Tuesday, September 30, 2014

{Sept 2014 Wrap-Up}

September is always a crazy month!  School and sports and activities galore...the fall is typically the busiest time for our family.  But it sure is always a lot of fun! 
Another year of soccer season for these two!  We decided against Rylan playing because I didn't like the format (all 8am Saturday games) and he had just completed T-ball in the summer.  Still crazy with 4 practices a week between these two and 2 games on Saturdays.  Thankfully we lucked out on mostly great weather all season. These two had a blast.  

We participated in our stake day of service at a local cemetery.  

I escaped to the Puyallup state fair with just (gasp!) one kiddo and some friends one afternoon.  We skipped the rides and just had fun seeing the animals (piglets!) and eating good fair food! Shhhh...don't tell the other kids!

I love the Utah peaches I can order from Bountiful baskets in September. My kids devour these!

Addison had a Saturday Activity Day camp that I was able to attend with her.
 Our ward has such sweet girls!!

Carson got his Star rank in scouts...woot!
 And Grandma and Grandpa got to be there too!
 Always fun with Grandma in town...we hit lunch one day with Camille.

And a Mariners game too. It's been a couple years since we have gone and it's always fun to be at Safeco!  Even if I was without the hubby that night (he was out of town at a conference.)

Addison gets to attend the General Women's Meeting with our church now that the age is 8 and up...so we loved our little night out together.

Joined by some super great moms too!

Addison was in an early Halloween photoshoot for my friend's company, Banner Events.  Addison eats this up big time!!

I am enjoying my one-day-a-week volunteering in Kindergarten.  

This kid got braces....so we have a brace face for the next 18-24 months.

And this is how we all feel in September...but especially a kid that went from 3 days a week of 2 hour preschool to all day Kindergarten 5 days a week.  It's been an adjustment!  

Saturday, September 06, 2014

{Rylan is 6!}

Rylan's birthday was the the day after the big kids started school. Kindergarten didn't start for Ry until the next week.  Since we already had his party at the end of August, we kept it low key. And frankly, the start of school completely wiped me out so I didn't have energy to do anything other than blow up some balloons.  
Trevor took him out to lunch (tradition).  And then we ate out as a family at Red Robin that night.  He loved every minute. He's such a sweetheart!  

At Age 6:

  • Rylan knows all his letters, letter sounds, and can count to 100.  He got a great start to Kindergarten due to an awesome preschool teacher.  
  • He enjoys school and loves his Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Benjamin.  The first couple of weeks she kept telling him how much she loved his voice and that it was sweet that he was naturally a loud talker....but that he needs to use his inside voice in the classroom. I love how she doesn't want to change him (he's always been a loud talker), but she helps him understand he doesn't need to shout while speaking :)
  • He makes friends easily. He's always looking for a friend at the park, playground, church.  He warms up to people quickly. Boys and girls.  
  • He's still our wild dancer and has kind of break-dancing style currently.  He loves music and still hoards the iPad to play his favorite songs.
  • He loves to give hugs, especially before I leave anywhere (store, to get the mail...wherever!)
  • He's awesome on his bicycle now (no training wheels) and loves running around outside whenever he can.
  • He is impossible to get up in the morning.  He already loves to sleep-in.  We try putting him to bed earlier so he's not such a bear in the morning, but that doesn't go over well either.  It's a no win.  He's often found asleep at 5pm from exhaustion (especially since starting all-day kindergarten). So at 7pm, he's wide awake and ready for round 2 of the day.  :/
  • He's still a daddy's boy and loves his one one time with him to play catch, mow the lawn, or go on errands.  
  • He's getting easier in some ways.  More rational with the ability to reason.  But he's also the quickest to tears in the family.  You can't look at him wrong or you'll get a big reaction.  We are working on it! 
  • Each night in his prayers he prays that he will "go on a mission when he gets big and get married in the temple". He melts my heart!  
  • He's a sweet and positive kid (still!). He's generally happy and excited about life whether it be lemonade for dinner or a trip to Disneyland.  He loves our family traditions and doing things together with the family.
We love this sweet 6 year old to pieces!  I can't imagine our family without him!!  

Happy Happy Birthday Rylan!  

Friday, September 05, 2014

{First Day of School Pictures}

First up was this kid...  and Junior High at that!  A scary, daunting time of life. And one I'm pretty much terrified of as a parent.  He was ready and excited and confident.  I was a mess as I dropped him off at school at that big, scary Junior High which is full of all kinds of goodness and fears at the same time.  Oh man this was a tough one!!  Trevor takes him to schools most days and he rides the bus home (we are the first stop and for some reason the take-home bus is a little less wild and crazy and he doesn't mind it...thankfully).

Addison starts school an hour and a half later. She was pretty pumped to be starting the 4th grade! She's a pro at the ins and outs of the elementary school now so she didn't need much help.

Rylan didn't start Kindergarten for another week, but both boys put on their back packs so we could walk to school with Addison on her first day.  

It was a loooooong week waiting for Kindergarten to start, but it finally came and this kid couldn't be more excited!  I was nervous about the switch to all-day, starting this year (boo!) However, since I volunteer in the classroom once a week, I can now see that all day Kinder does have it's advantages.  The kids have plenty of time for art, music, and PE instead of having 2.5 hours to only work on required curriculum.  Rylan's teacher does amazing pretend play stations, art projects, and singing time.  I love that it's still an extension of preschool in that respect...like it should be. But I do miss this little guy during the day!

Walking buddies, to and from school!  

And then another few days later our last "first" day of school for this sweet, new preschooler.  We love his preschool which Ry and Addison attended as well.  He was so happy to FINALLY have a turn to be at school.  Such a sweetheart looking like a such a big boy! How is it that my baby is now in preschool?  (And how in the world is it possible that I have 2.5 hours, 3 time a week, without any kidlets at home?! It's crazy (and awesome). 

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

{Back to School traditions}

For the last couple years, sometime during the week before school starts, I take the kids to downtown Seattle for one last hurrah!  We love going to the city!  I try to cast aside any stress from parking, traffic, and driving a Suburban on tiny Seattle streets...and just go with the flow and see the things the kids want to see.  

The Great Wheel is always fun!

A quick visit to the gum wall, followed by fresh mini donuts at Pike Place.  

We took the monorail to the Space Needle and walked around the park for awhile.

Great mom & kids day!  

Carson is starting Junior High so he had "prep day" a week before school started to get his ASB card, figure out his locker, and get a tour of the school so he could find each of his classes.  I was super glad this was a parent/kid activity so I could have a sneak peak at all these new things too!

Back to school night for this kiddo too...We fell in love with his Kindergarten teacher and her amazing classroom!  

I take each of the kids on one-on-one dates for miscellaneous school clothes/supplies shopping and a dinner or lunch together.  

And the kids always ask for a fancy back to school dinner which is fun to put together. They choose white chicken chili soup, bread, and fruit pizza!  

I picked out our theme for the school year based on this talk by Elder Eyring: "There is Joy Guaranteed for the Faithful".  As we have a new preschooler, new kindergartner, and a new Junior High student, life is not without it's challenges.  The pressures in the world on adults and kids from the adversary are real and sometimes, despite our knowledge to the contrary, it's hard to make the right choices.  But this promise from a latter-day prophet is true: we are guaranteed joy if we are faithful! There is no greater blessing! 

After father's blessings and last minute backpack checks, the kids were ready to leave summer behind them and start a new school year (mom included!)  

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