Friday, June 10, 2016

Ivy - 1 year Old

I think back on this last year with our sweet baby girl as one of the best years of my life.  She has truly been a blessing to each member of our family.  I have treasured her milestones and growth and savored the individual moments.  I smother her with kisses daily.  Age 0 to 1 is my absolute favorite.  And while I'm excited to see her grow, I'm sad to say goodbye to that sacred newborn stage for good.  Knowing she is the very last (and that I'm far too old to have another baby), has made me more aware of each stage.  I've put off dishes and a clean house in favor of baby snuggles, playing on the floor, and listening to baby giggles. We dote on her like she was our first baby and savor her knowing she is our last.  

As we celebrated her first birthday, here is my written snapshot of our Ivy girl:

  1. She has the sweetest temperament still.  We know if she is crying for longer than 2 minutes in her bed, something is wrong (hungry, diaper, uncomfortable).  She rarely cries or fusses.  
  2. My favorite time with her is right before I go to bed.  I sneak into her room, pull her out of her crib and nurse her in the rocking chair.   She's mostly asleep, but sometimes she wakes enough to smile and talk to me some.  She's down to just that one time nursing a day and she melts right into me.  I have no plans to give that up and I sure hope I'm not creating a crazy late-night eating habit.  But for now it works for us.  and is my favorite time of each day.
  3. She has 3 teeth. 2 bottom, and 1 top tooth that just barely came in right around her birthday (which is the latest of all my kids).  She is not a picky eater and devours most of what is put in front of her. She still loves the baby food pouches (genius) that she can feed herself, but she's doing more and more table food each day. Favorites are bananas and blueberries and grapes.  She is having a really hard time switching to whole milk though.  On a rare occasion I can get her to drink some, but mostly she gets her hydration from those baby pouches.  
  4. She's got a seriously funky crawl.  She finally started crawling at 10.5 month.  She does a spider crawl with one leg and then drags her other leg under her like and army crawl.  She can seriously move now and hasn't modified that crawl one bit.  Doc said he isn't worried. The right pant leg of all her clothes is trashed because she drags that leg.  Ugh! She pulls to stand all over the place and balances on her two feet often, but no attempts to walk yet.  And that's just fine with me.
  5. She loves patty-cake and can toss-it-in the oven like a champ. It is the sweetest thing!  But I secretly love watching my kids play it with her the most. They light up in the most adorable baby voices and ear-to-ear smiles as they try and get her to "toss-it"!
  6. She's a baby on the go!  We have carpools and endless errands so she's in and out of her car seat a lot. Thankfully she can stay in the infant seat for awhile so I still lug her around in that when she falls asleep, but she likes to sit in the grocery cart too.  I put her in the stroller during the kids swim lessons and she plays while I do the elliptical or walk around the track.  
  7. She's just starting to get hard at church now that she is crawling and moving more.  We never have to take her out of sacrament meeting, but right as she neared 11mo, that came to an end.  
  8. She can be a little fiesty now.  When she wants something (usually a cell phone or remote) that she can't's quick (fake) tears.  She's got an intense personality (like Rylan) and can be so sweet and then flip a switch to frustration...which never lasts too long.
  9. She loves being held still.  While the kids are at school and I'm working around the house or office, she has a hard time playing independently. I make sure she is fed and changed, but I'm finding she's just not happy when she's not being played with.  We need to remedy that...
  10. She's still a baldy girl with a few long, wispy birth hairs.  So she always has a bow on!  Our bow collection is out of hand (50?).  Yah, it's nuts. Etsy kills me.  
  11. Favorite toys are blocks, keys, and a couple dolly's that she got for her birthday.  
  12. She still loves her muslin blankets and must have them to go down for a nap along with the binkie.  Quite an attachment to both of those things.  
  13. She takes naps when she can, but usually goes to bed around 10pm and will sleep (with that midnight feeding by me) until 10:00am.  It's glorious!
  14. She's a little pipsqueak.  18 pounds 9.5 ounces (10th percentile), 29.75 inches (75%), head 20%.  She fell off her weight curve a bit due to crawling.  

We had a blast celebrating this sweet girl! I'll need to do a whole post just on her cake-smash photoshoot which was just one of the most adorable things I have ever seen and will never forget.  

We can't imagine our family without this darling girl!  Happy birthday baby doll!


amy amy 6:15 PM  

so cute! Thanks sharing this article

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