Thursday, July 31, 2014

{Road Trip Home}

 On the way through Utah we always stop at BYU campus! This year we weren't in a rush (we usually have just an hour or so) we really took time to explore the campus and visit some places we don't normally get to.  First stop was the Cougar Eat for lunch.  

It just so happens my cousin, Tom, works in the same building so we text him and met up. He took us on a tour of his department and it was great to catch up! Tom and I were students at BYU at the same time. He cooked an authentic Italian meal for my roommates and I one night (he served his mission in Italy) we go way back! :)  Anyway, love this guy!

 We loaded up on BYU gear (and spent an arm and a leg).

 My other sweet cousin works at the BYU Bookstore.  So we got to hug and take a picture with her.  We don't see her nearly enough!  

We made it down to the indoor track and Trevor's old stompin' grounds.  He was in heaven re-living the glory days. He spent A LOT of time here.  

 His old coach, Ed Eyestone, even took a few minutes out of his day to chat with us. Such a great guy and coach (He's now the head Track & Field coach).  

We stayed in SLC that night with Trevor's sister. We had a nice evening in Liberty Park.  

The next morning we hit temple square early.  One picture? I must have been burnt out by this point!
 And we stopped at the Pettingill fruit stand in Willard.  No relation...well, maybe way back?? But still super fun for the kids.  

We made to Boise that night in time for Trevor's 20 year high school reunion the next day.  We were only able to attend the family social/picnic, but he had a blast reconnecting with high school friends.  I'm super glad we were able to squeeze that in on the way home.  

We made it home Saturday night so we could attend church on Sunday.  I couldn't possibly miss 3 Sundays in a row. My counselors might have disowned me!  Long and exhausting trip, but plenty of summer fun left.....

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

{Pinevalley 2014- Part 3 Other Adventures}

St. George with the Pettingills

We lucked out and overlapped with my SIL and kids staying in St. George.  So we ventured down for a day to play with them.  It just so happened that my other SIL was travelling through St. George to San Diego at the same time. We had a blast together!

 I so wish we lived closer together! We all get along so well!

On the way back to PV, I traveled through Snow's amazing!  At the time I took this photo it was 109 degrees! It was so hot the kids could only stand to be outside for this quick photo before jumping back in the car.

Day trip to Zions National Park

We haven't been to Zions since the kids were really little. Every year we say we will go since it's just an hour and half drive from Pinevalley.  This year we finally made it work. We found ourselves in PV with just my mom (the rest of the crew was gone already), so we took a day trip into the park.  It was a lovely day and the sites just take your breath away!

We took the shuttle up a few stops and did a few short hikes. It was hot, hot!  Ok, well only 90 degrees...which was a "cool" day for that time of year.  

Can you spot Rylan in the picture below? Typical! 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

{Pinevalley 2014 - Part 2}

We always take pictures when we go to the Pinevalley chapel.   It's tradition and this year I ended up being there for 2 Sundays. It was great!

All the cousins together!

Our last Sunday we listened to church from the tithing house nearby. 

24th of July Breakfast & Games at the Church

We look forward to this event most while in Pinevalley.  The kids are pros at all the fun and it's the reason we come THIS time of year.  Pioneer Day in Utah is a big deal.  

Miles chickened out in the 3 year old race once again this year and turned back.  Maybe one day!

 My parents are big part of the ward and spent most of the day setting up, serving breakfast and helping out! They scored with these 2 living in the area!

All the cousins again.  This crew has such a blast together

And our family photo using a timer while the camera was on the truck!  Can't believe we got a good picture with everyone looking and no one's eyes closed.  Man, I love this family!!

So awesome that we were ALL together even if it was just for a day or two.  We always have the best time and my parents are such gracious hosts with endless patience.  

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