Wednesday, April 29, 2015

{Making Room for Baby: Remodel!}

 As soon as we found out baby was a little girl, my mind began to spin with solutions on how to make the bedrooms work.  We have 4 bedrooms including the master.  The little boys were sharing the smallest of the 3 kid bedrooms.  

So the options were: 
a) move in baby with her big sister.  But the age gap would be hard since Addison uses her room for homework and a baby would be sleeping at random times and in bed early in the evenings. 
b) move Rylan down to share a room with Carson and put the baby girl with Miles.  But again, just the sleep schedules make that difficult.  
c) remodel Addy's bedroom and closet to make a second bedroom.  But no outside window. 
d) convert the bonus room into a supersize bedroom for the little boys and give their old room to the baby.  But that meant giving up the play room and the pool table.  

After debating for a long time...we finally decided to give up the bonus room.  It made the most sense for the next 5 years or so.  The problem was the bonus room is at the end of the hallway upstairs, just open. No doors or closet.  So I knew it was a decent sized project when we needed to add closets, a hallway, and a door.  It was our first time hiring a contractor and we ended up being very happy with their work.  

 First up...sell and remove the pool table!  As luck would have it, the contractor actually wanted to barter for it.  Win win!  So he took the pool table and I took the value off my bill to him.  He brought in professional movers to take it out.  
 Felt like a new room without that in there!  

And then it was removing everything out of the room. We did a lot of de-junking as we boxed up the wall of toys.  We still have an incredibly annoying amount of toys that we stashed in Addy's closet/dance room for the next 6 weeks.  (And actually didn't miss them all that much!)  

The framing always goes up super quickly.  In just a day they had framed out my wall of closets and the new french door frame.  (If the toys had to be in the boys' bedroom...there had to be a way for them to be behind doors).  

And within 3 days there was sheet rock up!
 We elected to save $ and do all the painting (including the primer).  Oh man this was a huge job.  Covering up that red was a beast.  They had a professional sheetrock guy come in and skim the entire 'coke' wall because there was a texture/grit as well as some plastered parts.  That added a week at least. But man, he new what he was doing. The texture and finish work on all the walls was fantastic.  

Here's my cart after one of our MANY trips to home depot.  Mid project we decided to add new lights (you can see those old nipple lights in the picture above.  Hated them and not enough light).  We added 7 LED can lights and I absolutely LOVE them. So worth the extra cost to wire it all and paint the ceiling.  

With the carpet is out it was easy to enroll helpers! Here they are adding primer to the walls one evening.  

And then we took a whole weekend to finish the primer and add the paint/wall color. Painting ceilings totally stinks!  

I must've bought 10 paint samples!! (We chose Sherwin Williams: Sea Salt for the bedroom)

We also decided to remove the built in desk from the hallway and move it into the boys' room.  They would get way more use out of it if it was in their room!  Removing the desk left the perfect spot to add a hall closet(see pic below of framed out hallway closet.  I had visions of moving my craft supplies from the 3 random areas of my house to a central location.  

And here are the gorgeous french doors with reed glass.  So so happy with them!  And I love this new hallway gray paint! (Sherwin Williams: Repose Gray).   See that old beige on the right?? Yuck! SO glad we decided to change the color all together.  

Ok...the finished products....  Here is the organized craft closet in the hallway.  It's a dream!  I designed the shelf and configuration and Trevor installed all the shelving.  I love, love it!  

And here is the finished bedroom without furniture.  Ahhh!  So, so good!
I really wanted to do two sets of bunkbeds.  I saw several "bunk rooms" at some homes on a recent trip to the beach and thought this would be so great in this supersize bedroom.  They each get their own bunk bed and both get to sleep on the top!  Also a necessity was the drawers on the bottom. Since the closets were 90% filled with toys, I wanted clothing storage without adding a dress to the room.  I love these massive underbed drawers.  
 The relocated hallway desk now inside the room.  

All the toys behind those doors...all tidy (for about 2 days anyway).  

And because who doesn't love before and after shots....  

I am so, so happy with how it turned out!  Just the change in color scheme alone totally updates it!  It is perfect for our family while still preserving the room for adding back in a pool table someday.  Lots of shopping and details (bedding, curtains, art work, decor, etc....). It seemed like a huge project, and I didn't even do any of the construction.  The boys are over the moon about their new room.  And it makes cousin sleepovers so much fun!  


Catherine Willenbrecht 1:56 PM  

This is awesome! Great room! We may call you about our basement:)

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