Thursday, May 28, 2015

{Ivy Birth Story: In Pictures}

{All of these pictures are in the YouTube video/slideshow.  But for the sake of this here printed blog, I am documenting here too.}

At my 38 week checkup, my doctor measured me a 2cm dilated & 50% effaced.  Not much change from the week before.  He stripped my membranes, and I had another appointment scheduled in a week.

A few days later I started having some bigger contractions.  The kind that make you pause they were so tough.  But they weren't regular and then would subside.  This ocurred several times through the weekend: Friday, Saturday, and even Sunday as I attended ward council and did sharing time in primary.  

Sunday night late they started to become pretty regular.  I had carefully planned for Monday which included Trevor's birthday, Memorial Day and a birthday party for my niece Gwen.  I had everything lined up for the day and was kind of willing the baby to wait just one more day so her birthday didn't land on Trevor's birthday.  But I couldn't sleep.  And then I started timing the contractions: 3:30, 3:37, 3:41, 3:51, 3:57, 3:59.  I knew it was time.  They weren't horribly painful, but just so darn consistent.  I knew I was finally going into labor on my own (something I'm not used to!). 

 I got up, showered and got ready, and we headed to the hospital around 6:15AM Monday morning, Trevor's Birthday and Memorial Day.  I left instructions with Carson and woke Addy up to come with us. She's been planning for awhile to attend the delivery.  

They wheeled me into the labor and delivery triage room first, and we snapped a quick photo before getting into a gown.  Final bump shot!

They were very busy at that exact moment...4 women in active labor, but I was adding another one...already at 5cm.  I got moved to an official room. and they got me hooked up to an IV (after 2 attempts...darn!) Ouch.  

I could not believe this baby was coming today!!  38 weeks and 5 days gestation.  My earliest!  

And then my sisters joined (Charise, Camille (taking pics), and Becca).  My mom had originally planned to fly in this very day!  (And I thought it was too early!..ha!).  She was working her flights trying to make the delivery....
They pumped a bag of fluid into me as the contractions continued and we prepped for the epidural.  

I got the epidural before 9am.  I did not like the anesthesiologist.  He had very little bedside manner and was just weird.  He took a long time to set up and start the procedure, and he was very particular.  After what seemed like a long procedure that was very uncomfortable, he finally started the medicine, but I wasn't getting numb like in prior deliveries.

Meanwhile, my actual OB was on call...yay!  Dr. Mitchell came in to break my water around 9:15.  Usually I have a baby within 30 minutes of my water breaking...but the contractions actually slowed down some.  The ones that I had were very intense though. And it was clear the epidural was NOT working.  Not a single part of my body felt numb.  
I was grateful to have attended Camille's natural childbirth delivery about a year ago so I could practice techniques of relaxing and not tensing up; humming, tapping my foot, etc.).  Around 10:45 the anesthesiologist came back to push another dose of medicine. He said sometimes it takes awhile....but I should have insisted he re-do it. It wasn't just "kind of working" it was not working at all. The nurse did the poke test down my side, and I could feel it all.  I don't know where that medicine was going, but it wasn't numbing a thing.  

The nurse kind of flipped me from side to side a few times to get the contractions going again but then they started to get pretty painful and I started to panic. How in the world was I going to do this??

At around 11:15am I was only 7cm.  Yikes. 3 cm to go, and I was already in so much pain.  What was the most agonizing was I didn't have any idea how bad the pain was going to get...I couldn't gauge the intensity of where I was at and what it was going to be like in 30 minutes or so.  The unknown made me so nervous.  At about 11:30 I started staying things like "I don't think I can do it...!"

They wouldn't push any IV meds to help because I was too close to delivery.  Contractions were consistent and painful about 3 minutes apart.  

At noon I was still 7-8 cm, but after I changed positions a few times, they really ramped up.  The anetheiosologist came back again at 12:30 and said the only option was to re-do the epidural. I honestly don't know how I would have even sat up to do it, but knowing that I was only 8cm, I was terrified of not doing it because I was in agony.  So we decided to re-do it and he started to prep everything once again.
But then came the most intense pain yet. I was gripping the side of the bed in major pain.  At this point almost unbearable.  The nurse checked me one more time at 12:40 and I was complete at 10 cm.  So no time to re-do the epidural. She kept saying I could go from 8cm to 10cm in one contraction and she was right.  So they told me I could push when I felt the pressure...But pressure and pain were the exact same thing. I could not differentiate at all.  My doctor was not going to make this delivery even if he came running!  

After two pushes...yes, only 2. She was here at 12:41.  It was unbelievable pain for that prior 15 minutes...but I survived. She came "sunny side up" (which added even more intensity to the already tough labor).  And the instant they put her on my chest there was a relief of all that pain. So much that it actually surprised me that it ended so quickly. Here she and crying and perfect...and the pain was instantly gone!

It's the most amazing thing to have that baby placed on your chest the first time.  That tiny life that has grown from a little bean to newborn baby is a miracle and a testament of God's love.  

I could not stop staring at that beautiful face and perfect body.  She was everything I could have ever hoped for.  She was a dream come true.  

The agony of the labor quickly faded and they got me all fixed up. She ended up being my easiest labor to recover from. Virtually no pain.  Never needed ice or pain meds.  Crazy.  

She was a surprising 6 pounds 15 ounces.  I could NOT believe she was under 7 pounds.  I measured the biggest with her and weighed a few pounds more than I did with Miles, so I was sure she would be my biggest baby.  Instead, second smallest (Addy was 6lb 3oz).  

My mom missed the delivery by only 30 minutes. She came racing in, and I was all tears.  The labor was just so hard and intense and I was unprepared... the tears finally flowed.  

Look at her little ear curled over from her positioning in the womb.  

I got to nurse her within the hour and she did great right from the beginning.  
My 2 biggest supporters!  I hope Addison isn't traumatized for life! She says she thought the whole experience was very cool.  It was so very awesome to have here there with me.  My little girl all grown up and now welcoming her baby sister in the the world. Just heaven.  

Charise went to get the kids from my brother's house. Camille had post-poned Gwen's birthday party for a couple hours and it all seemed to work out just great since everyone was in town for that. Baby and birthday!  
The boys were all instantly in love with their baby sister!

Addison got to give the first bath.  

And these two forever share the same birthday.  Love.  

Here we are ... a family of 7. I can hardly believe it, yet feel so complete and so blessed at the same time.  

We celebrated baby girl's birthday and Trevor's birthday that night in the hospital, just the 3 of us.  Couldn't think of anything better!  

We left the hospital the next afternoon, but not before agonizing over the name.  Final contenders were: Ivory, Ivy, Kate, and Violet.  I just couldn't choose.  We finally said a prayer and it became clear that she was our baby Ivy.  I can't even express how much I love this sweet baby girl.  She is a joy right from the very beginning!  


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