Monday, July 28, 2014

{Pinevalley 2014- Part 1}

[I'm so behind on this little blog here so my new strategy is just to just upload pics without editing them.  It makes me cringe a little (but not that much).  Just need to get current now that it's almost Thanksgiving!]

I made the long trek to Pine Valley with the kids this year.  I braved the drive down on my own (stopped overnight in Twin Falls).  Trevor joined us a week later.  We are always so excited to just GET THERE.  The drive is long and tedious and not that scenic at times.  But the kids did great and we plugged along safely and were so happy to relax for a couple weeks at our favorite spot!

Veyo Pool
I think all in all we went to the classic Veyo pool 4 times this year.  Complete with greasy food, 90 degree temp, and a ton of sunshine and play with cousins and family.  My kids have all become super comfortable in the water.

Rylan mastered both a front flip and back flip into the pool.  No fear that kid. Even the big kids wouldn't try it.

Always time to snuggle sweet baby, Gwen!



We went back for the 2nd year to wonderful friends of my parents who graciously let us use their back yard zip line. The kids were really looking forward to it again this year and each got two runs. 

I was so proud of little Miles who is usually easily freightened.  But he willingly went even after some of his girl cousins were protesting a bit.  He couldn't wait to go again (and then wanted to go again and again.)



 Scavenger Hunt
Grandma came through in a big way with a scavenger hunt that took the kids all around the property, down the lane, and up to the stream.  They loved it!
Play time!
No shortage of things to do! 
These kids were in the hot tub every day. 

Fun with crafts!

Grandpa's garden provided plenty of veggies!

Hair chalk with Aunt Camille.

Working out with Aunt Erin.
Snack time on the big rock.

Everyone loved Erin's new dog, Reggie!

We visited Grandpa at his facility in St. George.

And the family (plus the Olsens) worked on cleaning out Grandma's PV garage. I think they made 3 trips to the dump and 1 trip to the Goodwill.  So much stuff! Everyone took some treasures (the kids love that) and we helped organize things she kept into shelves.  You can actually pull a car in there now.  It was a ton of work, but glad we could be there to help.
 Glowstick stick figures on the deck one night
And a lot of ATV riding!
Must mention here that when we were off on a little family ATV ride, Carson got too far ahead and took a wrong turn.  We assumed he made the right turn so when he didn't show up at the top of the hill, I was in a panic!  We back tracked to the fork in the road and couldn't here a thing.  Trevor went down the other road but turned back after he couldn't find him.  Then we called my mom, who call the fire marshal.  While we still have a couple hours of daylight, I was less worried about him being lost and more worried about him being hurt.  So we back tracked on the trails again.  Trevor went further down the wrong trail to meet up with him about 45 minutes after he got separated from us.  He was pretty shaken up.  Couldn't find his way and was going up and back the same trail trying to find something familiar.  Needless to say, we will be taking walkie talkies with us next time and do our best to stay with in eye sight of on another. Prayers were answered and he was safe and sound.

The kids did some BB gun shooting off the back deck.


And my brother and sister took ME shooting.  First time shooting a hand gun.  It was intense, but I'm ready to own my own gun and learn more.

The guys' schedules didn't overlap that will this year, but they always get a few rounds of golf in!

The Suburban got a nail in the back tire.  So we carted the tire to St. George to get it fixed.  A hassle, but a quick fix and I'm glad it wasn't while I was on the road on my own.

My mom treated the moms and kiddos to Tuacahn again this year.... The Little Mermaid. It was so good!  (And so hot!)

 More coming soon.....


Our family 12:59 PM  

I just have to comment that on the picture with you standing on the Tuacahn stairs, the light around Carson's head makes him look like a cardboard cutout :)
That is so great that your parents have such a neat place for you all to visit. What amazing memories you'll all have!

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