Wednesday, May 14, 2014

{Look Who's 3!}

Melt my heart.  My baby is 3 years old.  He's a fiesty one, but that smile just melts me.  He's such a sweetheart (even if he fell asleep on the way to the park where I took these pictures, was grumpy when I got him up, and it was an usually hot day, aka everyone was cranky... Anywho...all in the name of memories, and I'm so glad he cooperated!)

He woke up on his birthday to find his crib converted to a toddler bed.  Yes, he might hold the record for staying in the crib in our family. He only started climbing out 2 months before his birthday. So the 'cage' worked for a long, long time.  He was thrilled to see his big boy bed and a bouquet of balloons when he woke up that morning!   

 This little guy loves pancakes (and breakfast in general) so we had a big Pancake Birthday Party in the works (pics coming soon).  But for his actual birthday we tried out these cake batter pancakes for his "cake".  

Turns out they look cuter than they taste.  Not enough like pancakes and not sweet enough to be cake...But he loved them anyway!

We opened his family presents and he was thrilled with these magnet tiles from Gma Dalley.

And this balance bike from mom and dad. He wasn't too interested for a few weeks (preferred the scooter).  But  I'm a huge fan of balance bikes ever since Rylan learned to ride a bike in less than a week by borrowing this one from Miles.  Since then, Miles is a pro at it!  He doesn't want to move to a regular bike yet, but he has the balance down pat and can totally cruise on that thing. (Advice: buy one that has a foot rest like this one has ... it makes it much easier to coast when you have a spot for your feet!).  

Oh we are so happy to have him in our family!  He brings us so much joy!  A few newsworthy items about Miles:

  • He still loves his blankie.  He calls it "the green" because it's, well, green.  He prefers to be snuggled in with the 'cold side' facing him.  He also buries himself in it with his covers. I always wonder how he can breathe under all those layers, but he manages just fine.  I think he likes how dark it is.  
  • He still takes naps about half the days of the week.  If he misses his nap, he is passed out in the car, stairs, floor, couch by 7pm.  
  • He sleeps like a champ. He never wakes up in the night and can easily sleep in until 9am.  He's a dream.
  • BUT he wont. go. to. bed.  I think it's all the commotion, homework, activity in the evenings living in a household with older kids and busy parents, but Miles just can't settle down if there's stuff going on downstairs.  He wants to be part of it. 
  • He's still on the same growth chart line: 75% for height, 50% for weight.  
  • He's a little clingy right now, but only when I don't want him to when I need to leave for an appointment or errands. He always wants to go.  And insists on giving me hugs and kisses multiple times.  But then if I actually TAKE him with me...he wants nothing to do with me.
  • He's getting better, but he's still impossible at the mall, running errands, or in sacrament meeting. We see glimmers of hope though!
  • His favorite toys are cars and trains.  By far.  He has all the sound effects that go with all moving vehicles.  He always wants to be running a hot wheel up and down something.  
  • He loves movie nights and Disney channel and Mickey Mouse.
  • He loves his Dad and runs to him each night when he hears him come in the garage door.  Dad reads him stories at night and helps him say his prayers where he prays each night that he "will go on a mission when I get big".
  • He knows who Jesus is. If you ask him where Jesus is, he says automatically "He's in nursery!"  It's the sweetest thing. I too think Jesus is in nursery.  
  • He loves playing outside with the big kids.  Carson and Addy both watch him and now he can be out there without me. He sure thinks he is one of the big kids!
  • He's NOT potty trained. I made a great effort at potty school and he learned fairly quickly how to go on demand. Problem is, he just doesn't want to.  So now it's an emotional battle, and I don't know how to win that war.  
  • He's a rough and tumble boy. He's not afraid to push his way around (ugh) and is probably my most aggressive kid.  That's hard sometimes.
  • But then he snuggles right up to me and tells me he loves me a couple times a day. I love that softer side and hope that 'wins out' in the end!

We love you Miles!  We are so grateful you are in OUR family!  Happy Birthday big boy! 


Kris and Cath 6:31 PM  

This boy is so adorable! And this party is one of my faves!!! The cake!!!

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