Tuesday, March 31, 2015

{March Catchup!}

Just a few pics from the instagram feed...

We had some absolutely gorgeous spring days in March!  We took full advantage!

Lucky Charms for the win for St. Patrick's day.

Carson earned his Life Scout badge.  Next up...Eagle!  
 We watched two Apken girlies for the weekend.  
 And helped Ms. Finley celebrate a birthday.  
 Addison attended a birthday party of her BFF, Kaylee and was in the photo shoot before hand. Such a darling 'Kate Spade-inspired Pool Party!'. More pics here.  

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

{Carmel-By-The-Sea Babymoon}

Trevor surprised me for my birthday (while he was out of town) with plane tickets and travel plans 10 days later to beautiful Carmel, CA.  I was stunned when I opened the card because we were leaving so soon!  He arranged babysitting and everything for the kiddos so we could get away for a few days.  
He knows I enjoy exploring new places, so he picked a spot in California that was easy to travel to (in and out of Oakland), but also beautiful with lots of touristy options.  

 The coast line in this central CA area is incredible!  The temperature stays pretty mild year round and provides for some lush landscapes.  
 When we arrived we started out in Monterey and ate lunch with an ocean view.  Glorious and warm and delish!  

We walked along the pier and did some window shopping.  
 We had been in town for less than 3 hours when I missed a curb while walking and sprained my ankle very badly.  The drop was about 18 inches (old, old streets with a terrible drop from curb to street) and I landed on the side of my ankle hard.  I knew instantly it was pretty bad.  I couldn't bear any weight on it at all. I sat down on the curb and saw a golf ball size lump appear at the top of my foot.  After about 10 minutes Trevor got me (mostly carried me) to a nearby bench.  He ran to get ice and the car.  Parked in the middle of the street to get me into the car. Drove to RiteAid and got tylenol, bandages, a brace, and crutches.  Just how you want to start out the weekend, right?  Ugh! It completely changed our trip in an instant.  I was so, so bummed.  I couldn't even walk!  We headed to the hotel where I had it elevated for a couple hours. I could take tylenol but nothing else.  I REALLY needed an anti-inflammatory, but you absolutely cannot take while you are pregnant (I even called my doc and tried. He said no.).  The tylenol took the edge off, but it was severely swollen for days and days.  

Bad ankle or not, I hobbled down the to beach so we could watch the sunset.  

 It was spectacular!

 In a strange sequence of events, the Madsens (our good friends from our ward) just happened to be vacationing at the same spot!  How crazy is that!  They are major foodies, so we piggy backed on their dinner spots two nights in a row. It was great fun to visit with these guys!  

The next day, Trevor got me all fixed up!  I was still in a lot of pain and trying to use the crutches to avoid putting much weight on my foot at all.  

We ate breakfast in the sunshine at this adorable cottage.

And then since major hiking or physical activities were eliminated, we wen on the the "17-mile Drive" down the coast line in Monterey. The drive is owned and maintained by Pebble Beach (famous, famous golf course).  There were so many scenic spots...we stopped to get out and look around at least a dozen times.  

The tree below is on the Pebble Beach logo.  It's literally growing out of rock.  

The golf course (which is major prestigious and has been used many times for the US Open) is open to the public.  Here is Trevor on the famous 18th green.  The clubhouse, grounds, shops .... all amazing and about as high-end as you can imagine.

Later that day we figured I might be able to go kayaking since you don't really need your feet. Ha!  I had a little trouble getting in and out (can you imagine....a 7 month pregnant lady on crutches!), but managed ok.  And I'm so glad we did this!  

Another yummy dinner on Saturday night and then we had most of Sunday to explore again.  It was a little on the cloudy side, but we did find our way down to the actual beach in Carmel and then did some shopping in town.  Carmel is DARLING!  There are no chain stores...it's all locally owned with boutiques and delis and shops galore.  I sure wished my ankle wasn't hurting so badly, because I really could have walked around a lot more.  

We drove around looking at cute cottages and homes too.  Such a pretty and unique spot. Each house was so different.  

Our flight got delayed by an hour so we squeezed in a quick stop at the Oakland temple. My dad served in the Oakland mission and lived right across from this temple for a period of time on his mission.  When we walked around to the back of the temple,  I was totally amazed by the spectacular city and ocean view. You could see the golden gate bridge in the distance. I wished we had one more day to play in San Francisco....next time.  

Despite the bum ankle, we really enjoyed the relaxing slow pace that no-kid vacations provide! A time to rejuvenate and spend time together was the best birthday present and babymoon ever!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

{WCC Tournament + Birthday}

For the third year in a row, BYU played in the West Coast Conference tournament in Las Vegas ON my birthday.  It's really no big deal. I've had A LOT of birthdays, and I don't mind pushing the celebration forward or back because Trevor doesn't have many hobbies, but absolutely loves watching college basketball.  Even though his work load doesn't diminish during basketball season, he somehow survives on half as much sleep in order to follow the Cougars and watch the games.  On many game nights, his awesome guy friends gather at our house at 11pm or later to watch the game on the DVR.  Devoted fans.  

So he jumped at the chance to be at the tournament once again. Carson went with him this year too (it amazingly worked out with school, etc. for him to go).  So they played it up in Vegas!  I love that these two get these fun away-from-home experiences together.  Carson is growing up way too fast...gotta savor these times and take advantage!

They ate a lot of food and watched a ton of basketball with a great group of friends.  

On Saturday night Trevor took the crew of guys to Pine Valley and my parents graciously fed and hosted 10 people! (My mom is a saint!).  They went to church and chilled on Sunday and then golfed on Monday morning while Reagan and Carson went to Dixie hill in St. George.  Super fun to have a friend tagging along with Carson.  So glad Reagan was able to go!

And then back to Vegas for the semi-finals on Monday night and final game on Tuesday night....which ended up being BYU vs. Gonzaga; Trevor's two favorites (but, of course, cheering for the Y in that game).  

 Meanwhile, on my birthday I met my sisters for lunch at a cute place in Auburn.  So fun that we can get together on each other's birthdays now.  

And it was business as usual for us running the dance carpool...but we used the dance studio's wifi to stream the final game in the car while we waited.  The game ended in a loss for the Cougars, but they really had a fun season.  

Trevor left the kids with a cake, presents, and surprises for me.  He always comes through (even if he is out of town!).  

Sunday, March 01, 2015

{Pregnancy #5 photos}

While trying to officially document this last pregnancy before I got too big, I had my sister, Camille, take some maternity pictures while we were in Florida.  I had swollen feet and off and on sciatic nerve pain, but in general, I was feeling great!  After that awful first trimester, I actually really enjoy pregnancy (until maybe the last couple weeks...ha!). Even 5 times over, pregnancy is an absolute miracle and joy to experience and I am amazed how my body changes to accommodate this tiny life! 

I am 27 weeks and officially in my third trimester. I love my baby girl bump and will (surprisingly!) miss it.  

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