Saturday, February 28, 2015

{BYU Basketball}

My good friend, Tiffany, arranged for a large group of families to get tickets to the BYU vs. University of Portland basketball game in February.  When the Cougars play just 2 hours south of you.... you go!  We had SUCH a good time.  We left in time to get some yummy pizza in downtown Portland before heading to the game over in UP.

BYU fans travel to see their team!  The Cougar fans filled at least 2/3rds of the an AWAY game.  We also saw a lot of familiar faces that traveled from Seattle and Vancouver for the game.  BYU fans unite!

I'm glad I printed off these BYU signs before I left...the kids loved them.  

A bunch of fun ladies at the game who share the passion and love for BYU.  

The Cougars WON, which was awesome.  But then we stuck around after the game to wait for the players to exit to the bus.  A lot of fans had the same idea, so it was crowded, but we did manage to get a few pictures. {I promise Carson was with us...but he was off with friends and is clearly missing from ALL of these pictures!}

Addy with the coach, Dave Rose.  

And this one made her giddy!  Tyler Haws!! He was being swarmed by fans, but she was persistent and got a picture with him and his autograph! She was on cloud nine!! 

It was a late night traveling back to Puyallup, but what a fun night!  

{February Randoms}

A few February pics from the instagram roll:

Abnormally warm day in February! My mom was watching Bryce's boys in Vancouver and came up to Puyallup for one day.   

Miles and I attended the Seussical musical with his preschool class.  

Carson was nominated for 'Student of the Quarter' by his (super-tough) English teacher, Mrs Hong. He was honored with the other students at a 6:30 am (!!) breakfast.  
We love dress-up days at preschool... It was a Sock Hop day!

And Carson is so good about tucking in these kiddos when  Trevor and I are out on a date. I love finding them having a 'sleepover' in his room. He's a good big brother!  

{Girls Trip to Florida}

Sometimes it is hard to find a day where we can all meet for lunch... let alone a block of 5 days to have a girls trip in Florida...  But the stars aligned for a long weekend in February and it all came  together!  My mom is a superstar travel agent and managed to find an amazing hotel suite for us to stay in and coordinate our flights so that we all arrived about the same time in Orlando.  

As luck would have it, Orlando was having record LOW temperatures for February...but it was still much warmer than Seattle!  

The gorgeous resort had it's own lake!

So when the pool is out...we shop!  And we pretty much did ALL day long....just breaking for good food, of course.  Orlando is shopping mecca.  I could not believe the crowds in all the stores, parking lots, etc.  It was nuts!  And we found some great deals even though I couldn't really shop for me due to the baby bump...but I had a great time shopping for our sweet baby!

 One night we had a fantastic meal at The Melting Pot. I hadn't ever been before and it was just as amazing and slow-paced and relaxed as I would have hoped.  Yum!

We also ventured into Downtown Disney one night for some yummy food and window shopping.  

Our final day brought the lovely 80 degree we soaked up the day by the pool!

And opted for these boat cruisers (kind of like a golf cart on water)...super quiet and soothing and you don't have to make any effort.  ha!  

We stayed up late every night, never adjusting to east coast time, and never tire of endless conversations and fun.  We all get along so well and it's just a treat to be distraction free knowing the kids are just fine home.  Can't thank my mom enough for making these trips happen! 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

{Daddy Daughter Dance}

Our church puts on a Daddy Daughter dance each year and it is the highlight of Addison's year! This is her 3rd year going and she absolutely adores this special night with her dad all to herself.  

The day requires some primping and pampering for sure.  She went with a few friends for a quick manicure and pedicure the morning of the dance.  

And then it is always fun to pick out her dress.  We found this gorgeous pink dress on Amazon this year and it was perfectly girly.  She almost chose one that was more fitted and just seemed 'older'...and I'm sure glad she decided on this one instead. She looked stunning!  

Dad always come through with a beautiful corsage (ahem, that mom ordered).  And Addison picked out a boutonniere this year. 

Absolutely love these two and adore their relationship. She's a daddy's girl and loves any excuse to spend time with him...whether it's working or playing, she always wants to tag along and help.  She wanted to be extra early to the dance so they wouldn't miss a second of the fun and they stayed the entire time too (and grabbed dinner with friends afterwards). 
Love this sweet smile and those dimples just kill me.  

I helped out at the dance again, but this time as a photographer. We have some amazingly talented photogs in our Stake so it was all their equipment and lighting and cameras...but it was sure fun to see all these girls (and all my primary kiddos) dressed up with their dads and take some pictures.  

And a quick shot towards the end of the dance. Addison's hair has completely fallen out because these two really dance their socks off!  Major swinging and twirling! 

Such a sweet night it was for both of them.  Memories that will last a lifetime!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

{Valentine's Day 2015}

Ah...I love Valentine's Day.  

And I love Valentine Day parties at elementary school and preschool. A holiday where there are no religious barriers!  The kids found their own Valentine Day cards/favors for their classmates on Pinterest this year and always have a great time putting them together and addressing them all.  

Loved these ones for Miles' preschool.  It's pink/strawberry applesauce too.  

And dollar store gum packs to the rescue (4 for $1).  Super easy and ALL kids love gum.  

Valentine's Day fell on a Saturday so we had  yummy breakfast to celebrate as a family (of course after we slept in).  

And I loved this Valentine gift Rylan made for me in Kindergarten.  :) 
He's the sweetest!

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