Wednesday, December 31, 2014

{New Years Eve}

The party still continued the week between Christmas and New Years.

We met up with my parents and Erin for some ice skating just before they left for the airport. We love having them around for the holidays and it's always hard to see them go. We miss them all during the long winter stretch!

And we loved having Uncle Tyler with us too! The little boys especially love him because he plays with them and roughs them up!  

We played many games of Tenzi...a new favorite!

And Addy and I took a trip with some friends to the American Girl store.  It's a trek all the way up to Lynnwood...but good company and Cafe Rio for lunch make it all worth it!  

And then my friend, Jen, graciously hosted a grand New Years Eve party.  We went out as adults with Lallatins, Shakespears, and Carvers to a local Japanese Steakhouse.  And then we met up at Jen's house with the kids to ring in the new year. 
She always does a beautiful display of goodies!

And the kids had a blast playing with hats and props!

These 'nose' cups were hilarious. 

And then, per tradition, we smashed up the gingerbread houses on New Years Day!

We kept it low key on New Years Day. We had the Carvers over for lunch and some football.  A great beginning to 2015!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

{Christmas Day 2014}

Christmas morning...Such a joy and always goes by way too quickly!  The kids actually seem to get up earlier and earlier each year (they used to sleep in on Christmas Day!).  I think they were all up at 7am ready to go.  We had to wake up Miles before the kids could come down the stairs.

Then I made them take just one more picture in front of the Christmas tree before the room was destroyed with shreds of wrapping paper and cardboard.  

The boys were so pumped to find these plasma cars.  

 All the kids actually played with them out in the sunshine on the deck. Christmas Day was glorious!

Miles loved his very own carrying case for his hot wheels.

This little guy is our lego champ!  

Beats were on the top of his list!

And Addison got surprised with her very own sewing machine.  

Which she quickly got all set up and started working with the scrap fabric.  

Tools are always a good gift for Trevor.

And the aftermath.  We took it slow and easy on Christmas Day.  I didn't rush the clean-up and we took our time opening gifts.  

We had a relaxing and easy dinner. Took some short cuts with Rhodes rolls and easier side dishes.  Can't believe this is the only picture I have of dinner.  Ha! Miles drinking a root beer! 

I'm always a little disappointed when Christmas Day comes to an end.  It just seems like the season ends so abruptly.  But we had amazing time in December with all the festivities and plans and thoughts of our Savior, born in Bethlehem many years ago.  

Monday, December 29, 2014

{Big Christmas Eve Surprise}

I pulled off an epic surprise on Christmas Eve! I was 17 weeks pregnant (everyone knew...I was sick, sick, sick and definitely showing).  I was scheduled to have my ultrasound in about 2 weeks, but I had my regular OB appointment on Dec 23rd.  I had decided that I would ask my OB if he would do a quick ultrasound in the office to check the gender so I could surprise Trevor and the kids on Christmas.  

It was a long shot.  But to my surprise, he quickly asked the nurse to wheel in the portable ultrasound machine!

He found the right spot in less than a minute, and we had the gender!  I felt a little bad finding out all on my own, but the surprise would be totally worth it!  I was crying in the office as I was filled with so much happiness knowing this little piece of new information about our baby!

I decided to do the big reveal on Christmas Eve after all the festivities calmed down.  I had wrapped up a box in Christmas wrapping paper and stuck a balloon and a note inside.  When the time was right, I gathered the kids for a special Christmas Eve gift and had my sister, Erin, recording. ( is crazy in a house with 20 people.  Trevor had no idea what was even going on...ha!)  

It's a girl!!!  
All 4 of my kids desperately wanted this baby to be a girl.  They were set on it. Hoping for it. Praying for it even. And even Trevor and I thought having a baby girl as the caboose in our family just seemed to 'fit'.  I tried not to think about it one way or the other as I knew whatever we needed was what the Lord would bless us with.  But I was a little nervous the kids would be disappointed if it was a boy. Anyway, when the doctor said 'Girl' I knew the surprise would be even that much sweeter. The kids would be ecstatic. And they were!  

This girl has waited 10 long years for a sister...needless to say she was so excited!  

And a few early baby bumps as proof that Pettingill baby #5 was really on her way. Here I am at 15 weeks (the belly knows just what to do...expanding in record time :/)   

And 18 weeks. And finally feeling good after a yucky first trimester.  Love, love this stage of pregnancy!  

Friday, December 26, 2014

{2014 Christmas Card}

Thursday, December 25, 2014

{Christmas Eve 2014}

We had an incredible Christmas Eve with the entire Dalley family crew!  It was my parents' year with Camille & Erin decided to fly up to be with them too!  Reese and I had planned on a big Christmas Eve party with them ....and then week of Christmas, Bryce & Becca decided to come up for the holiday too!  So we had all of us together! It was a Christmas miracle and such a joy to have the whole family together.

We started off the morning at our traditional Christmas Eve morning spot....The Original Pancake House!  Camille's family, Grandma and Grandpa and Erin joined us too (the others weren't coming until the afternoon).  And we had Trevor's brother, Tyler with us for the holidays too!  OPH is always a hit with this crew!

 Next we headed to my sister's church building to play it up in the gym.  The little kids brought their bikes and we played a lot of 'bump' and basketball.  

And a few games too!  

We ordered Dicks BBQ for an easy dinner and then settled into Camille's lovely house for the evening.  

The kids had a blast playing Bean-Boozled (our winnings from our white elephant gift party).
And we had a marshmallow fight! 

 And decorated sugar cookies to leave out for Santa (and eat!)

Next up was the nativity program. The kids came prepped with costumes and were really excited to play their different parts.

And then it was time to open up Christmas Eve PJs!

That makes a lot of cousins! 

The entire crew in our PJs.  I love all the traditions we have on Christmas Eve!  It's such a special night as we reflect on the birth of our Savior on that night long ago.  We love the reason that this evening pulls us all together and the faith of this combined group.  

Just before we left, Grandpa read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas' to all the grandkids. They were giddy with excitement for the next morning.  We loaded up our Santa cookies and headed home to enjoy Christmas Day with our little family.

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