Sunday, January 31, 2016

January Misc

Can't let a month go by without posting all the baby pics I take from my iPhone!  We pretty much think every darn thing that this baby does is pretty cute!

My oldest and my littlest. Just melts me!  

And other big baby news in January---our nephew, Reed, was born.  I got to be there for the birth (my sister was a total champ!!) and the other kids got to come visit this sweet little guy in the hospital.  He's quickly adored and loved!  

{Carson's Teacher Ordination}

The Sunday after Carson's 14th birthday was his ordination to the office of Teacher in the Aaronic Priesthood. These milestone birthdays as a young man (12, 14, 16, 18)  in our church are a huge deal in his progress in his testimony and in the Priesthood. I'm so grateful for a son who strives to live worthy to hold the priesthood.  He's making good decisions (for the most part!) and is a good example to me!  

He was also excited to move up to the next class where many of his friends are already age 14 and 15.  It comes with a bit more maturity, and he was ready for that.  

A big day called for a new suit since he's grown 18 inches.  Ok, not 18 inches. But a lot.  

Since he is just so darn tall and lean, we ended up getting him a professionally tailored suit. We left a ton of hem in the legs, arms and I'm really hoping he can make this suit last 2 years!

Here were just a few of the men in the cirle.  (Missing Eric Radimak,  Tom Hollandsworth, Josh Carver, and Bishop Dyer in the picture).  Men below: Mitchell Hollandsworth, Rob Evans, Bryce Warning, Trevor, Carson, Chris Madsen, Dennis Coatney, Trevor Spague.  So grateful for amazing leaders that guide and direct him on the right path. He has such fantastic examples of worth priesthood holders in our family and among our friends.

 The Dalley fam took over the classroom during the ordination and Trevor gave him an awesome blessing as the priesthood office was conferred.  Happy to have Charise (minus Chris) and Camille's fam (with new baby, Reed!) with us for lunch afterwards at our house.
 I didn't get a group picture apparently. But we had fun doting on these 4 babies!  
Gwen, Ivy, Meg, and Reed.  Sweet cousins!

Proud of this kid!  And so darn handsome too!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Carson's 14th Birthday

14 years old!  

As each year passes....I feel a tightness in my chest.  He's only got a few short years left in our home and that doesn't seem possible. I'm really missing this cute kid...which feels like just yesterday.  Ah, that sentimental gene gets me every.darn.time.  

But let's take a look back to just a year ago.  Age 13.  

To age 14 (actually this was a few months before his 14th bday).  But seriously....he has changed SO much in a year.  Got tremendous height, shoe size (currently size 10.5!), started dealing with some acne, and general puberty. Eeek!!!  He's a man child now!  
 His big gift was a Pebble (smart) watch.  He was also treated generously by friends and family!  

I took pizza to the junior high cafeteria.  He's usually surrounded by girls, so I'm surprised Tanner snuck in that pick.  Haha.  

Costco Red Velvet cake for the win! 
 In January we finished his room transformation that we started in December. We had to remove the murphy bed (it got destroyed taking it out and almost really injured Trevor and my Dad in the process. Yikes!).  My mom was a huge help priming and painting all the trim and helping cover that grafitti wall (that covered the entire bathroom door as well). It was a beast to cover up.  But Carson helped me paint the walls.  

Here's the before pictures.  So done with that orange!
And the after.  Just the fresh paint makes a huge difference. And who knew that those awesome windows were ... so awesome?!  Couldn't even see them before.  Trevor and I got a new mattress so he got our old one (huge step up from the old murphy bed mattress!).  New head board, nightstand and shelving and desk.  So fresh and perfect for a teenager! And doubles as the guest room too.  I love how it turned out!


Couldn't ask for a better "oldest" child in our fam.  He doesn't give us much trouble at all. The teenager woes have definitely not rocked this house.

  • He does well in school (even if procrastinates a bit...he always pulls it off. Not my style, but he makes it work!).  He gets good grades, makes up work he doesn't do well on, stays after school for extra help. 
  • He enjoys church and mutual and friends.  And super excited to be able to attend the Stake Dances now that he is 14!
  • He's still active on the cello and in orchestra and doing so well. Sadly, this will probably be his last year of piano. I cannot get him to practice.  Fortunately, since orchestra is a a class..he gets forced practices 5 days a week!  
  • He's still the baby hog.  Loves sweet Ivy and constantly has her snuggled in his bed.  He's also good to take care of her and babysit too.
  • He's like most teenagers and addicted to his phone. He doesn't play video games, but he sure is glued to his iphone.  Much to his dismay it is still doesn't have internet access or any social media (besides instagram).  He thinks I'm pretty darn unfair.  But I'm not phased. Ha.
  • He also binge watches TV shows and is a good TV companion with me!  
  • He's a good friend (a gaggle of girls around him at all times). He's very social and somehow managed to skip that socially awkward stage (many of the boys his age wouldn't even dream of going to a church dance...but he can't wait!)
  • He's active in clubs at school (diversity club, student council, etc).  
  • He finished up soccer in the fall and looking forward to Young Men basketball that started this month. And he's thinking about starting the swim team at the YMCA with his friend, Tanner. He keeps pretty busy! 
We love having him in our family. He's a kind, mature kid.  He's growing into such an accomplished and well-rounded young man.  But just don't grow up and move out too quickly. My momma heart can't take it!  

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

BYU Basketball Game

The closest BYU basketball game to us is always in Portland ---when BYU plays University of Portland.  We can't pass up the opportunity to see our Cougars play (just a couple hours away!).  The BYU fans take over the small arena.  You'd definitely consider it a home game with BYU fans about 4:1.  It's a total blast.  We joined up with my fam and also with a bunch of friends.   

The cutest BYU Cougar around!  

We stayed after the game to meet some of the players. Nate Austin was super kind to all the kids...including Ivy!

Saturday, January 02, 2016


On Jan 2, we had one last hurrah before heading back to school and scheduled life!  We went towards Mount Rainier in hopes of finding a sledding spot with my sister and her fam.  It took us awhile, but we finally found a little gem tucked off the road.  

Camille threw in her camping stove so we had hot chocolate right there in the snow. Kids were in heaven!  (And didn't complain too much about the frigid temps!)

 Gwen and Ivy (who is not looking too thrilled!)

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