Tuesday, September 29, 2015

September Wrap Up

Couldn't resist painting these baby piggies.
 Soccer games started up and so did our triple header Saturdays. Fun to have cousin, Graham, on Rylan's team this year.

Trevor installed a new back splash in the laundry room after our new washer and dryer wouldn't fit!  It was a domino effect that resulted in a mini remodel of that room, but the new washer and dryer are awesome!

Activity Day camp! 

And I was fortunate enough to be there for my niece's birth! Little Meg is such a sweet bundle of joy and my sister, Charise, was amazing!  Babies are such miracles!!

Miles, at age 4, became a pro on the two-wheel bike without training wheels (our earliest to learn)...thanks to the balance bike training (bike with no pedals). Genius invention!

LDS Women's Conference with my girlies! 

Sunday afternoon nap. 

 Watching the Lunar/Blood Moon eclipse.  We could see it just above the tree tops. 

Ivy trying out the mega saucer.  This thing has been used by all 5 kids!

 Addison ran for a spot on the Elementary school student council. She had quite a bit of competition (she lost last year), so we pulled out all the stops. She had props, posters, and even a song/dance to go along with her speech. She sealed the deal by tossing smarties candy to the class because she was the "Smart" choice.  She won! I'm super proud of her for trying again!!

Monday, September 07, 2015

Back to School ... Boo.

We always push summer right up to the last second and then scramble to get ready for school.  I think it's partially denial and partially willing the summer to last longer.  I don't mind school so much as the dreaded schedule that comes with it.  But as it approaches, the calmness of routine does sound enticing... a little bit.

I take the kids out one by one on a lunch and shopping date. It's easier to focus on one kids' needs one at a time and it's a good excuse to get some one on one time with them to discuss the upcoming school year! 

We had our traditional Back to School Feast complete with soup and salad and a little sparkling bubbly to celebrate. 

 Cutest little sweet pea around!
 Our theme for the school year: Did You Think to Pray. 
Very fitting for the challenging world we live in that is mostly void of religion.  We know we have a Heavenly Father that hears and answers prayers and is always ready to listen to us.  Always. 

 Dessert cups (store bought...no way I made those. Ha!)

And the first day of school was here at last.  Felt much better about sending this kid out for year 2 of Junior High. He's got a good head on his shoulders, gets good grades, and stays away from all the junk that can come with middle school.
 Big 1st grader!
 5th grade!
 These two walk to and from school together and (mostly) get along while doing it. 
 Miles had to wait an extra week to start preschool so he was pretty anxious when it finally arrived! Year 2 with Ms. Cindy.  I heart preschool!!

Sunday, September 06, 2015

Ike Kinswa State Park Camping Trip

After being home for a week and prepping for school, we met up with my parents one last time before they headed back home.  This time at a campground south of us called: Ike Kinswa State Park.  New to us and was a great location!  Gorgeous lake and very green and lush area. 

We arrived late on Friday night and woke up to a so-so weather day. Gosh, we struggled with weather while camping this year.  Bryce Dalley and fam had a spot, we had a spot, and then Camille shared the trailer with Mom & Dad.  Plus Brad and Peggy Goodwin met up with us too!

Saturday morning we visited for awhile before we were literally caught in a pouring down rainstorm!
 Right after getting back to the trailer in the pouring rain. 
 Cutest BYU cougar! The football game happened to be on that afternoon. 
 And these die hard fans were watching from the boat.  It came down to the wire, and we were listening to it as we literally won in the last seconds! 
Too cold to do much on the boat, but they had fun boating around the area.

And the boys built these forts in the middle of our campsites. We hardly saw the kids for 48 hours.

 Pee in the woods!  So easy when you are a boy! #winning

The burn ban was lifted the day before we arrived.  FINALLY. A legit campfire!!  Our food had all been planned around the burn ban though...so no dutchoven this time. We will have to make up for it next year!

 Claire loves baby Ivy. 

 The weather was crummy on Sunday so we headed into town to go bowling. 

Labor Day, Monday, was fantastic and glorious.  But we had to pack up and head home.  Typical. The kids did play on this rope swing a bit before we had to leave. 

The whole group!

Can't thank my mom enough for planning and organizing everything!  It was a great last hurrah to the summer!! 

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