipe out, but he never did.  He loves, loves his bike!

A few games in the trailer too!

So fun to be with these die hard campers. We made the most of a wet weekend and still had so much fun together!

We came back to a sunny Puyallup and pulled out all the gear and pressure washed off all the mud!  It's so hard (and dirty) camping in the rain!

{June Wrap-Up}

With all the end-of-school year activities, June always ends up being one of the busiest months of the year.  But as the weather starts changing and summer approaches, we love all we are able to do outside this time of year!  We crammed in a few more exciting days into the madhouse of a schedule.

Our strawberry patch did great again this year. We harvested several big bowls full.
And made enough jam to last us through the next year. My kids won't eat store bought jam anymore. 

I threw a shower for my good friend, Christie. 

We celebrated Father's Day. 

 Addy made that bow tie that Trevor is wearing in Activity Days. 

My sweet niece, Gwen was blessed. 
And we had a huge crew of family there to celebrate!
 Addison and Rylan attended a week long art camp and had a blast. 

And at the same time Carson attended the Sounders Soccer camp for the 2nd year in a row. 

Here he with one of the Sounders, Andy Rose.
We made homemade ice cream on the warm nights. We always seems to have a few neighbors around.
And we crammed in 3 private swimming lessons (was supposed to be 4 but the pool broke...figures!). The big kids are such strong swimmers now!  And Rylan and Miles are coming along. 
 Phew! June was a great month, but hectic!!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

{Addison Dance Recital}

Dance recital time!  Addison took a lyrical dance class this year with a great group of friends.  All in all there were 10 girls in the class that were friends (out of 15 total)!  8 of them were LDS so we lobbied pretty hard with the studio to ensure a Saturday recital date (vs. Sunday)...and we got it!  Proud of those girls! 

 Such a fun crew (missing a few here though!)

Addison's dear friend Sophia ...friends since Kindergarten and been dancing together for 3 years too!

And her friend Chanel who has been in her dance class each year since Addison was 4 years old!  

Posing for the camera at the dress rehearsal.

I took all of her pictures before the dress rehearsal the day before so we just had a couple family shots to take on the big day!  We left Miles at home this time (a 3 hour recital is not fun for a 3 year old...and semi-torturous for adults too!)

But we were so happy to have Grandma and Grandpa Dalley here with us this year! What a treat!  

 We were up in the balcony, and I couldn't get a great shot with my camera. I love how they light up on stage with the lights and atmosphere. They get so giddy about it all, and it's so fun to makes all the practices worth it because they love the end result so much! They worked hard and the class pulled off an incredible performance!

We love our little dancer!

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