Friday, October 31, 2014

{Halloween 2014}

My Halloween Crew!

I always do pictures before Halloween...just to make the day less stressful.  Because honestly, getting 4 kids in costumes just IS stressful all on it's own.  

So we did photos on the back porch on the day of our primary Halloween carnival, a few days before Halloween.

Cutest pirate ever!

Mr. Incredible!

Darling witch!

And... um.  Scary guy.  I have no words for this...

Our Halloween carnival was a blast. My primary counselor planned the entire thing and it was super well attended and fun for all! Loved that our youth helped out with various stations.  The deacons quorum even had an awesome haunted house/maze.  We started early so the trunk or treat could follow the carnival and so it would still be before dark.  

Trunk or Treat fun with our friend, Pat.  

And then the day before Halloween, we finally carved our pumpkins. Trevor pulls out the old BYU track shirts for the occasion.  

Sadly, not too many pictures of this tradition this year, but we did get them carved and they looked great!

And I scored a major deal (thanks to my sis) on some full-size candy bars.  Since we get less than 100 trick or treaters in our neighborhood, it was fun to pass out the big ones!!  

The day after Halloween, Trevor and I attended a Halloween party too! Super fun to dress up as Maleficent and King Stefan! 

Happy Halloween 2014!   

Thursday, October 30, 2014

[Addison is 10!}

We love this sweet, girly girl!  Can. not. believe. she is 10 years old! 
Double digits is a BIG deal!  

Her primary teachers call her 'Ms. Dimples' and we love this endearing term of her sweet face and darling smile!  

She's grown up a lot in the last year and has really turned the corner in helping out at home big time!  I can always count on her to help out with dinner. She is eager to cook and set the table (but not so much clean up).  She likes to use the fancy napkins and cups whenever I let her.  

She also makes a lot of food on her own now...brownies, cookies, top ramon.  All her favorites. She is learning to follow a recipe very well.  

She's a wonderful reader, and I've finally convinced her to read books that take longer than 30 minutes to read. So she's tackled some big novels so far in 4th grade and finding the love for books that have a longer plot.  

She independently completes homework. No nagging required. She stays on top of assignments and projects with no help from her parents.  She does really well in school. She's been helping her 1st grade teacher during some of her recess time to get service hours for an award she is working on.  

She stays busy with dance (this year it's contemporary), activity days (she loves it and I miss being her leader!!), soccer, piano, and running club.  But if she had her way ...she usually prefers a clear schedule to just play outside with the neighbor friends: bikes, basketball, four square, etc.

Even though Carson is "in charge" when Trevor and I are gone for the evening, I know it's mostly Addison taking care of things.  She is going to be a great babysitter someday!  She's (mostly) good to her little brothers and will play with them and read them stories.  But she also hates when they are in her 'stuff'.  

Keeping her room clean isn't her best quality. Not sure why the bathroom floor is always covered in clothes when the hamper is a few feet away....  But she does always set out her outfit, head to toe, on her chair by her bed every night before school.  

She loves to write and bear her testimony in church on fast Sundays.  Not every month, but every few months.  She's brave and willing to be up in front of others to share the gospel. She talks about church with her friends and has invited several friends to activity days.  She's a great example to me!

She's not a drama queen...she's rarely in tears about anything.  While we hope this continues through the teenage years, we are grateful now that she has a pretty even temperament.  She's a tough cookie!

She's growing into a beautiful young woman, and I couldn't be more proud of her!!  I am so grateful to call her MY daughter!  She's such a light in our family of (mostly) boys!  I'm so glad we get some mother/daughter time quite often!  I love to steal her away for nails or shopping.  She's my go-to tag along for any of my to-do list or errands.  A mini-me.  Love, love, love her!

On her actual birthday her dad took her out to breakfast (Pancake House...her favorite!), then it was Olive Garden with the family for dinner (another favorite), and then she made her own cake (angel food cake) for dessert!  

Happy Happy Birthday to our Addy girl!!  

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

{BYU vs. Boise State}

We haven't been to a BYU football game in a couple years. The closest the team played to us in the fall was in we jumped at the chance for a quick road trip to cheer on the Cougars!  We caravanned with our good friends, the Carvers...and had a blast over the next two days.  

Major hotel pool time, a movie, eating, and of course the BYU tailgate party and game.  We got absolutely demolished by Boise State...(bad news when your star quarterback goes down a few games prior).  But the Boise State fans were actually super nice and we had a great time despite the loss.  

Quick stop at the Boise temple grounds.  

It's all about the BYU gear!  

So fun catching up with Peggy Goodwin, a good friend from Vancouver, who also was at the game!  We love the Goodwins!

The cheerleaders were super nice to take pictures with the kids after the game.  

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

{Addison's 10th Birthday: A Witches Ball}

With Addison's birthday at the end of's surprising that we have never done a Halloween theme.  She wanted to be a witch this year, so we decided to take advantage of the Halloween decor already up in the house and host a 'Witches Ball' birthday party.  We had so much fun with this one!  

We found her hat at a boutique shop ...and the witch 'dress' from goodwill.  Turned out perfectly!  

Always a few yummy treats!  These ghosts are just brownie bites piped with Cool Whip topping and candy eyes.  

 Spider 'eggs'. 

Caramel apples are a must!

This was faux cake that my friend let me borrow for the display. She used it for a Halloween photoshoot the week prior. It looks fabulous!!  

Loved setting up this gothic/spooky table with misc Halloween decor.  

 And can't have a witches ball without a cauldron and brew!  The dry ice punch was a huge hit!  

She has such a great group of friends!  

At 10 years old they entertain each other and I didn't need to provide more than a table for them to talk the night away...and a movie "Hocus Pocus".  

Monday, October 27, 2014

{October Pumpkin Patch Fun}

We had such gorgeous weather in made our pumpkin patch visits just perfect!  We hit our favorite two patches during the weekdays when the crowds were minimal.  Love this fall tradition, golden light, and happy kids!

Spooner Farms


Maris Farms

I pulled the kids out early from school for this pumpkin patch. We met up with my sister and some friends, the Poyfairs. 

Feeding the goats on the goatwalk.

Look at that blue sky!!

 Lovely traditions in beautiful places!!!

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