Tuesday, August 25, 2015

{Ivy: 3 Months}

Hard to believe this little darling has been with our family for 3 full months.  We all say this all the time... but it is as if she has always been with us!  We can't imagine our lives without her.  

She's grown and changed so much in those short 3 months.  Where she was once so small and fragile and sleepy... she can now easily hold her head up, smile, & show a variety of emotions.  She as at least double her birth weight and grown in length by more than 6 inches. How does this happen in such a short period? I shed a tear as I carefully pulled out all the newborn-sized clothes from her drawers to give away. And truthfully I should be pulling the 0-3mo size too, but just can't bring myself to do it quite yet.  

Our baby doll at 3 months:

  • She's a dream baby!  After a week or two of fussiness right around 3-4 weeks old, she turned into this easy baby.  She sleeps for hours at night and during the day. Only wimpers when she is hungry and ready to eat.  She is patient.  After two colicky baby boys, Trevor actually was worried there might be something wrong with her because she rarely cries.  
  • She doesn't spit up much.  This is a HUGE change from our last two that were spitty nightmares. We don't need burp blankets/clothes.  I guess she is digesting that liquid gold very well and her tummy seems to be quite happy (and we are too!)
  • She's got the sweetest grin and smile and doesn't take much to crack one.  She enjoys the attention, but is also content to sit in her swing.
  • She is an easy traveler.  Driving to Utah and back we only stopped when we filled up for gas to feed her. No emergency feeding or diaper stops.  She loves the car and car seat.
  • People dote on her everywhere we go...especially little old ladies.  I always forget how much people are intrigued by babies, and we sure get a lot of attention as people try to sneak a peak of her in her car seat or stroller.
  • Everyone in the house is just enamored by her.  If they have been gone for an hour or two, they run in to kiss her on the cheek. They all help with diaper changing and holding her.  It is even a source of argument when someone has "had her too long".  
  • With my calling as the Primary President, we juggle her at church.  I usually feed her during sacrament meeting so Trevor can take her for the 2nd and 3rd hours. When he has stake business elsewhere, it is easy to find a baby holder (they line up!).  
  • She's our little sweetheart.  We love, love our boys, but I've found that we are a little softer and sweeter with our baby girl from the very beginning. Instead of little tyke or buddy...she's our sweet pea.  I love the tenderness, especially from Trevor, as he dotes and oohs and ahhs about her to others. 
  • I overpost on instagram and facebook, because seriously we are taking pictures of her every day. 
  • She doesn't like to be swaddled anymore, but does love her muslin blankets.  She pulls them up near her face.  We have a dozen or more, so she uses a new one each day.  I love them for a spring baby!  
  • She has the sweetest babble and squeals. I love how she is finding her voice and tries to talk to us with such animation.
  • She hates baths still, so I only bathe her about 3 times a week...it's still torture every time. Poor baby.
  • She clenches her fists so tight all day long.  So much so that she gets lint and gunk in there. We have to pry her fingers apart to clean her up.  It's just a funny thing she does.  
  • She's not interested in toys at all, but has started to gnaw on her fists and hands.  She also likes the little toy canopy we sit on the floor that she can look up at.
  • She's a champion nurser like all my babies.  She feeds on both sides most of the time and total feeding time is 5-10 minutes. She's a quick eater...also a total bonus! She gets up once in the night to eat. 
  • And oh my heavens, she has the sweetest clothes and headbands.  Some/most were gifts from friends, but I don't even want to add up my Etsy totals or spontaneous baby girl clothing purchases.  These baby girl clothes are going to break the budget.  I have no self control. 

Clearly I have a lot to say about this darling girl who has stolen our hearts in every way possible.  I am trying to treasure each and every moment, knowing this stage of life is coming to a close for both of us.  I love having a newborn, especially our easy, sweet pea, dream baby newborn.  


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