Thursday, July 30, 2015

Week 2 in PV

The masses arrived!  We always have a blast together when the entire Dalley crew is all together. 
In random's a recap!

Fishing trips!  My kids spent afternoon on my Dad's boat in Baker and then also from the shore at the Pine Valley reservoir.  Some big catches here!

A new activity I pushed for this year was a trip to Zions to hike part way through the Narrows.  It's a major trek to do the entire thing (I hope we can one day!), but you can hike in as far as you want and turn around.  Just going in several hundred yards is tough but also super rewarding! The sheer cliffs on both sides of the Narrows river make for amazing scenery!  We had tots, a newborn, and a 7 month pregnant lady (Reese) in our crew, but that didn't stop us.

Bus ride to the trail head. 

The hike down to the river was about 1/2 miles and it was hot, hot, hot. Couldn't wait to get to water. 
 Once you enter, you are walking through the water most of the time because there is very little shore.  So major shoes for everyone.  Having my phone made me nervous, but we kept everything in plastic bags. 

Here's the entire group. So amazing! 

The kids all did great! They loved swimming along the river with us. 

 And the hike back we took full advantage of the selfie stick!

Zions National Park is incredible! So grateful we were able to make that happen!

 Zipline fun!  My parents' friends were great to host us for an afternoon to let the kids each have a couple of zipline runs. They look forward to this all year and get braver each time!

We saw Beauty and the Beast at Tuacahn. Love, loved it! And didn't seem as hot as in years past.  I left Ivy with Trevor and it was the longest I've left her (5+ hours). I was super nervous but she did fantastic!

Enterprise Rodeo!  We love the chance to go to the Rodeo each year too. Something so unique for my kids and always fun to watch.

Grandma hooked these kids up with the cutest fairy garden. 

Pictionary for FHE!

One ladies afternoon for manicures, dinner, and shopping.

Aunt Erin made it and got to meet Ivy. 

Plenty of pool time adventures. Made so much more fun when Dads are around to throw kids around. 

Erin's GoPro is awesome!

Sunday best at the Pine Valley church.

And of course the big day on July 24th.  Ivy looks thrilled! (A rare moment crying).

Kids all decked out in their patriotic gear.

Grandpa Snow came up for a couple of the festivities that weekend. 

All the grandkids! Ivy makes 14!

Off to the races!  See miles??

Kids go crazy for Erin's dog, Reggie. 

This year coincided with the Snow Reunion.   We spent all afternoon over at Grandma's house playing in the bouncy house, eating cotton candy, doing crafts, cell phone scavenger hunt, games, and just catching up!

Here was part of our scavenger hunt pics. I was in a group with Arti, Drew and Parker. 
 The final item on the list was to get a picture with Grandma Snow. But she was asleep.  See her there in the back ground? We laughed at this for days and will for years. So hilarious. 

Incredibly, we had almost all the grandkids in attendance.  Here we are in birth older (that's me...the oldest!). Only missing Erica (pregnant), Megan (working), and Madi (sick at the cabin).

And then ALL the great grand kids!  Ivy is number 23!  But 7 more on the way in the next year! 

We had a little baby shower for the new moms (and my aunts so generously included Charise and I too).   Sweet girls! 
Charise (girl due in Sept), McKenna (boy due in December), Janean (boy due in November), Jessica (twin boys, due in December).

Aunt Amie always comes through with a fun craft. These dream catchers were so fun!

As we left the crew early on a Sunday morning, I took a pic of our 'To-Do' list and we did really well!  It's always sad to leave, but if we lived there year-round it wouldn't hold the same magic.  We love the change of pace and freedom to roam, and of course the chance to be with family...especially my parents who host us all so well!  xoxo


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