Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween 2015

Halloween 2015!  We recycled costumes this year.  We have two huge bins and practically own our own costume shop. I just love Halloween photos!  We took these the night before our church Trunk or Treat so they were out of the way for the rest of the weekend. 

Addison wore my costume from a couple years ago with a few tweaks to size it down.  She looks so darling as Mary Poppins. She got 3rd place in her age group for costumes at our ward party. 

Rylan was our fierce ninja and really took his "moves" seriously.

Sweetest Harry Potter around.

And oh. my. heart.  This baby lobster. I just want to eat her up!  Miles was a May baby too and this costume works perfectly for babies right in that 6mo range (they stay so content in the pot!). 

Head chef, Dad, wasn't home when we took these pictures. 

And one with Carson. I didn't even take an individual shot because.  Well.  You get it.  I sure hope he grows out of the gruesome Halloween stage.  Boo. 

3rd place costume winners at our ward Trunk or Treat!

We finally carved our pumpkins on Halloween afternoon. Cutting it pretty close and I only have these 2 pictures. 

And they are off Trick or Treating.  Ivy and I stayed home.  Carson went with a friend.  (Addison switched to a witch costume). 

Miles had a fun preschool party at school.  See him there in the back? Little Olaf.  He did Olaf for preschool and Harry Potter on Halloween. I dunno.

 Trevor and I were invited to an 80's party that same weekend so we went as Wayne and Garth.  (SNL skit first came on scene in late 80s).  Hahaha... this was pretty fun!

Jen and Josh joined us that night too. They rocked it out 80s style as well.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Addison is 11!

 This sweet girl turned 11 at the end of October!  She sure is turning into such a lovely young woman.  11 sounds so much more mature than 10, right?  She's grown up a lot in the last year, and we are so grateful to have her in our family!

Where does the time go?

She loves to bake and was determined to make her own birthday cake. She did a great job! 

 Here's a little trip down memory lane of my 11th birthday which I vividly remember.  Sometimes I don't think we look anything alike, but it could be my permed hair. Ha! Anyway, so strange that I now have my very own 11 year old daughter!

She chose Olive Garden for her birthday dinner out with the family.

And her big present was this brand new mountain bike! She was using a 20inch bike that was much too small for her.  She was super pumped!

A week later (after Halloween and all the chaos that comes with having a birthday that week), we took a bunch of her friends to see "Once I Was a Beehive".  It's a darling LDS themed movie that was actually playing at our local theater.  It was absolutely perfect for this age group....they laughed and cried and had a great time.

I am so grateful she has such wonderful friends in her life ... these girls are the best!

Addison at Age 11

  • She's my number 1 helper at home.  She's so willing to help out. She's sees a need (baby crying or boys needing something) and she helps out. Unprompted. 
  • She can be a second mom for most things including making dinner, helping the boys with homework, cleaning, organizing, etc.
  • She just loves her baby sister.  She waited 10 long years for that baby girl and they are so sweet together.  She will bathe and dress her.  She begs to hold her throughout church and Primary.  She snuggles her in her own bed.  Love, love my two girls!
  • She's a great student and 5th grade has been the year where studying and preparing has really connected. She works hard to get good grades on tests.  Her teacher told me she is just so responsible at school.  She's out best reader in the house and gets submerged in books.
  • She's an awesome athlete. She has a lot of athletic ability and is very competitive. She wants to beat her own times in running club/track and also wants to beat Carson's times or her friends' times.  When she plays soccer she's very aware of the score and what is happening on the field. She's shouting right along side the coach when she is on the sidelines too.  She wants to start up basketball this winter, and I think she will be great. 
  • She loves PE at school and (although not required), she wears sweats or leggings and athletic tops on PE days so she can really enjoy it and not be restricted.
  • She's a good friend and tends to be the silly, animated one in the group. Not shy. And she's definitely a leader (a little bossy maybe?) and she's great at organizing everyone and everything.
  • She has a great sense of style. She does her hair on her own (except some Sundays when I insist on curling it).  She has thick, thick hair that is always a rats nest underneath on her neck. I'd be happy with half as much hair as she has!
  • She loves her cousins...the ones her age (Paige) and the younger ones (especially the babies).
  • She also loves to sing and dance. She has a good time with her little brothers making up songs and dances.
  • She reads her scriptures every day and is developing a sweet and pure testimony. She loves to have gospel discussions at FHE and always asks a lot of questions.  She'd also do the lesson every week for FHE if we would let her!
  • She's a good babysitter already!  We leave her alone with the little boys occasionally and she does great.  I've left Ivy for a few minutes here and there, but this next year she will be ready! So helpful to have another babysitter in the house!
I am so glad this sweet girl is in our family.  We love her so, so much!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Pumpkin Patch: Spooner Farms

We've had the best weather this fall! But it's also such a crazy time with a soccer practice or church activity almost every night. 

We busted away on a Monday afternoon right after school to head to the pumpkin patch. Trevor joined up with us at the end.  Thankfully I have such good big kid helpers to help me with the little boys and baby. 

We attempted the corn maze without dad and did fairly well in our haphazard journey through it. 

Dad joined up in time to load all our pumpkins up. 

And had some fun at the sling shot as we were leaving. 

We love this little pumpkin patch nestled in Orting, WA.  A tradition!

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