Wednesday, November 11, 2015

{Ivy 6 & 7 months}

I get so behind in my blog, but try to write these posts about Ivy as they happen because by the time in rolls around in my cue, I won't remember this darling stage.

She turned 6 months old near Thanksgiving and 7 months old on Christmas day.  Gosh time is just flying by. It seems that each day brings something new and we delight as she grows (but I die a little inside too).  I absolutely adore the baby stage. Age 0 - 1 is my favorite of all time.

Here the update!

6 months old: 26 inches (75%), 15 pounds (25%), Head 16.25 inches (25%).  Fitting our typical mold, long and slender. Although I love to munch on her chunky leggies.  

First words at 6.5 months: mama.  Oh bless her heart! Finally a baby to say mama first.  She babbles mama, mama all day long.

Takes the binkie like a champ and becomes a semi-emergency if we leave home without it.  But she also loves her toes and has either that or her fingers in her mouth often.  

Chewing on everything but no teeth yet.  She's so funny how she gnaws and gums everything to death.

Solid foods started right around 6 months much to my dismay (Baby food stage is not my favorite...much prefer the ease of nursing for every meal). But turns out the kids love feeding her and that makes for several helpers in the house. It took her a couple weeks to get the spoon/food down, but she's solid at it now and says "yum" after almost every bite. She will eat whatever we give her (hoping that means she won't be a picky eater).

Sits up for extended periods before teetering over.  Will. Not. Roll. Over.  I'm typing this at age 7.5 months and yah, she won't do it!

Giggles are common and she lights up with smiles anytime she's engaged.  

Bald as ever (and seems even more so now that those baby hairs are spreading out on her noggin).  We always have a headband on that head and I may have a slight obsession. I literally have 40 headbands.  

Sleeping decently.  We still have nights where she has to cry it out and I try not to cave and nurse her anytime between midnight and 8am.  She's not a newborn anymore, but sometimes she likes to think she can still eat like one.  She sleeps the best in her own crib and we have transitioned naps into her room (vs the swing).  

Lots of firsts since she was 3 months old including all the holidays and also first time in the snow.  We delight at each milestone and love having her in tow with us.  Other than some emergency diaper changes, she's still so easy to have along with us and hasn't disrupted our normal family activities...we just have 1 more darling...and truth is she's so fun to take anywhere.

She still gets lots of attention no matter where we go.  People love to peek into her car seat and dote on her. She doesn't have any stranger anxiety, but sure knows her family.  

Trevor takes her during church so I can manage primary and won't pass her off to anyone because he claims that his personal time with her. Super sweet.  He absolutely adores her.

I can leave her for extended periods with Carson (gosh, he loves his baby sister!) and with Addison for short periods too. Man, it is so different having a baby when you have older kids that can help. The other day Addy gave her a full bath and dressed her all on her own and without me asking. She's such a good big sister!

We just love, love her! Our phones are filled with pictures of this sweet girl and I want to freeze this moment in time with her!


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