Monday, August 31, 2015

August Catch-Up

Through the better parts of July and all of August, Trevor was overseeing the construction of the 3rd office soon to open in Graham. The build-out came with a ton of hiccups and aggravation due to contractors missing deadlines by weeks and basically not showing up to work. Trevor hired his friend Jeff and they had to do a ton of the work themselves just to speed the process up and ensure good quality work.  It was a headache.  But by the end of August it was coming together finally (a month past due).

We had a booth at the Pierce County fair this year and the kids had a fun time visiting it one evening and riding a few rides.

Here's the front desk area mid-construction.  Love the art work and sign and acrylic piece on the desk! Looks soooo good!

Addy attended two horse-riding camps.  She got to learn how to ride as well as how to clean horse stalls and feed & groom the horses. 

We held our second annual Primary slip and slide activity.  Happy to have cousins Claire and Graham join.

Snuggled on this sweetheart daily.

Carson pulled out a whopping 9 merit badges at the Court of Honor.  Baby-stepping to that Eagle rank!

Root beer floats on the deck on one of the record-breaking heat wave days.

Doting on Ivy while watching the kids at the wave pool.
 Carson came home from scout camp excited about archery and used his own money to purchase a bow and set up a target in the back yard. 
 Went to a friend of a friend's above ground pool with a bunch of ladies from the ward. 
 Ivy started playing with her sophie giraffe. 
 One Saturday Camille & Bryce invited us down to play on the lake at Bryce's parents' home.  Kids had a great time on the paddle boards and boat. 

 This time Ry easily got up on the knee board. 
 Addison on the knee board.
 And miles too!  He was so brave!

August just flew by because we jam-packed it with so much fun.  We knew the end of summer was on the horizon, and we cherished every minute of that golden summer! 

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Ry's Camping Birthday Party

Rylan was turning 7 so we capitalized on many of his cousins being together over the weekend and had a little camping birthday party for him.  Lots of helpers, easy clean up (hello, outdoors!), and a happy kiddo! 

I loved this quick and easy trail mix bar. Dollar store containers, Winco bulk foods, and plain kraft paper and sharpie.  The kids had a great time mixing up their own trail mix concoctions. 

 Lunch was hot dogs, fruit, chips and oreo dirt cups.

And smore's bars instead of traditional birthday cake. 

He was pretty excited!
 He's such a photogenic kid.  Love this picture, below.

The kids went on a nature scavenger hung as part of the party fun.  So helpful now that Rylan can read too! 

 New jacket from Grandma. And rockin' that sweet toothless smile!  We sure enjoyed celebrating this kid!  I can't believe he's going to be 7 so soon!!!!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Ensign Ranch

We have been camping at Ensign Ranch (a church-owned facility) a few times, but never with my family.  My parents pulled their trailer all the way up to the PNW to camp with us!!  They had good friends from back home serving their senior mission at Ensign Ranch so it was fun for them to connect.  The weather on Friday was great (but looking so-so on Saturday), so thankfully Trevor took the day off so we could head out and be up there by lunchtime.  I had the kids head straight to the waterslide because I wasn't sure they would be able to enjoy it the next day. 

 Cousins started to arrive within an hour and these kids had a blast. 

We also did some horse-back riding that afternoon.  We literally put rocks in Addy's sweatshirt (shhh!) to get her over the minimum weight of 70 pounds.

 She loves, loves horses so I was so glad she was able to go on the trail ride.

The younger kids had parent-led rides around the horse arena. 

Miles wouldn't do it last year, but he was very brave and excited about it this year and did great!

Ivy all snuggled up with plenty of people to hold her. 

Morning hot cocoa in the trailer.  We were glad to be literally right next to my parents (with the tables and chairs in between).

We held a little birthday party for Rylan (pictures next post) in the afternoon that day.  And the kids just mostly roamed around enjoying the freedom and outdoors.  Even with the iffy weather, the kids still played on the waterslide on day 2.  Brrrr.

And the sun peaked out for a bit to warm us up!

Charise was in a cabin just across the road and Addy slept down there with the Apken girls. Sleepover fun! 

 Gwen sure loved Ivy and wanted to hold and love on her one afternoon. She was talking in her own language and just giggling and squealing over the baby. So sweet.  Sure to be such great friends! 

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